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Obama Schedule || Monday, August 24, 2015

10:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden
2:40 pm || Departs White House
4:20 pm PT || Arrives Las Vegas
4:00 pm PT || Delivers remarks at the National Clean Energy Summit; Las Vegas
6:35 pm PT || Attends a fundraiser for the Nevada State Democratic Party; private residence, Henderson, Nevada

Live Stream of White House briefing at 12:30 pm
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36 Responses to Obama Schedule || Monday, August 24, 2015

  1. Gotta love President Hypocrite. Hop Air Force One with the largest carbon footprint in the world to attend a “clean energy” summit for a few minutes so he can charge off the bulk of the cost to the taxpayer for his fundraising that night.

    • OK – Here We Go Again! File this under S-S-D-D (If ya’ have to ask, you have already missed the meaning of my posting today) – It’s more of Yogi Berra’s “Deja vu all over again”.

      10:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing (Somebody’s gotta’ tell him – If he’s listening and, if he cares – What’s been going on while he’s been playing-around for these past few weeks

      12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden (He evidently missed those “Happy-Meals” during his vacation!

      2:40 pm || Departs White House (DAMN! I wish that statement was permanent!

      4:20 pm PT || Arrives Las Vegas (Pray that he don’t “double-down” and bankrupt us all

      4:00 pm PT || Delivers remarks at the National Clean Energy Summit; Las Vegas (WTF? – Sorry!

      6:35 pm PT || Attends a fundraiser for the Nevada State Democratic Party; private residence, Henderson, Nevada

      WHY! WHY! WHY! Does Obama have to fly all over the country, almost daily, to deliver his “remarks” at some school, or college or other facility? Why can’t he just step out onto the Rose Garden, say his non-sensible drivel, go back inside and save the taxpayers untold amounts of money everyday? – OH WAIT! There it is! – The 6:35 PM REAL reason for ALL of the taxpayer’s funding for this trip.

      Isn’t there enough outrage left in this country to reign Obama in?

    • His schedule does not indicate if he will be returning to DC. Could there be yet another golf game scheduled? I guess he doesn’t have the time to invite the 3 brave Americans to DC and personally thank them for their courage.

  2. Las Vegas- where all of MrTrump’s friends in the casino business live and make billions.
    One of their ‘own’ running for President and looking good doing it – should make for some interesting conversations at that fund-raiser in Henderson.

    • He certainly did!
      Than flys back for this first day waste of tax payer money.
      He should stay where he is at. Make an announcement on TV of the brave Americans who caught the maniac.

      • I wish he would make that announcement to with the three brave men standing with him. After all, he did it with the coward/traitor Bergdahl’s parents. Then again, you and I know Obama really
        wouldn’t mean what came out of his lying mouth.

  3. Hats off to the Crew out at Andrews AFB. Those Air Force ONE folks, all of them, have worked their tails off keeping this President and his White House staff happy. All from the their sense of duty…to country. Without their commitment to serve unconditionally, Obama would be sitting home…

    • …and NO ONE in the “media” (looking at you sycophants/cowards in this ‘WH press corps’)has the guts to mention that Obama can not/will not spend 24hrs in the White House doing any work.

      • He can’t survive without the excitement of AF1, the motorcades, the adoring crowds. Being cooped up with the Mooch and the kids for 2 weeks on MV must have been devastating.
        Can hardly wait for the day he has to go ‘cold turkey’ and turn everything over to Trump…or whoever. Someone better nail the bully pulpit to the walls and floors and post a 24 hr. guard around it.

  4. OT
    Looks like the financial mkts are headed for a meltdown! Dow is down 669 in overnight trading. There must be a way to blame it all on Obama, lol.

    • Yes, it’s going to be a financial bloodbath for a few days. My advice. Don’t panic.

      The catastrophe in China’s financial institutions is the root cause of the current mess. They’ve been lying about their financial accomplishments for years. Their GDP has been closer to zero, not the 8-9 percent they tell us. Their PMI (Purchasing Managers Index) has been close to zero. Their import/export numbers have been skewed against them for a long time. And they’ve lied about all those number for a long time. Their consumer purchasing index has crashed. There’s more, but that’s the basic story.

      • Just read on Zero Hedge that the S&P 500 futures were halted for the very First Time! Was this even reported on cable news?
        Such a cowardly act by the Powers that be. Someone compared it to a Casino – when the House is losing – close the casino down. Someone needs to be held accountable for the manipulation.

      • Who is it that keeps telling Americans that China and Mexico are not our friends? He was saying this before the meltdown in China and the questioning of their balance sheets. Trump Knows. Can anyone trump Trump?

    • FYI.
      Over on Keith’s left sidebar he has a link to Michelle Obama’s Mirror.
      They have the time clock running on their site on their right sidebar.

  5. OT – am delighted to see the “real” WHD back again in full form! Not that the reader-driven threads were not interesting, but what we are reading today is what makes this site.
    Go Keith!