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Koffler Becomes Political Editor of LifeZette; WHD Continues

Good morning.

I want to let all of you know about my new role as the political editor of LifeZette.

I’m sure some of you have been wondering about all the articles I’ve been doing for LifeZette.

I have taken a full time job with LifeZette, leading its Polizette webpage. I will edit the page and also write for the website.

LifeZette focuses a broad range of issues facing the nation and our lives – politics, parenting, faith, health and pop culture – addressing the changes that are rapidly occurring in our society and that adversely affect our future. I am very excited, because I feel like I’m not just part of a publication, but part of a cause.

As part of my agreement to work at LifeZette, I will continue writing at White House Dossier and have permission to run the articles I write for PoliZette on White House Dossier.

I hope you enjoy LifeZette, I really think you will find it useful, important and a great read. And thanks for continuing to read White House Dossier.


66 Responses to Koffler Becomes Political Editor of LifeZette; WHD Continues

  1. I pulled up LifeZette, and added it to my favorites.
    I pressed the titled article written by you: Hillary on Emails: Deny,Deflect, Blame. However I did not see the article underneath the title.

  2. Am I the only one here who lives under a rock and has never heard of LifeZette or Polizette?

    If they hired you Keith, it has to be well done. I’ll go scope them out now. Kudos.

  3. You had me going there for a minute. When you leave the site to the kids, I go into White House Dossier DT’s. Just kidding. Congratulations on your new position.

  4. Congratulations, and best of luck.

    One does have to wonder who’s going to keep track of all of Sir Golfsalot’s trips to the links going forward… ;)

    • OK Darkangel you made me feel very silly. I started… to google Sir Golfsalot’s , I was typing fast, looked again at the words to make sure I typed them correctly. Caught the Sir Golfs a lot. Ha Ha.

  5. Make no mistake, this forum will stagnate unless Keith keeps adding the daily goodies for us to chew upon.

    Anyone recall Ulsterman? A must read each day, and then died, insiders and all.

    But best of luck of course, Keith.

  6. Keith! What awesome news! You always have such a refreshing take on things. Sounds like a good fit. (I also never heard of it and have now bookmarked it.)

    And right below your announcement on WHD is the President’s schedule. Even when he is not on vacation and has an actual schedule, I’d like to pit ‘President’s schedule’ against ‘Keith’s schedule’ any day of the week to see who is working harder. Big kudos for your hard work paying off!

  7. Congrats Keith! You’re one of my Favs! “Don’t go changing” Look forward to following your work there…
    Yay Laura Ingraham 4The Score!

  8. congrats and great move, Keith! WHD has been essential reading in the Age of Obama, but with a new president who actually knows what they’re doing, doesn’t spend millions on personal vacations, and doesn’t side with our enemies, you won’t have as much to write about.

  9. Since I stumbled across WHD, I have learned a lot from you and the crew. I’ve laughed a lot and gnashed my teeth some too. I miss you when you’re not here stretching my mind, but nevertheless, I am happy for you. Now, can we get Laura to get you on Hannity sometimes? All the best!

  10. Congratulations, Keith – how wonderful for you! You are exceptional at what you do (not the least because it is evident that you are a highly principled man) and it is so nice to see you venturing forth and doing more of what you love to do.

    Am looking forward to reading even more of your thoughts and opinions.

    Thank you so much for continuing WHD – it is like a port in a storm – a safe haven.

    Again, congratulations, Keith, and most sincere best wishes to you.

  11. I just KNEW something was up the first time you linked to LifeZette…bookmarked it way back then. Good things happen to good people.
    (well sometimes anyway). Best wishes to you!!