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Obama Schedule || Thursday, August 20, 2015

President Obama continues to vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. He has no scheduled events today.

34 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, August 20, 2015”

  1. 9 yr old girl shot and killed in Furgeson . Young black girl sitting on her moms bed. Multiple shots fied at close range outside the house.

    From Martha’s Vineyard, radio silence.
    All lives matter…


    1. This was sad. If only the attention of BLM and all these protesters could work for some community good. But I guess that is not the point. Just sad.

    1. Loved it ! Wish they’d do one for the Dems, then I thought you just can’t make them funnier when their lips move in reality ;)

      1. It is funny. Saw it earlier. About doing one for the Dems — don’t they have to have a debate first? See O’Malley for scheduling. :)

    1. The lady journalist’s attempt to make MrsClinton a victim doesn’t fly. Oh, poor Hillary, set up by a devious Barack to be publically hoo.

      VPBiden for President – oh good grief. SenWarren for VP -arrrgh.
      It’s getting to the point that the it’s hard to believe the Dems want to be in office for what’s coming down the road …you know..the road they have ‘kicked the can down’ for years.

    2. I heard Monica Crowley on the John Batchelor show last night, making the case that Obama will unleash every resource available to push for a Biden/Warren ticket. Hadn’t thought of that before, but she was convincing. Her thinking was that Obama wants to be able to continue his agenda after he moves out of the WH. Thinks he can’t do it with Hillary as POTUS, so he wants Biden/Warren in place. She made a lot of sense, but we’ll see.

    3. Read that article too! Unfortunately, it rings true considering the players involved! Think that obummer is just bidening his time! Pun intended.

        1. I read a headline the Biden is leading Trump in 3 swing states. Ohio, Pa, and Florida. Election is still a long way off. I don’t see how Biden can campaign without putting both feet in his mouth.

      1. Yep. He has a very tough fight ahead of him. It’s an awful disease. His faith seems to be helping him, and that’s a good thing.

  2. You might be interested on how a liberal friend of mine thinks. Quite amazing

    She likes the Hildabeast and says about the email scandal

    “well Colin Powell did it too so why the big deal”

    The mind of a libatard – hard to understand.

    1. Sure, that Powell thing is one “doubt sprinkle” they are putting out… This is also why Hillary keeps saying, this is nothing new, everyone does it, etc. A certain amt of that slop will stick–they know that.

      1. Star, I would be amazed if Powell used his private server for anything connected to official business. He, of all people, with his military, high level government jobs would have been trained to be astronomically careful in handling sensitive government business. But who knows?

        The effects of Hillary’s stupid behavior re the servers, will be very long lasting and cause headaches for the security and diplomatic affairs of our country for a very long time. You can be completely, absolutely, totally sure she was hacked by the Russians, the Chinese, probably Cuba, Iran for sure, and who knows how many others.

    1. Rush is addressing this right now.
      They are trying to corner Trump on this issue also.
      Mark Levin spoke on this topic recently.
      They are ILLEGAL !
      Trump says to use the laws to send them back.
      So does Rush and Levin.

      And,….just because you are born in this Country to illegals, does not make you an American citizen no matter what the progs tell you.

    1. Obama’s EPA is engaging in one of the greatest man-made environmental catastrophe cover up in US history. Much of the MSM is helping Obama in the cover up necause, well, they do what they are told to do. There is no way in hell that that river is now safe and clear of the trace minerals, poisonous sludge (collecting on the banks) and toxic materials the EPA unleashed into that river.

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