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Democrats Go After Trump

Here’s a new video produced by the Democratic National Committee lampooning Donald Trump.

This, of course, is interesting for exactly the opposite reason the Democrats would like everyone to think.

They are portraying Trump as a buffoon. But the very fact they are going after Trump at all of course means that they think he is a serious threat. Otherwise, they would leave him entirely alone.

51 thoughts on “Democrats Go After Trump”

  1. Hmm, are they afraid of the Dems jumping ship to join MrTrump?
    Women like MrTrump. We don’t know what illegal aliens think about him, but why should we care what Mexican nationals think.

    Politico is on a anti-Trump drumbeat that never stops. Yesterday, they claimed that his Grandfather was a “whore-master” – yes that’s the theme of an anti-Trump piece – and that this “whore-master” influenced MrTrump in some awful way.
    This edited video is clumsy and mean.
    If this is what they think will defeat a MrTrump against their candidate, they are wrong. If they think that MrTrump won’t push back harder, they are double-wrong.

    1. The desperation is becoming more and more obvious.
      I like the game.
      If they start trying to take his family to the gutter, like they did to Sarah Palin, he will retaliate.

        1. When blacks were asked whether Americans should compete for jobs illegals are doing, 73% agreed.

          When blacks were asked what U.S. businesses that are having trouble finding workers should do, 83% of blacks felt they should raise wages and improve working conditions to attract Americans instead of importing more immigrant workers.

    1. Let’s hear his take on the decline of the black family, the ummarried mother rate, the gangs, the bad edu system where nobody can spell or read, the fallacious nature of the anti-police movement, etc. He’s got his big megaphone–let’s pick on someone else and see what happens…After all, as you say, this is for fun!

      1. Star, all of those things are important, but they’re not federal issues. They’re local problems. Black community problems. Trump is running for President, not Mayor.

  2. Talk about creative editing. why don’t they just cut and paste single words until they get the exact clip they want?

    Silly Dems, elections are not for kids…


    1. Maybe on the surface, but make no mistake, Mr. Trump is one smooth operator. He’s playing chess and the dems and rinos are playing tiddily winks.

      1. So the meme goes–but maybe he isn’t as clever as some people say–he is already morphing from kick out criminals to kick out families with kids in school.

        1. I don’t have a problem with that if the parents came here illegally. Keep the family unit together and ship ’em back home. This country can no longer afford phony compassion.

      2. No, Mr. Trump is coming up with some new reality show scheme or something to keep his name in the news, everyone else is running for President.

  3. Why would the Dems attack Trump? He’s done nothing except eviscerate the GOP candidates. He has barely laid a hand on Hillary or Obama for the botched foreign policies. Has he even mentioned Benghazi yet?

    I happen to agree with him when it comes to the current slate of GOP candidates…butt that’s beside the point.

    Eventually someone is going to have to lift the hood on the Trumpmobile to see if there is any substance there.
    So far, we know that he plans a mass deportation of all illegals and their families; he plans to build a wall; and Megyn Kelly is a bimbo.

    I say…relax and enjoy the show. Without Trump, this election cycle would be moribund.

    1. Why? IMO, of course – the Dems have been taking polls of their own and are shocked, I tell you, shocked that even Dems don’t want millions of illegal aliens invading our country. They’re shocked! that 92million people without jobs are really angry and the 50+million people on food stamps don’t want to be dependent on the government to keep body and soul together.
      They might also know that MrsClinton is not the fav they thought she was.
      IMO, my best guess.

      1. In that case, Trump needs to start pointing fingers at the ones responsible for the massive flood of illegals, i.e. Obama and the DEMS. Not to mention the fact that Hillary said she would go farther than Obama on his illegal ‘amnesties’.

        The DEMS are all about ‘hispandering’ for votes.
        IMO, Trump’s anti-illegal stance should help HRC or whoever wins the nomination. This is the reason I feel that he could possibly be a mole for the DEMS.
        Can anyone win without the hispanic votes – legal and illegal?

        I dunno, srdem, something feels fishy with Trump and all of immigration rhetoric. Who’s side is he really on?
        Hope I am completely off base with all of my suspicions.

        ***I do believe, however, that Trump could beat HRC with both hands tied. This is why the DEMS must be terrified. I predict she will be gone by Nov.

    2. He’s buds with Hillary–cared enough to bribe her to come to some wedding. And she gushling said it wasn’t the money–he was just so fun to be with.

  4. The Dems are doing what the Dems always do when they fear an opposition candidate–they mock them, attack their character, write scripts for lefty comedy shows, lefty pundits etc. And it often works well for them–e.g. McCain, Sarah Palin, Reagan, Romney. Never mind the issues at stake. Always make the character of the candidate the point of the attack.

    But it’s not working this time. Trump doesn’t a rat’s bum what they are saying about him. The gray beards, the comedians, the harumphing critics are completely irrelevant to him–like a chorus of mice trying to scare away a dinosaur.

    This is been the funnest political campaign in a very long time.

      1. Nice thing about it Marcus,…we see the tricks and dismiss them.
        Magicians are wary of performing before children because they do not fall for the diversion to make the trick work.

        We have now become wary of the deception.

      1. Thanks for the article dhop. I will remember that has I am taking the time to vote. Maybe I will print the article and share it with everyone in line.

    1. todays Democrats (such as Obama)=Communist/Socialists & hate speech-propaganda of the ‘Cold War’ (re: Russia, USSR, East Europe, China, S.E. Asia.)

  5. We cannot afford to welcome in the world. We have the responsibilty to protect our land and our citizens. Bottom line. There are a lot of hard working people that have come here one way or the other for years from Mexico. However we now have maniacs from all that want to destroy us. Now secure the darn border. This is o’s fault has well as the blind eye Congress.
    I do not know what the inside plan is for the outcome of our Country. Never in my life did I fear our future.
    As far as Trump’s comments. He is bold. Should we ask him to take out a blackboard today and give intense detail of how this will be fixed? He just might do it. Unless, as I typed the other day, at this point he does not want to reveal the plan to others in the race.
    This is another issue that does not get discussed much. Starting and running a company here is so very difficult today. However you have foreign people coming here and are able to put out less money than an American citizen. Most mom and pop companies have/or have gone out of buisness due to larger ones. However I see foreign owners all over, even in smaller towns.

      1. Yes. It is very expensive for anyone to start a company.
        However they do not have to pay the high taxes, etc. that mom and pop companies pay.

  6. Captain Obvious here (most probably) but the dems are in the same place the repubs have been for the previous two elections – they got nobody to run who will win – just old white men and women.

  7. Adviser to the Iraqi government for the people of the Yazidi Mr. Nuri Elias Elias calls on the United Nations to find a solution to help the Yazidi people in Iraq who start gradually became extinct from the face of the earth at the hands of gangs Isis.

    1. We all have our favs. It wasn’t that long ago that I was supporting GovWalker.
      I really liked SenCruz.
      Now, we’ll see. I’m lovin’ that MrTrump has upset everything. About time.

      1. It is interesting to see how the individual candidates are responding. And it is helpful.

        And the REPe and the RNC just looks more and more desperate and childish.

  8. DemoRATS should go down to the local butcher shop (PP) and buy some used guts. The pasty white Marxists and their fellow travelers are going to catch a tornado and they can’t even stand upright up in a breeze from a hand fan! However, the Donald is forcing the vermin party to show itself before they have all their paid attack cockroaches in their proper hiding places in the sewers and the gutters.

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