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Video || Clinton Spokeswoman Can’t Make Sense of This Either

Hillary Clinton’s communications director Jennifer Palmieri seemed a little worn down Wednesday trying to explain the inexplicable – that is, the Hillary Clinton email scandal. You know, for instance, emails that were not where they were supposed to be and then were ERASED.

Even Richard Nixon didn’t erase. Well, he did a little, but not thousands of missives.

H/T to the Washington Free Beacon.

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  1. I seem to recall a 17 minute gap in the Nixon tapes, which his loyal secretary Rosemary Wood tried hard to explain but was no more successful than Hillary in doing so. Always wondered what was so bad it was worth erasing from the sea of smoking gun tapes.

    • And about those blackberrys — here’s a comment

      Oh…. and on the Blackberry thing???

      Any classified document, or DEVICE, will have a chain of custody document… showing who had it when…. and if and how it was destroyed…

      I know military people who had their careers ruined because they lost track of classified material…

  2. The excuses are getting old, quick.
    I do not care if other people do it. It is obstruction of justice.
    It would be like someone getting in a serious accident, causing harm in one way or another. Than saying everyone else runs that red light. Than expect not to be ticketed, charged, etc.
    No one as answered the question. If other people have done this, have they kept the server in a bathroom, garage, etc.?
    If they have done it, why wasn’t it stopped?

    • Almost every morning–but she did look particularly disgusted–even when the Donald warned her not to ask a question. What is with warning women not to speak?

        • Yup–her usual what about equal pay for women and min wage–and he growled, “Mika, I warned you, it’s too early…” something like that. I try not to memorize his deathless statements. She asked it anyway–he tossed off some incomplete sentences on how hard it is to know if people are in the same job or not and raising min wage would make us noncompetitive overseas. Fluff.

  3. OT So much for Ash Carter, just another Obama fan boy. Considering transferring Gitmo detainees and more to US soil, where of course, they will be afforded benefits of US law.

    The military must be so proud that its commander in chief and its secretary of defense are bringing our enemies that they have fought against (and sometimes died) to American soil where they will be afforded American rights they should not have.

    This should be a stain on Ash Carter for the rest of his career.

  4. I wish someone would ask her how she functioned as a mobile Secretary of State without receiving classified information? If she received no classified information via her personal devices and private server how did she receive and send classified information?

    We might have covered this before as I seem to recall Star saying something about pigeons?

  5. Heh! So I’m a high powered presidential candidate and this is the best I can do for a “Communications Director.” I would think the job description might mention in passing that having the ability to speak succinctly and clearly was a key element of the job. But…that’s just me.

  6. Oh my goodness – let me say this abou the word classified.
    Uh-oh…everyone makes mistakes.
    Well, well, well. Now that’s an interesting question!
    Three suggestions for responses.
    I’m here all night if you need more.
    This person either can’t lie with conviction, is morally opposed to lying or is working gratis for the campaign.

  7. Is it just me, or does anyone else get the feeling that this woman is descending into a state of madness? Her paranoia is finally taking its toll, along with what I suspect is a private h*ll of binge drinking.
    The stories of her vile temper and imperial attitude are legend.
    Her only accomplishment was snagging a future president of the US.
    She was despised during the Clinton years.
    She doesn’t give a whit about this country or its citizens – it’s all about revenge for 2008, and becoming the first woman Potus.
    Cackles and cankles – G-d help us all!

    • You bring up an important point. Over the years, she has gotten angry, humiliated, mocked, torched, derided and backstabbed many people on all sides of the political spectrum. Now, when she needs their support, they are not there for her. That’s at least a piece of the puzzle of why so few people are coming to her defense.

  8. I held secret, top secret and scif clearance. Being briefed in (as was Clinton) to a project was mostly about how you could go to prison for disclosing classified info or mishandling. You then sign a non disclose agreement!
    During my time the words Key Hole was TS . Simple words put together can be TS, it does not even have to be a written doc. Just words are not to be disclosed together. You cannot include a ref to these words as they are classified and if you do you have to classify that. Lets say the words “Keith blogger” were TS then any thing you write with that in it becomes TS

    How is she not guilty???