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Biden Speculation Reaches Fever Pitch

Vice President Joe Biden is having lunch with President Obama on Monday as a decision on whether he will run for the presidency in 2016 appears near (if it hasn’t already been made). No doubt Biden’s intentions are on the menu.

The lunch occurs with both men just back from their summer vacations. After a stay in the golf haven Kiawah Island in South Carolina, Biden has been in Wilmington, Delaware, for the past several days apparently mulling his options. Obama returned Sunday from his annual two-week Martha’s Vineyard sojourn.

Biden “is increasingly leaning toward entering the race if it is still possible he can knit together a competitive campaign at this late date,” the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

Speaking on NBC’s “Today” show, Chuck Todd, the well-connected moderator of “Meet the Press,” said Biden “wants to run” for president and is “looking for a way in.”

Biden’s session with Obama follows a powwow he held Saturday with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., for which he made a rare weekend trip to Washington, D.C. Biden usually spends his weekends at home in Wilmington. The meeting was not on Biden’s publicly announced schedule, which had him in Delaware.

While details coming out of the Warren-Biden summit are few, the discussion between the two most highly touted potential entrants into the Democratic field almost certainly was about who might get in and when.

A Biden announcement with Warren at his side would create an immense stir, signaling to the liberal, activist wing of the party that Biden had the imprimatur of de facto leader. Warren’s support would help Biden seize the mantle as chief challenger of Hillary Clinton from Bernie Sanders, the socialist senator from Vermont who has been speaking to enthusiastic crowds all summer.

The vice president, meanwhile, tapped a new communications director with presidential campaign experience. Kate Bedingfield, who comes to the VP’s office from the powerful post of top spokesperson for the film industry’s trade association, also served on John Edwards’ failed 2008 campaign.

This article first appeared today on LifeZette.

54 Responses to Biden Speculation Reaches Fever Pitch

  1. My mother has friends who live on the same street as Biden in Greenville and they’ve reported seeing some large communications trucks pulling into the compound. I say his announcement is soon, in Greenville. You heard it from me first.

    • I bet the announcement comes around Labor Day…more or less. That’s good timing for a Biden/Warren speech about the “working people” and “big corporations are stealing our money” and “it’s time for workers of America to rise up!” I mean they can go all Lenin and Trotsky and sing the Soviet Internationale right there on TV.

      From the Internationale…Soviet Union National Anthem and Anthem of the (Third) Communist International:

      “Arise ye workers from your slumbers
      Arise ye prisoners of want
      For reason in revolt now thunders
      And at last ends the age of cant.
      Away with all your superstitions
      Servile masses arise, arise
      We’ll change henceforth the old tradition
      And spurn the dust to win the prize.”

      There won’t be a dry eye in Obama’s White House when they sing The Internationale”. Ah, memories of the good old days.

  2. Chris Dodd hired Kate Bedingfield three years ago as director of strategic communications for MPAA (Motion Picture Ass. of America).

    It’s show time folks!

  3. IMO,….
    Obama wants Biden to run because he can can control him.
    The last thing Obama wants is to watch all the attempts to destroy this Country to be trashed by some nasty right wing wacko.
    Thanks Johnny McCain, you said that.

    Obama is in jeopardy of seeing all of his Marxist programs go awry and he knows it.

    On many other threads there is speculation that a Biden/Warren ticket could be in the works.
    That would be Obama’s wet dream.

    I don’t know yet if I will or could vote for Trump, but what I see coming from him in stirring up an otherwise same ‘ol campaign, I like.

    Sit back and enjoy the show.
    I am.

    • I think Trump could Pow and Wow Team Biden, there’s enough fodder to keep us entertained for months.

      But I think the strategy has already started….I’ve heard over and over that his dearly departed son, Beau, is making him run for President.

      I like Biden, but he really hasn’t “worked” in decades, so I don’t think he’s up to that kind of stress. Unless of course he keeps Obama’s admin team to prop him up assuring us of Obama’s third term.

      • I don’t like him putting his hands on other people’s wives, nor do I like him swimming nude in front of his female security officers.
        That shows a lack of respect.
        He is a pervert IMO and should never hold the office of the presidency nor be the CIC.

      • I agree with Denise VB regarding O’s admin. team to prop him up. As long as Biden can read from a teleprompter, they think he will be a good choice. If he goes off course with his silly ramble, they can keep a light tazer on him, and zap him when he starts speaking off guard.

      • From Obama’s point of view, this Biden/Warren ticket is really a conveyor belt for Warren. That’s who Obama really wants in the White House. Biden is just the pony cart being used to carry this poseur into the WH.. She’s Obama redux, and the future of a socialist United States. Crazy as a loon, she is. No doubt they’ve been planning this for a very long time, beginning about the time Warren stopped flapping her jaws about everything wrong with the country, which is several months ago. Plus, Her Royal Majesty Jarrett likes Warren.

  4. No doubt in my mind whatsoever that Biden can whip HRC’s generous derriere. It’s that old ‘likability’ factor raising its ugly head…again. It worked for Obama 7 years ago, and it will definitely work for Biden this year. HRC is, once again, the most despised, disrespected character in politics today. Karma!

    As I mentioned previously, does a Biden v. Trump ticket sound too far-fetched? We have reached the scavenger stage of presidential candidates for this cycle on both sides. The GOP ‘darlings’ are dropping like flies, HRC is a dead duck, and Trump is the new kid on the block. Great entertainment for all of us political junkies!

  5. This is just too good… Biden will be forced to run on the last 8 years’ record, which is like shooting at the arcade.

    Bernie will be toast.

    Hillary will be tossed aside once again by the party of the left. Later gator.

    Bill will grumpy, no more “head” room in the West Wing.

    Barack will be gleeful, acting as a mentor to uncle Joe, will Valerie acting as consigliere.

    With Trump on the right, Biden on the left, the next year will be entertaining if not reassuring.

    Time to mix a cocktail and pop the corn!

      • Harv Sibley lol and almost lost my coffee when I read about Bill. They cannot have him back in the WH. The history book of the future would be to much for the young kids to study.
        Example: Now boys and girls, turn your book to page 200. We will discuss what room Billy Boy chose, once he got back in the WH.
        Now keep in mind the next paragraph to is a little violent. However we do need to learn how the P. ran after Billy Boy throwing her newest phone at him.

    • If this little movie plays out as it looks like it will at this time, Obama and his army of nitwits will have done one thing right during his entire reign as King of the United States: he will have obliterated the Clintons and their madcap adventures in greed and evil doings. A stake in the heart of that evil enterprise. Blessed water thrown on those demons.

      Of course, Obama is also opening the door to more evil, but we’ll deal with that later.

  6. Speaking of “language,” apparently Kimmel and Michelle have a new slogan…Kids, eat your effin’ vees.” Effin’ means “Fruit and”… What did YOU think it meant?

    • I had to check it out, couldn’t believe it wasn’t some sick joke -it’s not.
      There is no way MrsObama didn’t know that “effin” or F-ing refers to the four-letter word that’s still banned by the FCC.
      I have always believed her to be the stupidest FLOTUS in modern history, now I’ll add the most profane and ghetto-like. She’s a disgrace to the honorable position we give to the spouse of the President and her retirement can’t come fast enough.

      • reply to @Girly1 (the thread gets too small)
        If I was to call the First Lady “a effin nutty woman” no one in the free world would assume that I mean she is a “fruit and” nutty woman.
        No one.
        She might think she’s so edgy, so cutesy with the profane play on words, but she introduced herself as “the First Lady of the US” and anything she does reflects on us, the US.
        On the same post, Lily Tomlin, actress, promotes the use of a mind-altering drug as if it was a fine thing to do. Why stop at weed, why not promote heroin – I hear it’s a real mind bender.
        These self-important people believe that they are the elite with all the right ideas and we should all emulate them, when in reality we are aghast at their ignorance to the harm they do and how petty or stupid they act.

        • Spot on, srdem. My cat has more self-awareness than this ignorant woman.
          Everything about her is creepy-crawly…from her perpetual scowl to her inappropriate dress to her total lack of decorum.

          Ironically, the Obamas, including the teen-age daughters, represent the worst of the Black community.
          The photos of MO and the girls bike riding on MV and deplaning on Marine1 yesterday show such a lack of respect for the position they hold, and for this country in general. The older girl, especially, looks like a mental case.

          On the bright side, we’re in the last throes of this black-swan event (no pun intended). Nothing could ever go this wrong again…could it?