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Video || The Hillary Scandal in Two Minutes and 34 Seconds

I thought you would enjoy this excellent summary of the evolving Hillary Clinton scandal – and her evolving response.

H/T to the Washington Free Beacon and its video editing wizard David Rutz

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    1. !!!
      It happens all the time.
      I tried using that sentence when I was growing up. My mom would put me in my place ASAP, and explain that is a poor excuse. I don’t care what everyone else does.

    1. Prediction (just a guess, obviously): Hillary will resign for medical reasons by October, 2015. There’ll be a speech, of course. “I tried my best because I believe the country desperately needed me. But forces beyond my control forced me to give up the fight. I gave it my best and I believe I would have won. I’m sure my enemies and critics are very happy that I am gone. But I have each one of their names and I will haunt them and torture them for as long as I live. Goodbye and screw you all.”

  1. I just heard a comment Hayden (former NSA agent) made regarding this issue.
    Stupid and dangerous. He said he didn’t even have a smart phone when he was in his position as agent.

    1. “I did not email any classified……….”
      “I did not have sex with that woman……”
      Why does this sound so eerily familiar…

  2. OT: watching Donald Trump talking at a town hall.
    He speaks off the cuff, he talks like we’re sitting around a table with him. I have never heard a politician, ever, speak so naturally, so easily as MrT.
    I’m amazed, awed.
    The crowd is mesmerized. Me too.

    MrBush speaking at a town hall.
    He, too, speaking off the cuff. The worst Professor you ever had in college – dull, lifeless.
    MrTrump -wearing a suit, tie, GQ.
    MrBush- open neck shirt, no suit, rolled up sleeves, phony.

    1. I just saw snippets — but I was happy to hear him handle the fact that Rubio, Walker and perhaps Bush were planning some attack ads on him (they have denied it) — and he concluded — that’s boring.

      I agree — from what I saw — he was open, and friendly, did not back down, and handled himself well.

    2. Maybe its b/c The Donald is NOT a politician, he is a business man used to dealing with situations where he has to be upfront and not beat around the bush. It is refreshing. If he gets in let’s hope it lasts.

  3. I saw this response to the Iran Inspection secret agreement. I “liberated” the comment.
    What’s not to like? The EPA investigates itself, the State Department investigates itself. Why not Iran?

    1. History.
      Associated Press, 1939:

      “League of Nations to allow Germans to inspect their own ‘protective custody facilities'”.
      Another “liberated” comment from elsewhere. :)

  4. She is so screwed.
    But I guess if Conservatives keep swooning over the buffoon with the roadkill weave, we might elect our first president who’s a convicted felon.

  5. That woman has no shame…just go retire already. OR DON’T PASS GO.GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL.
    what a shameful representation of this country these Clintons (and Obamas) are.

    1. Actually, I hope she stays in the race as long as possible in order to wreck the demobrats chances altogether. And she’s not a good liar. But then, why IS she still in the game?
      She must think she can somehow slither out of it. Hence the golf conference with billy and bamo. Will there be a successful cover-up ? However, the word is that val jar has been the one who’s leaking the dirt to the press.
      My, this plot is thick and skanky. Lies upon lies.. thats all these rodents know.

  6. The Queen and her Court at a loss without an official Jester try over and over to entertain themselves. The Queen talks in riddles, the Court Cheers, the onlookers switch channels.

      1. Some people as myself talk to everyone. Some keep to themselves. Both are ok. However if you are running for a public office, you should carry handwipes on your person and at least shake hands.
        How can she ramble her mouth that she is going to do so much, etc. for the Country, citizens, but cannot shake a hand.
        The non hand shake issue of course is at the bottom of Her List.

  7. I read an interesting comment the other day in a story about the Clinton email scandal. It went something like “Democrats don’t mind a liar, but they can’t stand a loser”. If Hillary’s poll numbers continue to tank, she may be forced out of the race.

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