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Video || Trump Punishes O’Malley

This gets at why people are flocking to Donald Trump.

Trump excoriated Democratic presidential candidate Gov. Martin O’Malley after he apologized to the Black Lives Matter movement for saying “all lives matter.

Trump told Fox and Friends today:

He apologized like a little baby. Like a disgusting, little, weak, pathetic baby, and that’s the problem with our country … How can you apologize when you say “Black lives matter,” which is true. “White lives matter,” which is true. “All lives matter,” which is true. And then they get angry because you said “white” and “all” … What’s there to apologize for?

This shows too things. Trump is totally unafraid of the political correctness police. He’ll say “all lives matter” and not give one damn what anyone thinks.

And he will take it directly to his opponents. No half measures. If Trump’s opponents say something stupid, they’re going to hear about it. It’s the intestinal fortitude conservative voters are looking for from a candidate.

They want someone who will take the punches and throw some back. And many are so eager for a fighter that they’ll wait to get the details of his policies later.

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  1. Go TRUMP! I still haven’t decided who I’m going to support, but I do love what I’ve been hearing from him. He’s got guts! I don’t know if I would go as far as saying he’s a Statesman but he’s definitely NOT a politician.

  2. We are waiting for the details as we appreciate the up front comments.
    Darn I am still waiting for the Congress we voted in to do their job.
    I hope they are taking notes.

  3. Late night musings:
    MrTrump arrives at the venue in Alabama by buzzing the arena with his TRUMP 747 and the crowd cheers. Later, a small plane hired by the Bush campaign flies overhead pulling a banner that says ‘Trump raises taxes Vote for Bush’ or something like that.
    The crowd did not cheer.
    The absolute cluelessness of the Bush campaign and all of the establishment Repubs is stunning. They have no idea what the public wants or what they’re willing to do to get it.
    MrsClinton’s odd campaign style is a window into the moribund state of the desperate Dem establishment. Her ‘because I say so’ response to almost every issue, and her delivery style points to a person having trouble speaking and thinking beyond a set of programmed points. The reliance on the loyality of the MSM isn’t going to help to cover her lies anymore.
    Black Lives Matter, uh huh. The state of racial relations that have swirled out of control with help from the Obama administration and the President’s ill-chosen actions and comments haven’t helped the Black community at all. With each protest, each riot, the country gets more set against what they see as a certain people who squandered their special treatment and assistance only to demand more and more.
    Back to MrTrump and/or our lying, useless elected officals:
    How many people elected to Congress and the Senate have expressed dismay or outrage at the poisoning of the river in Colorado? The people of the Arizona Navaho nation located along that poisoned river who depend on it for their survival ousted SenMcCain from their lands when he came to offer, well, nothing.
    Have any of the Congresscriters elected in ‘red’ states offered to intervene with conservative groups who have been unlawfully treated by the IrS, did any of them come to the aid of the Little Sisters of the Poor when the Obama administration forced them to provide contraception, how many came to the aid of the bakers, the florists, the pizzaria who refused to do special events for gay marriages?
    And yet, they are puzzled by our support of MrTrump, DrCarson, et al.

    • Superb! Who knows where all this will end up, but for now, it’s all about the establishment’s cheap China crashing to the floor. And the noise of their crashing and broken dishes is just what we want to hear.

      What the establishment types in the media and the R and D political world cannot/will not accept is that they are loathed by the citizenry. Detested. Despised. Gallup polls tell the story. The hatred and distrust of Congress and the media and the Supreme Court are at record lows. Why? Because they constantly lie to us, manipulate us, crush our liberties, spit on the US Constitution. And we know it. We watch them do it every day, starting with the dishonest moon bats in the White House.

      So along comes Trump, and he exposes them all publicly. Calls them all out as sold out cowards, sissies and crooks. They all take a swing at Trump for “breaking the rules”. And he swings back at them. He calls them dishonest, tricksters, bums. They are astounded! He’s still standing and swinging at them. And the people cheer, gathering by the thousands to hear him let the bastards have it right between the eyes. The establishment tries again. He knocks them down again. And the people roar with approval.

      The establishment big shots and the big money folks don’t know what to do with Trump.He must be silenced! So they mock him, misquote him, lie about him, give him the old Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney treatment. And it’s not working! They call him a bully, out of control, laugh at his hair. And he becomes more popular then ever. He laughs at them, mocks them back, right in their faces, and the people roar with delight. Oh, what to do, what to do with Trump, they wail. Where’s the smelling salts. Oh, he called us sissies and useless and liars and bums. Oh my, oh my.

      And we can sit back for now and watch them all squirm with fear and confusion.

      No one knows where this will end up by Nov 2016, but for now, it’s tremendous fun to watch.

  4. Yes, absolutely right. He is totally unafraid of the media and he hits back, that´s why I like him too. And he said it so well, all lives matter.True.

    • I also read that he said the following in a Yellowhammer radioprogram, Friday: ” A Christian from Syria can not get into the US, but it is easy for a Muslim from Syria. There is an assault on anything Christian, PC leftists say that we can not use the word “Christmas” anymore in department stores”.
      Well, he mixes high and low but, gosh, how he speaks his mind. So refreshing, I like it.

      • I missed the speech. Went out for a wonderful seafood dinner. Love crab dish!
        However read several articles about his speech.
        By the way everyone at WHD, I have made two pots of coffee so far this morning.
        Good morning!
        Hoping Danny weakens!!! Check batteries, water, genarator, canned food, flashlight, etc.
        By the way keeping a flashlight in the bathroom, is very helpful. :)

          • Thanks. I think it will get eaten up going over the land masses before it reaches the gulf. I do not appreciate o showing face down here reconizing Katrina. I mentioned the other day his attention should be on current things our Country is concerned with instead of the bad deals he is involved with such as the Iran Deal.

  5. How boring this election cycle would be had Donald Trump sat out. There is something about a bull coming into the china shop smashing all the old style china so the place can be swept out and new stuff put up. Allowing the consumer a fresh choice of merchandise. I like Donald. I believe if He makes it to the White House every sloppy sluggard in the world will be told what they are openly. Bureaucrats that he would inherit would be wise to retire on day one.

    • In true NYT fashion, diminishing all Republicans, despite Donald packing them in at the Mobile stadium last night, the morning Times headline is:
      Donald Trump Fails to Fill Alabama Stadium

      So Hillary couldn’t get three people there and Sanders might get half of what Donald did, but still the Times goes negative on Trump. Pretty darn pathetic!

      • I heard he bused people in and it was still maybe 20K shy of the capacity…If he hadn’t made such a news cycle of how big his crowd would be, this would not have been an issue.

        • Re: bussed people in
          I searched and could not find any reference to that. Where did you hear that?
          The crowd was estimated anywhere between 20 and 30K. Are you pooh-poohing that? Not sure what the “issue” is, Star.

          • An interesting look into the past: Romney’s largest crowds were between 8,000 and 12,000 throughout the entire campaign. The largest turnout was over 20,000 in Ohio a few days before the election.

      • A comment on another site noted that this venue was the third and last one chosen because the first and second choices did not have enough capacity.
        Also noted that although there were empty seats, the SRO crowd was packed.
        So…investigate all MSM reports and learn to read between the lines. Most of the MSM (if not all of them) are not truth tellers. They are influence peddlers.

  6. This is one of the first things he said aout the so-called black issues–he has behaved around these. And this was against O’Malley…not really on the Lives thing. Did HE come out and say this is a fallacious movement based on Hands Up and other things that did not happen? No. Or not yet–what about it, Don?

  7. “Like a disgusting, little, weak, pathetic baby”

    Keeping it presidental as usual.

    It’s not that I mind him bringing this up and calling O’Malley out but there are many ways to say this same thing without stooping to pathetic school ground personal insults-embarassing

    • Unfortunately, he has to make sure the low-information and lower IQ voters UNDERSTAND the message so I understand him dumbing it down. After 3 generations of schools catering to the lowest common denominator and turning out idiots who believe everything the MSM tells them, one must speak in almost monosyllabic words to be understood. One more reason why home-schooled kids are leading the league in SAT scores and Ivy League academic scholarship admissions.

      • You have a point and I totally agree about homeschooling

        Trump dumbs everything down to his own advantage (celebrity apprentice anyone?)

        It’ll be Trump and Biden in a cage fight on pay per view a year from now

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