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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, August 19, 2015

President Obama is still vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard. There are no scheduled events.

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  1. Good article on Neocon about Sen. Menendez who has come out against the Iranian deal and states,
    “I have looked into my own soul and my devotion to principle may once again lead me to an unpopular course, but if Iran is to acquire a nuclear bomb, it will not have my name on it.]”

  2. I got to thinking about all the years Bush vacationed at his ranch in Texas where Cindy Sheehan and the media would be camped, protesting daily, making waves hourly, the press harping about all the time Bush vacations. Where is the press while Obama is playing on the Vineyard? Aaah, here’s the difference. The press are all Dems, half of whom have homes on MVY already, and their take is “don’t bother the tired president while he takes much needed time away from his hectic job.” OY.

  3. Huckabbe just stated on Fox, that while he was in Israel he noticed a great deal of the citizens there realize the danger of the Deal.
    Ask a couple of people on the street in America, What they think about the deal………

  4. Here is a Hollywood interview wit Donald Trump. It is very relaxed and I thought, interesting. To me, he knows what he is doing — when to be bombastic and when to be “flexible”. I don’t see anything wrong with that, because what is clear is that he doesn’t suffer disloyalty. He has integrity and he is a realist about what is needed to succeed. Anyway, here’s the link if you are so inclined.

    • Thanks for the link.
      Someone referred to MrTrump as ‘santa clause’ bringing joy to the conservatives, but it’s more like he really is Batman – saving us from the evil-doers and corrupt.

      The establishment political elite are really spinning and twisting to explain what the heck happened to the campaign. They don’t have anything to throw at MrT- oh, he cheated on his first wife, Ha, there’s that Lewinsky thing hanging over the Clintons.
      He’s been a favorite newsmaker for years and there isn’t much waiting under rocks to be exposed.
      MrsClinton, hmm. A huge rock garden of hidden crimes or infractions.

    • I read that earlier today, as well. What I liked is that he revealed much more of himself than he did in Phase 1 of his campaign (which has just ended IMHO), Now he’s begun Phase 2 of his campaign. Phase 1 was the loud, braggish, over the top phase where he had to break through the media and political walls to position himself. Phase 2 begins with this interview in which he relaxes a bit more, is more open and thoughtful, and more candid. He revealed his own vulnerabilities here. He’s published his immigration position (which, true to form), is being spun and misquoted by the MSM and the anti-Trump forces), and I believe he’s working on his economic policy paper at this time.

      Plus, he’s having fun. As someone here has already noted, he’s a Happy Warrior. And that drive his detractors nuts.

      Would he be a good President? No one knows. Just like every one of the candidates. No one really knows until he/she sit down in that big chair in the Oval Office for the first time. That’s the reality of the situation. Think back to Truman. FDR kept him completely in the dark about everything. Who would have thought he would turned out to be the good leader that he became (in spite of all his faults and failures)? Turns out he was a pretty decent President.

  5. He might be on vacation but I’d bet he and Valerie & Company are working hard to find a new home for the detainees at Guantanamo so that it will clear the way for him to return Guantanamo to the Castro brothers.

    • The terrorists interred at Gitmo should fear their move onto US soil and into regular prisons – no more special treatment and there are many Americans who would love to extract some kind of payback.

      • There are likely prisoners there who have served tours in the ME fighting these cockroaches. If they get ahold of these Gitmo creeps, it will be a quick end for them. These jihadists will BEG to be sent back to Gitmo.

      • I also heard the Governor of Kentucky saying — Not on my watch. Not in this state.

        Pretty much if it happens it will be in the state that Obama and the Dems control — Illinois. Let the money flow.

  6. I just read the Jeb said Tuesday that the government should have broad surveillance powers of Americans and private technology firms should cooperate better with intelligence agencies to help combat evildoers.
    Common Core
    Illegal immigrant
    The Government having more power.
    He is on a role…
    He should have said putting surveillance on the border to prevent people from walking over.

  7. The Clinton vacation home. At first I wanted to post this because apparently the home is owned by “Republican donors”. But looking more closely I see that it also includes my favorite snaps of H&B on the beach — she, splendiferous in her blue MuMu (at least it is not orange).