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Jeb Gets Edgy at the Border

Jeb Bush arrived on Monday at the Mexican border hoping to reclaim the immigration issue — and the campaign narrative — after two months of domination by fellow GOP presidential contender Donald Trump.

The former Florida governor reminded people of his “comprehensive” immigration strategy and showed off his fluency in Spanish. But even as he sought to shine the spotlight on himself, it was obvious that Trump had followed him to McAllen, Texas.

Bush was dogged by continued questions over his use of the term “anchor babies,” which some consider pejorative but which has been employed unabashedly by Trump. And Bush dropped race into the mix by noting that “Asian people” were more often guilty of the practice.

Bush grew impatient when asked about his use of “anchor babies.”

“My background, my life, the fact that I’m immersed in the immigrant experience — this is ludicrous for the Clinton campaign and others to suggest that somehow I’m using a derogatory term,” the former Florida governor said. His wife, Columba, was born in León, Guanajuato, Mexico.

Bush said he used the phrase to refer not to immigrants, but to specific instances “of fraud” in the form of “organized efforts” to take advantage of birthright citizenship.

“Frankly, it’s more related to Asian people,” he said.

Bush then added what appeared to be a prepared remark, an apparent effort to associate himself with Trump’s rebellion against political correctness. “And by the way, I think we need to take a step back and chill out a little bit as it relates to the political correctness — that somehow you have to be scolded every time you say something,” he said.

Even as he derided political correctness, Bush took a page out of the PC playbook, making most of his remarks in Spanish.

Bush continued his recently launched line of attack against Trump, asserting that the businessman’s immigration strategy was neither practical nor conservative.

“Mr. Trump’s plans are not grounded in conservative principles,” Bush said. “His proposal is unrealistic. It would cost hundreds of billions of dollars. It will violate people’s civil liberties.”

Trump responded on Monday by assailing Bush for his 2014 comment that illegal immigration was an “act of love,” a stand from which Bush has declined to back away.

“Well, I think it’s great that he’s going to the border, because I think he’ll now find out that it is not an act of love,” the real estate mogul said during an appearance on Fox News. “I was down on the border. It’s rough, tough stuff. This is not love, this is other things going on. And I think he’ll probably be able to figure that out, maybe.”

A version of this piece first appeared in LifeZette Tuesday morning.

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  1. We’re all starting to wonder; are these 20+ men and women the best America can put forward for the highest position in the country?
    MrBush, wearing the passed down mantle from his father and brother, is not Presidential material. An inherited name is not a pass for stupidity or foot-in-mouth statements.
    His slam at “Asians” in defense of “Hispanics” was too insulting to be deemed clueless. Speaking Spanish to an assembled crowd of supporters leaves 80% of American voters out of the conversation, and reminds all of us why we don’t want a two-language country.
    DrCarson, a nice guy, smart and vocal – gets himself tangled up in Black politics. We’ve been there, didn’t like it, and won’t go back there again. Bad move.
    MrTrump, getting too big for his britches now. He needs to dial it back some before he ends up with no pants at all.
    MrsClinton, FBI, DOJ, and the White House – ’nuff said.
    MrBiden, are they kidding? If ever a “clown” was foisted on the public, it’s him.
    The bottom of the rosters – a communist, a preacher, a governor not known outside his state, a has-been (well, maybe a few has-beens), and a woman trying her best to compete with men who always get the most coverage.
    Is that all there is?

    1. Good commentary, but there are a few others yet to step forward, biding their time like a good race horse, waiting for the moment to make the move….you can bet on that. Sorry, its August at Saratoga…let the horsies run.


    2. Re Scott Walker: Saw a clip this morning wherein he was echoing the Donald’s rant about not holding a State dinner for the Chinese president. Honestly, does he have an original thought in his head? He usually refuses to answer most questions due to his inability to grasp national/international issues.

      This is without a doubt the worst election cycle in modern history on both sides.
      If ‘has-beens’ and ‘nobodys’ are going to be the only choice, maybe we should think about drafting Romney. Sigh.

      1. Sorry, but no. McCain and Romney were worse, and don’t forget Dole. As far as the Democrats go, i don’t give a rat’s butt if they have crappy candidates.

      2. I think the majority of us here have at least one family member, and or neighbor that we would trust more than the line up we have.
        Trump is correct in being bold with the border issue.
        That needs to be fixed first!
        The people who came over when o put out the welcome mat should be supported by him alone, untill we can decide who stays and who goes back.
        I would also like o to release documents showing who were given proper vacinations before they were released among other people.
        I would also like to know how many at each school were placed. I would also like documents showing how much more each city had to put out for those people. Than they can be reimbursed by o himself.

    3. I don’t consider Kasich a has-been or Rubio. I think anyone on the Rep stage would be better than Obama–the one I would not vote to put in the job, tho, is Trump, as I have said. I think, by the way, the Trumpster sounded dopey when he told Bush to quit “speaking Mexican” or however he put it. Crude. Oh, I know–blunt, welcome, breath of fresh…air.

      1. Did you hear T’s interview with O’Reilly–the part about feeding the guy from China a double big mac before…what…some talks, a scolding–he didn’t finish..that was only part. He also ruefully said sorry, all the illegals have to go even if they are pried out ike Elian…or words to that effect. O’Reilly, a personal friend, said that will never happen–he was pretty scornful.

        1. O Riley is the MSM and they hate the Donald.

          They may be friends but O Riley is better friends with the GOP establishment.

          O makes some good points but he has never really attacked ObamaMohamad. At least the Donald says he does not know where Obama was born. O always scorns or makes fun of this subject.

          1. Just to add–O’Reilly attacks the president with sneering contempt–even using a mocky voice–almost daily. “Oh, we can’t do thaaat…etc etc”

        2. Can’t keep up with Trump. Thought he changed his stance from all illegals and their children had to be uprooted and deported…to only the ‘bad’ illegals.

          Now he’s back to ‘all illegals and their families’have to go. He can’t be a serious candidate with this mass deportation policy. It’s lunacy…and inhumane. Thought he was smarter than this. Or maybe he really is a mole for the Dems.

          At any rate, I’m all for having a non-politician for a change. A corporate CEO or business leader with conservative values, of course.
          I vaguely remember Lee Iococca (sp) many yrs ago. Did a great job turning Chrysler around..and then ran for potus.
          Maybe we should just run through Forbes or Fortune and see who’s available, lol.

          1. Iknew a guy who wrote speeches for Iacocca and I don’t think you would have loved him. But he did have that certainty thing going–and he got his co a govt-guaranteed loan.

          1. O’Reilly posed a hypthetical–a mother and father who were here illegally, two kids who were citizens. Would Trump have ICE go to their house and put them on a bus? Trump did his sad face–yes, they would have to go, but we would get them back if they were “good ones.” O’Reilly said, like Elian G? Then added–this won’t happen, the courts would never allow it. Endy interview…

  2. When I heard Bush speak at the Red State Gathering, my first thought was, He is nervous. How could we elect someone to represent the US who is intimated in front of a crowd of Republicans who were interested in hearing what he had to say?

    He seems to be like the younger child who is working hard to keep up with his siblings.

    1. Good point. Bush comes across as a complete, confused squish in front of an audience that wants to support him. How would he deal with Putin, the Ayatollahs, the Chinese? Not good.

  3. Jeb is nothing but a Mexican convert. Fully committed to his adopted country MEXICO!

    He should not even be considered to run.

    Another outrage brought to us by the DC GOP establishment!!!

    F both the GOP and Dems.

    This country has no chance with these crooks in charge.

  4. Folks out here living with the illegals never like it when Politicians pander to the Mex’s by speaking Spanish.

    Bush thinks that s cool but it just the opposite !
    Dumb guy!

  5. Jeb’s comment about he Asian anchor babies and illegals was downright stupid. Are they walking by the tens of thousands across our southern borders? I know he married a Mexican woman, fine, good for him. But that doesn’t mean now we have to love them all in OUR country. Is that what he means “its an act of love”?
    Does he think we believe this nonsense?


    The solution to the illegal immigration problem really, is relatively simple? Starting with the wall that Donald Trump will build, if the way to the White House is not rigged between complicity of both parties? We already know that our country is controlled by wealthy donors who buy the votes in Congress? That’s whether it’s the ‘K’ Street lobbyists or voting favors for cronies of GOP elitist as Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton. The—ONLY–way American people have any chance of stopping our country collapsing in to an economic crisis is voting for Donald Trump. It’s blatantly obvious that a man, who remarkably successful as a top business man; a billionaire who has everything money can buy, is not accessible to wealthy donors, who buy their way into Congress.

    All Donald Trump has to accomplish as President, is to put the onus on employers. No need to go after the Birthright Citizenship 14 amendment, but deploy an army of ICE agents, who would be equipped with a judges warrant swoop down on unsuspecting businesses across America. The hundreds of billions dollars needed to root out illegal aliens in their living quarters is would likely cause a outcry. However hiring from the thousands of unemployed veterans an army of E-Verify checkers, whose job it is to verify the identity of every worker in the employer’s work force.

    Using an upgraded—MANDATORY—E-Verify or a system such as this, would be far less expensive to the taxpayer. This course of action would put the US Immigration & Custom Service (ICE) officers on the front line. The overall punishment for hiring illegal immigrant workers would be by statute 5 years in prison and a harsh fine comparative to how many workers are stealing American jobs in that particular business or industry. Once the word was spread throughout the United States and employers were being locked away, the US Chamber of Commerce, Silicon Valley, Wall Street and Trade Unions–that you as an employer comply with the law, or suffer the consequences.

    Employers would vet every worker carefully, cross referencing identification and any anomaly knowing the outcome could be a prison term, with no exceptions? After a few prominent company owners could not buy their way out of incarceration.

    There would be open house on jobs in every factory, industrial complex, construction sites, entertainment and service industries, meat packing and poultry plants and just about any place of work you can imagine. Black American Communities would no longer be overlooked to find a decent paying job or any legal permanent resident. In any area of labor to find people wages would go up and to draw attention to any particular manufacturing business the minimum wage law would no longer be required as there would be competition, as there would be a employers desperate need for skilled and manual jobs and no disagreement for paying more. The economy would spiral upwards as families would have more to spend. No legal immigrant would be left out of the new America where everybody wins. Lawful Latino’s, Hispanics and every minority would access to a job.

    In California as a sample Governor Jerry (Moonbeam) Brown signed into law AB 1236 prohibiting the State and any cities, counties, or special districts from requiring employers (other than a government entity) to use E-Verify as a condition of receiving a government contract, applying for or maintaining a business license, or as a penalty for violating licensing or other similar laws. Employers are free voluntarily use E-Verify or as required by federal law. But under a Donald Trump the E-Verify law would be compulsory? This illustrates the fact that you are not required to use this law, so there is no enforcement? I am sure that Special Interests was able to bribe the Left and Right in the corruption in Washington, to only make it optional for employers.

    The 20 billion in remittances leaving the country would dry up, and the fraudulent $4.7 being granted of reimbursements in child tax credits could be reevaluated and investigated. The ITIN number, as an equivalent to a US citizens Social Security number could also be checked, for illegal aliens using them.

    Also defraud the Guest Worker program that agriculture needs, but it must very uniform with foreigners signing up for a 6 months or yearly visa and must return home once it’s outdated.

    Thousands of illegal aliens who had used stolen Social Security numbers from new born infants, military deployed abroad or even tracing dead persons prior ID would find it almost impossible to get hired. Unknown numbers foreign nationals would become despondent as jobs dry up and elect to leave the country to their homeland. Forced deportation would not be required, as people would leave of their own accord. Read: How the Left Wants to Turn America Into a Third World Hell Hole by author Ann Coulter.

    No Copyright. Pass this message on. This is better than going after birthright citizenship. Costs far less and no job, means leaving this nation.

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