As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

37 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || August 23, 2015

  1. Dawg days of summer…..did any one catch that pic of Hillary, hubby and fido prancing on the beach out on the toney Hamptons? Bill and fido look fit, the candidate looks, well, let me be polite, dowdy, certainly not about to run a 26k.

    Shallow ? , yes, but these days, our leaders need to be able to rule on the fly, which takes steely nerve and physical fitness at least of average capacity.

    If it was Mike Hucabee out there, you know there would be snarky remarks about hidden yodels and junior whoppers….


    • Was wondering about the status of the Obama Foundation thing. It will be interesting to see how much Barry O charges per speech to feed the bottomless coffers of the Foundation. There will no doubt be people who actually pay to see this guy talk. Hard to believe, but true. Michelle will also be out there screeching, er, speechifying about how awful we are as a country while packing her purse full of hundreds of thousands of $ for the Foundation. It will all be “for the children” (somehow), and “eliminating poverty” (in some mysterious manner) or some such other nebulous, impossible to measure against ordinary rules of accounting, endeavor.

      You’re right, this will be a beehive of sleazy operations, quid pro quo’s scattered all over the landscape and backroom negotiations creating all sorts of perks for the Obama’s and their friends. They at least learned that much from watching Billy and Hillary.

      And, of course, all who question the authenticity of their Foundation, or the ethical conduct of the Foundation will be called racists. We know that’s coming.

        • Yes, he will. And he will. There will be a whole lot of payoffs, you can bet. He has two tactics to get his way. 1. Dig up dirt on his enemies to control them, and 2. Pay off people who have dirt on him to control them.

    • And, oh, BTW, here’s a list of Obama-related “foundations” listed in Charity Navigator, including (already) TWO Barack H. Obama foundations, one in based in Chicago and one based in Alexandria, Va. Or is it the same foundation? Hmm. You’d think someone in the MSM might like to check that out.

      And , oh look, there’s the Mama Sarah Obama Foundation (Barry’s step-grandmother) on the list. Is this the one where she and Barry’s stepbrother got 401C status from the IRS and now no one knows quite where all the money went. Why, I believe it is the very same one. Maybe Lois Lerner remembers that case (or maybe that’s yet something else she’s hiding.) And then there’s the Obama Family Network, Inc. What’s THAT all about? No one knows.

      So the Obamas aren’t new to the Foundation thing, it seems. They know exactly how THAT game is played.

      • All he needed to do besides tear the people apart in this Country and more is to not bring up what was. He should have could have set an example for all.
        If he did any Executive orders it should have been to tell his wife to go fly a kite the children will eat food in school.
        As well he would have told brought back discipline in school. That way all American children could have a great education and grow up to fend for themselves.
        So all I would like him to do after he leaves the House is play golf.

        • Obama could have done many good things, and he decided not to do so. One of the issues he refuses to address is the extraordinarily high level of murder and crime in the ghettos of our large cities. He had every resource to do so, and he absolutely refused. It did not interest him in the least. He could have saved thousands of lives, could have helped create a path to success and middle class aspirations, better educational opportunities, help for struggling families to succeed as intact families. He was not even slightly interested.

    • George did a fair job of trying to tick Trump off.
      Trump: Follow the law/Good management.
      I do not expect any of the canidates to lay out all their plans in mind. That would give the next person running/ and or the other party running something to turn re-word and claim it was their idea.
      Trump does not broadcast all of his ideas of a deal he is planning within his Company while before sitting down to make the deal/and or sign the paperwork.
      Yes I would like to still like to hear more from the other canidates at this time. They each should have thought of being bold before Trump did so.

      • Trump is actually saving the feckless herd of GOP candidates from further embarrassment. There isn’t one amongst them who is qualified to serve. Some may be trying to grow a spine, but they’e making fools of themselves. Biggest losers? Bush, Kasich and Walker.

        If Biden jumps in, HRC will lose. It’s all about ‘likeability’. Can a Biden/Trump ticket be that far fetched?

        • Could not disagree more with the idea that there is not one qualified to serve. Good grief! Any one of them could stop finishing sentences, make vague generalizations, insult people, etc. which is apparently how you get to be qualified.

    • You’d think Stephie would know a lot about “management”. After all, he was the point person to “manage” all those bimbo eruptions for the Clinton administration.

  2. Hello, my fellow “Birthers, Truthers, and Trolls”!…. The WashPost’s description of anyone who even thinks about supporting MrTrump’s campaign.
    The constant barrage of insults and hatred directed to MrT and anyone who waves at him is deafening and well, missing the mark.

    If he truly was the buffoon, or clown they think he is, and if we were truly a crazy fringe group, then wouldn’t even bother writing about him or us. Something’s up that they’re not telling us – the secret polls are getting scary for the establishment.
    Secret polls- the ones that ask the DEMS what they think about MrTrump’s message and position on illegal aliens.

    VPBiden is seriously ‘leaning’ toward entering the Dem race for President.
    Holy moly stromboli, can this be the ‘race for the ages’?
    All the old White people dissing each other on the Dem platform, each promising more free stuff than the next would be a real show to watch.

    • It could be like–

      Candidate 1: “And I’ll give every American TWO free phones, and two months vacation every year!
      Candidate 2. I’ll raise you three phones, a pickup truck and three months of vacation every year!
      Candidate 3:……..well, we know.