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Saturday Open Thread || August 22, 2015



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  1. Anybody see the Trump speech on WZ ?
    Well over 700 comments.
    Worth a listen.

    I’ll put it this way, Karl Rove and the Jebster have a fight on their hands.

    And,…there’s not a dem candidate that will even try to take him on.

    • The Dem candidates are letting the GOP candidates do all the heavy lifting with their Trump attacks. Sure saving them lots of time,trouble and money!

    • Yes watched most of it on WZ early this morning. Read an article on Drudge regarding the speech, noted words. Audacious, Raucous, and so on.
      They leave out the many from who traveled a long way to see him.

      • Lee, remember what they tried to do to Reagan ?
        Trump doesn’t have the speaking capability of Reagan but he has the drive and the desire to take this Country back to what she can be.

        That is why he is so popular.
        People are starving for a true leader.

      • What they’re not covering about the Trump rally? People began arriving early in the morning and when Trump found out how long they had been waiting flew his plane over the stadium and the pilot tipped a wing at the crowd.

        Little things like that are content of character traits the media won’t cover.

        Also, per Greta, it was Trump who gave the released Marine prisoner some leg up money to help him get back to normal life. Not reported.

    • Butt…butt…he’s flat wrong on the immigration stuff. We can’t amend the 14th Amendment and deport 20M illegals. But we can slow everything down by enforcing existing immigration laws and ending the bennies for illegals. We can’t blame the illegals for coming here – they’re getting engraved invitations.
      Obama should be sitting in a jail comparable to the jails in Mexico for his illegal EO’s and for stopping all deportations.

      • Yes Girly1 packing up decades of millions of immigrants may be a task of the impossible. However you are correct in the enforement of the immigration laws would help for a change. However the deport the criminal. Yes!

      • When the SB1070 immigration bill was in the works here in AZ hundreds of illegals could be seen traveling down the highway toward Mexico, hauling their possessions in the back of their pick-up trucks.

        If they know the laws will be enforced many will self deport. Give them a timeline to self deport, set strict consequences for after that date, and enforce all laws. We have to start somewhere.

      • There is, as you know, a lot of debate now about the applicability of the 14th amendment. And while that debate is going on, enforcing the laws and securing the border would go a long way.

        And as AZ Granny says:
        August 22, 2015, 4:14 pm at 4:14 pm — with enforcement of laws and a hint of change is in the air a good number of people may choose self deport.

        Once we are no longer known for our open borders and generous welfare things will change for the better. Kudos to Trump for breaking the barrier and getting people to discuss this openly.

    • I have read that due to the “Jebster’s” poor performance, Mitt is thinking about getting into the race. Now that would be interesting and it would give the Republicans a real choice. How many times have conservatives wanted a “do-over” after the 2012 election. A Romney Mulligan!

      • Do you really want to relitigate all that again–the 47%, the horses, the $10,000 bet, the sly snipes at Mormonism, Candy’s mean girl moment, his wife’s MS, the simpering smile…etc. ACK!

  2. How is everyone liking the stock market crash? Hope Obummer can be blamed!

    Woohoo he needs a big mess that can be put on him. He has wrecked this country and needs to be held accountable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Well, it looks like ValJar has officially approved the Biden/Warren dream ticket—which we all knew for months that this was coming. Obama will read about it in the newspapers.

    So, like two starry-eyed teenagers in love, B and W met in Washington, flirted with each other, while Mother Jarrett looked on approvingly, no doubt. Cue symphony orchestra. Klieg lights on. Soft chorus. Roll credits.

    These people are as predictable as passing gas after eating a bowlful of baked beans.

      • Yep, we can read them like a book. The Obama and Jarrett machine has been pushing Clinton off the cliff for months, and she’s right on the edge now. Billy Clinton made a last minute appeal yesterday on the golf course. Failed. Ended up doing some plea bargaining for Hillary. Obama approved it. Now Obama is demanding, in exchange for the plea bargain, that the Clintons get behind Biden and Warren big time. Hillary bows out of the race completely this fall. etc etc etc. She’s already toast.

        All the D’s will line up like lab rats behind B and W, just as they are ordered by Obama’s machine. Now the D’s will have Biden–a scatterbrain, goofy sort of guy hitched up with Warren, a liar, a deceiver and complete phony, and every bit the madcap Marxist Alinskyite Obama is. She’ll be right in place if Biden turns room temperature at some point, and also in line for re-election. The Obama agenda continues and the evil persists.

        Don’t even need a printed playbook for this one.

    • Dear Hillary ….. and for Biden once again the taxpayers will pick up the hefty travel and security tab as determined by some super dooper secret formula.

      • Just read an article that showed what he rambled today in his weekly address.
        Touted his administration’s economic achievements and challeged Congress to address a litany of issues when they return next month.
        I don’t know what time he made his address, but no mention of the maniacs attack.

    • RIP. There are so few troops in Afghanistan to protect themselves and other Americans there.

      Obama will probably never hear of it — and even if he did — no matter. He’s totally into legacy building now. And I can think of no better bomb to the legacy than Donald Trump. It’s almost worth having him as President just for the in your face Obama moment.

  4. “Defiende La Vida” signs were prominent at several protests at PlannedParenthood sites in Phoenix today. You don’t have to understand Spanish to figure out what it means – it means that Spanish-speaking people, the ones the Dems care so much about – are against abortion and pro-life.
    Kudos to those people; it was 105 outside when they were protesting.

    • Oh, not good.
      Our friends at DailyMail have a photo lineup of the O’s on their bikes. MrO seems to be riding a kid’s bike, MrsO is at her thunder thigh best, the kids are really unhappy.
      What fun – a vacation with teenagers.
      Dems all seem to be unhappy, even on vacation as if someone..well, never mind.

      • It’s kind of sad. Almost every vacation picture they post — they don’t seem happy at all. Oh well …. maybe we shouldn’t be taking his criticism of America and Americans so personally. Yeah, right.

  5. Can’t let the night close without a big Hooray for the three Americans who took care of that train terrorist in France. Real heroes. And the Brit who joined them as well.

    Europe might want to reconsider its gun laws.

    • I join in, Grace. Spencer Stone, Alek Skarlator, Anthony Sadler, Chris Norman, to you all, a Big Hooray ! Their co-passengers were lucky to have these heroes on the train.

      • Yes, Thanks to the three brave, quick action men. One I just heard was taking a nap, and awoke to help ASAP.
        The Moroccan man was on Intel list of France, Germany, and Belgium.

      • And that is a shame, I´mNoDhimmi. He is a 62 year old businessman and grandfather who really helped. But he got his well deserved medal too along with the other three young heroes.

  6. Just heard on Fox school in Charlotte, TN. not only took down the Confederate Flag, but the American Flag.
    We have people who tore apart, robbed, started fires, etc in an American town without out a permit. Yet American students at a school have their American Flag taken down. The spokesman for the school said we have other ways to teach our students respect of the flag. Ugh! Yes the P had the nerve to have a rainbow flag lit up on our WH.