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Video || Trump Battles Univison’s Jorge Ramos

Donald Trump threw Univision’s activist anchor Jorge Ramos out of an Iowa press conference Tuesday evening.

And then he let him back in . . .

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  1. I did not watch this. Don’t plan to.
    Jorge needs to shut up and sit down. Nobody legal cares about listening to anything he has to say.
    Go back and fix the problems in your own “home country.”

    1. Disagree–they both had grievances, Trump acted like he didn’t know Ramos and he did, of course, Ramos came to dance–and all this prissy I didn’t call on you stuff…sheesh, what is this, grade school?

        1. Obama loves illegals and has opened the border for them. Why would he throw out Ramos. I am surprised Obama did not give him a Reggie Love kiss.

  2. Then he let him back in to argue some more. Because what would Trump’s day-to-day be if he didn’t do something stupid to garner attention?

  3. It is still true. The man with the microphone has the power. Anyone willing to stand up front and field questions should be in control of the room. As was Mr.Trump. Liberals may like disorder in the world, conservatives rarely. Presbyterians like to say, everything done in decently and order. Makes sense to me.

      1. The media/government networks are so complicated, convoluted and intertwined, that it takes a Sherlock Holmes to sort it all out. They go from government to media, back to government, back to media. They are all part of the same quilt. I trust none of them.

      1. Juan Wms is a moron and defends things that have no defense.
        Dem stooge for fox. Fox does not attack ObamaMohomad like it should. They are not aggressive enough. But they were on The Donald.

          1. Yeah–poor Donald–he is only 50% of Fox coverage but is still whining about it. “They are not nice to me.” Well, we didn’t like it when the press WAS nice to a certain someone–it;s not their job to be nice.


    Haven’t the people noticed that the American population is placed on the auction block as it was with slaves in the early years then forward from the original 13 colonies and sold today to the highest bidder? Much the same happens currently as we are ‘bought and sold’ inside the hallways of Washington by the Politicians who are supposed to protect us? As the lobbyists hustle in and out of the offices, nobody knows how much money changes hands to buy future votes. Not all, but many lawmakers at the end of their careers find themselves at least millionaires after providing special favors for special interest earlier in their days in Washington. As the door closes on one financial winner, it is followed on by becoming a highly paid lobbyist after leaving Congress.

    I think to some degree that Trump constrained himself, when the pundits and anchors pile-up on him and I suspect his character will become more mellow as he races towards the finish line.

    Everybody knows by now that Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton are the proverbial puppets of big business and the corporation. For all his bluster Donald Trump has revitalized the American dream, for every American. Perhaps his greatest interaction with his huge audiences is the fact that wealthy donors cannot buy him. That means foreign countries are unable to change his mind on building a wall. But along with the wall that possibly be scaled with a ladder or an underground route for drug cartels, is the technology that equipped with unmanned drones and the massive impact of the US Border Patrol not restrained by the overreach executive orders of King Obama. If most of the other politicians involved in building the wall, such as Bush, Clinton, Sen. Harry Reid, Speaker John Boehner, Sen. McCain, Sen. Lindsey Graham it would never see the light of day, as it would never gain any headway and end up in a pile of discarded Congressional bills.

    But even if the wall is not sufficient to stop the hordes of illegal aliens who will try to broach its razor wire escapement? The original pilot program of E-Verify has now been running for many years, then the US citizenship & Immigration Services released In January 2013, E-Verify a new, searchable database that enabled the public to find employers enrolled in E-Verify system. However, as I said, it’s still voluntary and Currently employers have a choice to use E-Verify or not, but with a tough, hard case president as Trump E-Verification will be—MANDATORY—and employers will not escape its full enforcement.

    With a total of about 7.6 million business establishments in the United States according to 2008 U.S. Census Bureau data, only about 3 percent of all employers have enrolled in the system. Optional doesn’t work? If compulsory, it would also require all legal workers eventually to reregister with E-Verify databases or to enroll in a new database in order to obtain PIN numbers used for the first round of verification or to “unlock” their data. With this type of system it would still be somewhat vulnerable because it would allow people to “share” an identity (unless it was linked to a bio-metric system or an expanded version of the current photo-screening tool).

    This would be the time to recruit a thousand veterans for the job of overseeing E-Verify as a new solution to come down hard on employers, who still feel their above the law. This would be a better Immigration law, than sending militarized agents to the domains of illegal immigrant families and arresting them. It really is a financial war, as the cost for the pregnant Mothers who arrive here skirting the US Border Patrol, or the 40 percent ‘Overstays’ who arrive by plane or enter a port of entry never returning to their country of residents.

    The problem is easily answered the heavy duty penalties would stop employers from hiring illegal aliens parents, so they will have to leave and certainly take their children or leave them with lawful relative.

    It costs government at all levels in California government approximately $21 billion a year for the housing, health care, education, crimes and jobs stolen by illegal aliens. The Heritage Foundation did a study and taxpayers would save $719,000 a year for every family deported.

    According to a (FAIRUS) Federation of American Immigration Reform, in a 2010 report calculated the total contributions (mainly taxes) generated by the illegal migrants, and then subtracted the cost of taxpayer aid to those migrants. The aid includes education, subsidized housing, food stamps, tax credits, medical expenses. Overall, the report found illegal migrants cost taxpayers a total of $113 billion a year. The report then “accounts for taxes paid by illegal aliens [which is] about $13 billion a year, resulting in a net cost to taxpayers of about $100 billion.”

    The Birthright Citizenship law, as equated to the 14 amendment, was never foreseen by the founding fathers as a way for millions illegal aliens women to smuggle their progeny into America and then thriving on all the benefits rewarded to US citizens. Its become a heighten outrage as American taxpayers realize they are paying for foreign nationals who barged their way into our country and more or less welcomed by this administration to consume the available benefits, that people work for a lifetime.

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