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Jeb Junks the Joy

Back in January of 2014, Jeb Bush said he would run for president only if he could “do it joyfully.”

And for a while, a fun time it was, as Bush stood as the presumptive favorite and joyfully amassed tens of millions of dollars to ensure that sadness never crept into the campaign.

But then along came Donald Trump and his crazy-high poll numbers and rock-star appearances before screaming fans in crowded rooms and stadiums, while Bush lagged in the polls and seemed barely able to fill a Starbucks.

Suddenly, there was less joy around to savor.

Still, for weeks, Bush had clung to the happiness that was left proclaiming himself a “joyful tortoise” – a play on the “tortoise nickname his brother George gave him. The tortoise would merrily plod along to the end while Trump, whom one might refer to as the hare, eventually said something so outrageous that his poll numbers would decline. And then all the joy would be back!

It would happen. All the smart people in Washington said so.

And Trump did indeed say controversial things. But the weird thing was, his polls didn’t fall at all. In fact, Trump seemed to be getting even stronger!

Soon, the hare might run away and never be seen by the tortoise again. So last week Bush gave up on the joy and switched to Plan B: Destroy the opposition.

“Mr. Trump doesn’t have a proven conservative record,” Bush said. “He was a Democrat longer in the last decade than he was a Republican. He has given more money to Democrats than he’s given to Republicans.”

Trump is using “vitriolic language” on immigration, Bush snapped. He grew testy when questioned about his use of the term “anchor babies.” “Do you want to get to the policy for a second?” he demanded. “I think that people born in the country ought to be American citizens. OK? Now we got that over with.”

And with $120 million reportedly in the coffers of his allied PACs and campaign, Bush will have lots of hate to spread around.

Jeb Bush waves

Of course, Plan B has been in the wings all along, even while joy reigned. Right to Rise, the pro-Bush Super PAC, “has its own in-house team of researchers digging into his opponents and could go negative quickly,” according to Politico.

However, the PAC’s chief strategist, Mike Murphy, suggested last week that a negative ad barrage is not coming right away. “If other campaigns wish that we’re going to uncork money on Donald Trump, they’ll be disappointed,” Murphy said.

If fact, some of Plan B came to light accidentally early this month when Bloomberg News noticed some joyless statements on the Bush campaign website.

“The only job Scott Walker cares about creating is his own,” the website said. “Obama And Rubio’s State Experiences Certainly Are Comparable,” it declared. Such hateful things were quickly deleted, since Plan B was not ready yet for implementation. These were merely “draft pages that were taken down,” the Bush campaign said.But Plan B is starting to move ahead, with Jeb’s attacks an early sign of what is to come.

If Trump isn’t going to implode, then Bush will have to rely on the classic political strategy of destroying one’s opponent, which done “joyfully” would sort of look like sadism.

So it will be done without joy. The Bushes do not play to lose. And despite their sunny image, they will deploy the forces of darkness when needed.

Who can forget the Willie Horton affair of 1988. Ads ran presenting the awful visage of the convicted killer who had been furloughed in Massachusetts under then-Gov. Michael Dukakis, who was running for president against then-Vice President George H.W. Bush. Horton used the furlough to escape and commit more savage crimes. Bush’s campaign manager, Lee Atwater, said Dukakis would “strip the bark off the little bastard” and “make Willie Horton his running mate.”

Then there was the 2000 primary contest, when it appeared then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush might lose the nomination to Sen. John McCain of Arizona. During the contest for the key state of South Carolina, a mysterious effort emerged smearing McCain, including a charge that he had fathered an illegitimate child with a black woman. The Bush campaign strongly denied involvement, but McCain saw his lead evaporate and lost the state by 9 percentage points.

Most famously, there was the 2000 “Swift Boat” attack on Bush’s general election foe, then-Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, an effort by a group of Bush supporters to discredit Kerry’s Vietnam War service. Fair or not, Kerry’s “Swift Boating” was tough medicine, and the term is now used to connote false, relentless attacks on a political opponent.

Bush allies, like former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, are capable of hitting the low road and may well do so of Jeb. Barbour’s political machine bankrolled race-based attacks on Tea Party favorite Chris McDaniel during his primary challenge last year against Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran, according to National Review. The machine funded a group that ran ads saying McDaniel would set back “race relationships between blacks and whites and other ethnic groups” and suggesting McDaniel wanted to “roll back the hand of time.”

Jeb Bush is no less competitive than his brother or his father. He will do what it takes to defeat Trump. Get ready for what may soon become the most joyless GOP primary in history.

33 Responses to Jeb Junks the Joy

  1. After watching Bush’s angry, testy reaction to the ‘anchor baby’ kerfuffle with one of the protestors at his rally, I wouldn’t vote for him if he was the last one standing. What a mean-spirited jack-***!
    If it turns out to be Bush v Trump – I won’t have a problem voting for Trump.

  2. Don’t forget, Trump pushes back hard without missing a beat. Or as Jeb said that the people supporting Trump weren’t going to vote for me anyhow.

  3. “miss me yet?” – the billboards featuring a smiling ex-PresGWBush. The polls that showed a public that liked MrBush better than MrObama .
    Someone, some political guru, said – we can elect JebBush with his name, his association with the two Bush Presidents – a piece of cake. Money, heck, we can just pass the basket and the money will drop in without any effort, and it did.
    The problem – Jeb is as dull, boring, uninspiring, devoid of any fresh ideas and is as hidebound as the rest of the DC establishment. He was the ‘#one’ he thought, but after MrTrump entered, he wasn’t even #3 and he is miffed like a spoiled kid who learns he isn’t Mom’s favorite anymore.
    The Bush hit-team can throw any amount of mud at MrTrump, but Trump never raised anyone’s taxes, no one in his family ever started a war, he never signed or endorsed any controversial legislation and MrTrump knows that most Americans are disgusted with the open border that allowed an invasion of aliens mug the taxpayers.

    We, the people, have been called vile names, accused of vile actions by the best, by the POTUS, so it’s nothing to hear the same coming from established political pundits who got blindsided by MrTrump’s support.
    Dig the dirt, fellows, smear The Donald, make fun of his supporters – it’s what we expcect from sore losers.

  4. Jeb Bush – just like all of his family members – are Rino’s and “One-Worlders’. They are aligned with the GOP establishment and democratic party as well as assisting the current president in his election during the 2008 campaign – intentionally smearing Palin. McCain was the choice also of the GOP elite/establishment and never meant to win but to lose the race. Jeb and the Bushes were promised the white in 2016 in lieu of helping Obama.
    Here were are: Once again the GOP elite and their little plan being interrupted by Trump – who was not suppose to run and spoil their planned win for Jeb.
    Don’t think Rubio, Graham, Kasich, Fiorina and the rest of them – excluding Cruz – are not part of the establishment plan helping to get Jeb elected – they are ‘splitters’ and ‘spoilers’.
    It is also for that reason the GOP changed primaries – all to help the establishment candidate.
    Jeb PAC’s having many millions of dollars – contributed by Wall Street, Chamber of Commerce among other major elite players – is to destroy Trump as well as Cruz and again – to get their ‘boy’ elected.

    If you Mr. Koffler and everyone else want to understand the little dirty game played by the GOP elites and their power players – against the electorate – go to:

    Read and study their dirty little plan they have in store for us. Their strategy is well exposed. Trump does fit into their plan!

    • You are right – good job!

      Establishment GOP are screwing us! Obamacare, illegals, pipeline they are in with the dems. No borders merge Canada,US, Mexico all on the GOP/Dem agenda.

        • That he’s a RINO? Well, he was a Dem, believes in universal healthcare, was pro-choice now not, now says maybe it’s hard to tell if a man and woman are in the same job, implying unequal pay may be OK in many cases, says he will build a wall but when he went to the border said maybe it was not needed all the way along, says he couldn’t just junk the Iran deal–you can’t just junk deals, anywayhe would have gotten a better deal (we will never know)…that is just some.

          • He changed his mind on abortion. And?

            The rest of your silly tirade is pure nonsense.

            Amnesty, illegals and Iran are more important to most of America than anything else you choose to focus on.

          • Saying it’s nonsense does not make it so…Just bec other issues are supposedly more “important” to America, which I dispute by the way, does not negate what I said. Americans, as you put it, say jobs are number one. So why is he hiring illegals–why not beef up e-verify, what does he say on education except how great his was, how will ge “bring jobs back home” at our rates of pay…

  5. I just don’t like Jeb, nothing to like about the man at all. He’s boring, his policies stink, and no one is entitled. No more Bushes, no more Clintons for me.

  6. I almost nodded off reading about Bush’s hard side! Did you see Jerry Brown on Sunday–he talked about email having a “dark energy.” He is still moonbeamish. And now–on MSNBC, which you guys love to disparage–namely MoJoe–Joe has “evolved” on his former friend Marco and is dissing him. I can now call this Slow News Summer and await Crisp, Logical Fall. Maybe. Remember, I want to vote one more time in this life–and it won’t be for Trump, so we shall see.

    • Down vote for U. Dem troll? Jerry Brown is busy wrecking what little is left of Calif.
      Under Brown, we got drivers lic for illegals, 30 cent increase in gas tax and asking for 12 cents more. He got us the 6 billion high speed rail to nowhere.
      He even calls California MEXICO NORTH!
      Its just god awful here.

        • Star, I read a piece in the OC Register about the political thinking of special snowflake tech industry. And since you mentioned Jerry Brown consider this:

          “Rather than seek at least some alliance with the Right, it seems more likely that the oligarchs will be forced to make some concessions to the populist Left, including to women and minorities, groups unrepresented in the tech industry.

          A possible model for such an alliance can be seen in the coupling of San Francisco hedge-fund billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer and his Latino sidekick, the now-well-funded climate-change acolyte state Senate President pro Tem Kevin de León of Los Angeles ….

          Steyer even has plans in 2018 to succeed Gov. Jerry Brown, who he thinks may not have been sufficiently Draconian in his campaign against climate change. Steyer will probably be able to count on the support of de León and other Latino politicians whom Steyer finances.

      • Let’s be nice The Business.
        I appreciate we all have the right to our own thoughts on different matters still.
        I can remember be slammed by anyone and everybody when I disagreed with the phone issue during the Bush term. We have Habius Corpus.
        Everyone: family, friends would say, He is only trying to protect us. He does not want to listen to you and your mom discuss what you may have cooked for dinner.

  7. Jeb has an identity problem, not soon to be fixed. He appears friendly but distant, almost boring. And when he does strike back, he sounds whiney.

    Trump is accustomed to critique and approaches it from another angle…he proves his point by demoting the accuser’s position and does so with a confident air that most politicians lack.

    Trump’s years of working the deal, making it happen, has captured the American public. I still recoil when I think of him in front of Congress presenting a SOTU speech, but stranger things have happened….

    The circus continues, coming to a town near you soon!


  8. We attended a wedding this weekend to support the brides mother. She is a long time bud of my wife.
    The daughter married Jose and illegal from Mexico. OMG the people from his side that attended was a rag tag bunch of stereo type low life’s. A border patrol raid could have netted a bunch for deportation. Tattoo’s and gang bangers, god save us as the government will not.
    Now he is legal and can get a green card. He is taking a job a citizen could have but no, the the open border and low paying jobs bring them here by the millions.
    Welcome 30 millions that are now everywhere!
    They have come to take YOUR life.

    • No one is really afraid of this issue. They read about it. They see it on the news. They do not understand this has been happening for years. Since o came into the picture it has multiplied.
      They do not understand it is already being done and planned, sticking them in comfortable, safe neighborhoods throughout the Country.
      All of the people in office either think this is a dandy idea, or they have been elected and are now taking a back seat of doing nothing. They are not concerned with it, because this problem will not be within their gated neighborhood.
      Yes our life.
      Within our Country they are already craming CC into the school system to begin an even steven system. I still don’t understand the logic behind the feed crud to the American students.
      I weigh the same as I did in high school. I ran around playing as a kid non stop. So I was hungry at breakfast, lunch and dinner. My mom did not keep tons of soda in the house. We drank that at barbacues, a party etc. She bought sweets, enough to get by. If we ate them up. There were no more to be found untill the next grocery trip. My point do not starve the children at school.
      Now one last vent: The children in school. Our teachers and American citizen students do not deserve to have illegal kids from all over crammed into their class. Someone go to Mexico and every other Country that came over on the welcome mat o layed out and explain to them how to start a good school system.

  9. It is just amazing to me that so many political clowns still don’t understand that most conservatives aren’t as dumb as doorknobs. Americans are not dumb as doorknobs. We are sick of all political decisions being bought and sold for political favors. We are sick of the BS that gushes from both sides of the aisle. We are sick of both sides of the aisle perpetuating our national decline for personal gain. We are sick of the press and the political machine that can’t say ‘no’ to any destructive liberal idea.

    Trump stands to gain nothing (except maybe some narcissistic satisfaction) from being president. He has a proven record for success. He is not bought and sold. The only group in Washington more afraid of Trump than the democrats is the Republicans. Trump CAN and DOES say ‘NO’ to liberal fallacies.

  10. Yes! It was a set up and unless Federal judge Hanen of Texas concurs, we will be not only giving illegal aliens a working permit, but also a Social Security card. Which means if newly pardoned aliens are generally in compliance with the job description, you might not only be training them, but in the end you get the pink slip when they get your job? Just remember that foreigners get their benefits from the government handouts, so this is financially wonderful for your employer who saves thousands of dollars if he hires that legally authorized job seeker from Obama’s executive laws? The difference under the Presidency of Donald Trump and other Conservatives as Jeff Sessions, Trey Gowdy, Senator Ted Cruz and other politicians who can hardly contain their wrath at the solicitation for cheap labor and intentionally using non citizens to illegally vote.

    One of the few solid conservatives in Congress is Representative Trey Gowdy from South Carolina. He’s consistently taken a principled, no-nonsense approach to liberal lunacy in committee hearings and debate on the House floor. He’s fired another shot across the bow aimed at Democrats, warning them that executive orders issued today could have future consequences. Here’s what he said many months ago at a House Judiciary Committee meeting:

    “I’m going to say this for those who benefit from the president’s policies. You may be willing to allow the end to justify the means in this case. You may well like the fact that the president has abused prosecutorial discretion and conferred benefits in an unprecedented way. You may benefit from the president’s failure to enforce the law.

    “Today, I will make you this promise: There will come a day where you will cry out for the enforcement of the law. There will come a day where you will long for the law to be the foundation of this Republic. So, you be careful what you do with the law today. Because if you weaken that law today you weaken that it, forever? With that I would yield back.”

    We can’t say it any better than that. Representative Gowdy’s candor, clarity and common sense are a breath of political fresh air. Click on and identify the full list of those Senators and House Politicians in both parties who voted for this bill, who deceived us, allowing this dictator in the WH to run the country into the ground. Don’t be shy, once you know who betrayed you in your constituency and state and verbally what you think. The lawmakers screeners will probably lie, but if you’re furious tell them you won’t vote for the creeps anymore. Don’t give up, keep on phoning. Annually the estimate encompassing the USA to pay for this illegal alien invasion is $346 billion annually reported by the National Research Council. This unspeakable amount of money should be spent on our own citizens.

    Daily our country is hemorrhaging from illegal aliens living of welfare, and putting little back. It’s a fact that illegal aliens if granted residency, they can collect a 3 years back taxes from a corrupt IRS agency. And ‘Anchor Babies, that are brought here by illegal alien mothers, collect welfare payments and very much aware the more coitus they have, the more birthing in numbers, the more money they can collect. Further, that birthright citizenship was to apply only to slavery—not to foreign nationals who are mostly welfare recipients. THE ‘ANCHOR BABY’ birthright law must be amended or must be re-interpreted by the highest court in the land as it or was for the betterment of slaves and their descendants to claim their rightful claim to citizenship. The 14 amendment describes that a foreign Diplomats offspring cannot be granted citizenship, so why can the baby of a foreign national who like the Diplomat children hold no allegiance to the US, but to the country of the Mothers birthplace?

    If you think its bad now, if that radical Liberal in the Oval Office gets to grant illegal aliens legitimacy, your pockets be exploited by the IRS and this administration. Even the valuable commodity of child tax credits have the tune of bogus returns of $4.7 billion dollars to illegal aliens using questionable ITIN numbers or ripped-off Social Security numbers get refunds—here or in foreign country according to the Treasury Inspector General. That Sen. Harry Reid with a screw loose could have stopped it, but refused to do anything about it.

    We spend absolute fortunes on illegal aliens, and they keep turning up and crossing our poorly enforced borders. But little is admitted about a crumbling infrastructure, our dangerously exposed electric grid almost defenseless against cyber attack. Our veterans must rely on charities after returning from foreign wars, for assistance after fighting for American Democracy and our freedoms. The Southwestern states that have key troubles over shortages of drinking water. King Obama’s pipe dream to control Americans in demanding that we become dependent on bloated government, which should be run by independent states.

  11. Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, Donald Trump the Outsider are just two of the gallant few and have the gall to speak out of risk to the American people of Obama’s second amnesty. The appalling news is the GOP party followers who must kneel to the special interest, such as Sen. Lindsay Graham and Presidential hopeful former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. They are two of big sellers of the American dream, same with the key majority of Democrats. I would never waste my vote on career politicians nor would my friends, relatives and co-workers. Even a few close friends who have always voted the Democratic ticket, has definite distain with any kind of a path to citizenship or amnesty. Something that turned their stomachs was the murder of Katherine Steinle in one of the two major Sanctuary Cities in California—Los Angeles and San Francisco where the young women died, shot to death by an illegal alien. But now the American people are aware it’s just the tip of that formidable iceberg; homicides hidden from view by the Liberal media or Obama’s mentality. Not even a word to local authorities around the country of thousands of criminal aliens, being released back into a society with no idea of the danger?

    Remember the Trump wall will be a powerful deterrent, but it must reinforced with a national MANDATORY E-Verify law. Massive Sweeps against every business throughout the United States, and those caught with more than 5 illegal aliens spend 5 years in federal prison. No side deal, no exceptions from any CEO down to a supervisor. Deportation through Attrition? Many foreigners will leave voluntarily. Why hasn’t maximum use of E-Verify been a federal law? It is very self-evident to me, as well as millions of average Joe’s? To show it looks like the Left and Right are doing something about the illegal alien invaders, but in fact without MANDATORY E-Verify or a solution where employers can be checked constantly and without serious penalties—it’s a waste of time. It was a very clever lie from the start by both parties and anybody who was caught found no harsh penalties; hiring foreigners probably got a hefty fine or even a slap on the hand. An upgrade of E-Verify must be employed, with a small army of ICE checkers, perhaps made up of Ex service men and women to carry out instant searches. E-Verify could be a massive deterrent if applied and Donald Trump would be the perfect President to make it government policy.

    With Trumps wall in place and Nationwide verification of untrustworthy employers and the use of ordinary workers, who notice foreign nationals in their midst of construction sights, big industrial installations, meat, poultry and fisheries, stables and just about anywhere else, and employer who is using illegal alien cheap labor, could be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars, with statute laws ofa punishment that carries a 5 year prison sentence.

    At the end of the civil War Birthright Citizenship was the original concern of President Abraham Lincoln, that the confederate South wouldn’t treat free slaves on an equal footing, he announced the ‘Emancipation in his proclamation; that all African American descendants were at their birth were free people, such as their rights. So aware of court proceeding ratifying this law, it has been interpreted differently over the years. When the founding fathers first authored the 14 amendment to the US Constitution they were unable to visualize the overpopulation consequence in that century. My thought is that if a foreign Diplomat, whose children were born in the original 13 colonies could not become US Citizens, then its to me commonsense that an illegal alien mothers who birthed a child in American jurisdiction doesn’t have a right to US citizenship, unless one parent already is at birth a citizen of America? Whether I am barking up the wrong tree, doesn’t mean anything? But by developing a data base, which I am sure is already under King Obama, we have the means to check/ cross reference every worker throughout the country. Setting a Mandatory E-Verify system and recruiting ICE agents to run instant verification on Government supplied tablets would be the beginning of the end of illegal immigrant labor?

    Currently government has a least workable Guest Worker program for picking crops, which essentially should be updated because of the fraud. People from foreign countries could apply for a working visa, and after confirmation that they don’t have a criminal past, be given a type of green card. Not a permanent resident card, but a 6 month or year eligibility permit to work—ONLY—in agriculture. A uniform Guest Worker program, where they must be paid a living wage, with health insurance included, but not paid by taxpayers?

    If birthright citizenship for women who deliberately come here to have their baby and collect citizen entitlements, this should be interpreted by the Supreme Court. But if however, it is dismissed we still have the E-Verify system. It is a lesser evil to mass deportations from door to door, which would cost billions? Obligatory E-verify will be the responsibly of every employer and those who are caught without mitigating circumstances will be imprisoned, without parole. Employers must be fully held responsible for their workers? Their must be a full proof system to either have a database to check a persons Identification, and other means? Introducing a system of checking persons will be the responsibility of every business. I suggest an 800 number for an informant or whistle blower to contact this government agency and a monetary contribution from the US Immigration & Custom Service (ICE) who has inside knowledge of employers who are utilizing foreign nationals instead of Americans?

    All those in the high ranks of the Democrats, Liberals, GOP who voted for Obama’s illegal alien give away will not be forgotten and will be tried by public opinion House Speaker John Boehner should have led the charge to stop any kind of Amnesty, but he didn’t even though he held the purse strings to the funds? It was only the Law suit in Texas that has challenged the implementation of the illegal alien amnesty. It was expected that after the Republicans have been reelected to the House and Senate Obama’s preferential treatment of job thieves would come to an abrupt end. So to Me, its either collusion between both parties or that they majority were pressed on by the overseer’s of Special interests in the US Chamber of Commerce, Wall Street would withdraw their influence and so would the lobbyists with corporate money.

  12. We are the only country who has that stupid law about anchor babies. You immediately become a citizen if you’re born here.
    We want to be like Europe? No such law there!