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Hillary Scandal obscures her message while GOP talks substance

Hillary Clinton ran into a bombardment of bruising questions about her email issues on Tuesday from Ed Henry of Fox News, refusing to say whether she had attempted to wipe her email clean.

Clinton’s latest evasion ensures the scandal surrounding the private server she used for her State Department emails will continue to dominate coverage of her campaign.

Ask yourself: What is Hillary Clinton promoting? What are her policies? What is the Democrats’ agenda for 2016?

If you don’t know, it’s because the focus on Hillary’s server, which is now in the hands of the FBI, has eclipsed the Democratic message machine, forcing the party’s top candidate into a defensive crouch and prompting many even in the mainstream media to pounce on the story.

Hillary suggested there was no classified information contained in those emails; there was. She said there was just one account; there were more.

During Clinton’s face-off Tuesday with Henry, he bluntly asked her, “The FBI believes you tried to wipe the entire server. Did you try to wipe the entire — so that there would be no emails, no personal or no official?”

“Well, my personal e-mails are my personal business, right?” Hillary responded, dodging the question.

Then she she invoked the ‘grandma defense,’ trying to pretend she was technologically illiterate.

“Did you wipe the server?” Henry demanded.

“What, like with a cloth or something?” Hillary joked. “I don’t know how it works digitally at all.”

Clinton also did what the Clintons have done for years: Blame the whole thing on “politics.”

“Now I’m in their crosshairs again,” the former secretary of state said yesterday. “It’s not about Benghazi. You know what? It’s not about emails or servers, either. It’s about politics.”

She went on, “Here is what I won’t do: I won’t get down in the mud with them. I won’t play politics with national security or dishonor the memory of those who we lost.”

Some Democratic operatives are fuming that Clinton only just now has given up the server. She failed to follow the classic advice offered by all crisis public relations managers: Get the information out early so the story goes away.

Instead, information has been dripping out, ensuring that the Democrats’ banner issue for weeks to come will be Hillary’s ethical challenges. The war on women, the income gap, and whatever else Democrats want to peddle with have to wait.

Republicans have their controversies, but with the attention-drawing magic of businessman Donald Trump driving the media coverage, the GOP candidates are tackling serious, important issues such as education, immigration reform, and replacing Obamacare. They’ve given voters the early impression that Republicans are the party of substance and change.

The Democrats, meantime, have an email server.

This article first appeared on LifeZette.

57 thoughts on “Hillary Scandal obscures her message while GOP talks substance”

  1. She has promised amnesty across the board for illegal aliens, offers billions of tax dollars to keep middle-class children in college, loves Obamacare, can speak eubonics when in the deep South, loves ‘everyday people’ as long as they don’t want a hug or anything, doesn’t know what’s on all of those e-mails…….there’s more, but I have a life and this is boring.

    Her time is gone. She should retire from the race.

    1. Nice, wish I was there.
      Since both of the Clintons are senior citizens with a wealth of history behind them, why don’t they retire with their donated millions and enjoy what’s left of life – enjoy the grandchild, be king-makers, travel.
      Us old codgers know that life pays you out when you least expect it, so it’s best to enjoy every day while one can.

    2. All courtesy of the Clinton slush fund Foundations. $100k is just petty cash for them. They should never be allowed anywhere near the WH or the US Treasury again! It’s all sooo obscene.

  2. And yet the only D that can take her out is Warren . Other than Lizzie , there is no other viable candidate . They ,the D’s, are stuck with her . And given factors too numerous to mention , there is a better than even chance she wins 2016 . Such is our once proud Republic .

  3. Ask yourself: What is Hillary Clinton promoting? What are her policies? What is the Democrats’ agenda for 2016?

    Free crap and free abortions for all. Duh!

  4. I read that “Clinton is losing ground to Sanders”. I think Bernie Sanders sounds like a reasonable and good man, well, he is not Republican, but does it matter anymore ? I like his personality. He has got that something, authenticity. Like Trump but totally different. Do I sound confused ?

    1. Yes it matters to me.
      He is a socialist, he said so.
      So is Hillary, and Obama.

      Socialistic countries struggle for years because the people are waiting for handouts, and the people that work to provide the money never get ahead.

      Just my opinion swedishlady.
      This Country is on the fringe of a major decision in the next election.
      If we blow it,…say goodbye to the United States of America.

      1. I agree completely. This election will be a pivotable moment in the United States.

        We are seeing, in Obama, the full flower of the 1960’s crazed “take this country down” political moment (funded in large part by the KGB political arm, just btw).

        It started 100 years ago or more, even before Woodrow Wilson and the Progressive movement, but the Obama (or whatever his real name is) administration has created the perfect storm. They’ve moved into the schools, the media, the political arena, the churches, the racial movement, advertising, the world of punditry. Everywhere. They followed Alinsky’s advice to “get a haircut and a nice suit, join them and fight them from the inside”. They have their chin-waggers and professional rump swabbers in every public forum.

        This is election is the big one. Fight back or lose it all.

        1. I just found out he is coming to N.O. next week. Katrina.
          He does not call family members when a young woman is killed, but he finds the time to come down here and suck up some attention.

          1. One other note. I am sure everyone here at WHD heard there is a TS Danny. Don’t know where it’s heading for sure. If it heads towards Louisiana, he needs to stay away. We do not need the roads and interstate tied up with his caravan.

    1. Star, Don’t worry. Pretty sure shortly the Progressives will start carving us up by gender — so the Hillary female; the Star female. You get the idea:)

        1. Just caught your video.
          This would not be discussed on msm, but can you imagine her behind the scene, Just how mad she is? I bet she is snapping at who ever gets yelling distance.

          1. In the back room behind the back room, you can bet her people are talking about what to do with the Hillary “problem”. It’s not fixable, and they know it.

    1. Wonder if HRC would consider doing witchy movie voice-overs if she loses the nomination. She puts poor Margaret Hamilton to shame!

  5. As far a taking the Grandmother comment. She is an insult to all grandmothers.
    My mom and Grandmother both worked. Raised wonderful family. They as well spent quality time with the grandkids. One thing they did not do as she is: explain wrongdoing, time and time again.
    Yes Benghazi still upsets me more. The emails close second, because we still do not know if/who was at risk with her foolishness.

    1. I would like to know who sent all the government emails to her. If they were contacted their would not be a problem with the ones that Hilla. erased.
      Back to the Bubba issue. I still do not want to wonder what room in the WH he would turn into his fun room.

  6. The insults to the American people from this sub-human keep piling up. And it seems she is truly clueless of how she is coming across.
    Keep up the good work Hag.

  7. OT: By the way I just heard on Fox that Dempsey thinks that the battle with the maniacs could take 20 years.
    Can you imagine someone telling America the battle with the Nazi’s could take 20 years?
    That is another generation from now.
    I think o needs to explain himself some more for ignoring this from the get go.
    Speaking of military. I just heard on Fox that:
    American Fighter Gen. Frederick “Fritz” Payne died at 104.
    He recently recieved the Congressional Gold Medal for his service.
    Fred Bell, the air museum’s managing director said Fritz was the epitome of the Greatest Generation.
    “While it is hard to imagine today, these American heroes stood up to aggression at a time meant the end of our way of life at one of the darkest moments in our history. I can only hope that we learn from their example when we are called upon to sacrifice for our freedoms. God Bless him and his family.”

  8. Just read that Mitch McConnell came out and said “Sorry Peeps, looks like the deck is stacked against us — most likely we won’t be able to do anything to stop Obama’s Iran deal”.

    And who prepared the deck for Obama ? Corker and every single Republican except Tom Cotton who voted for it.

    This kind of stuff is outrageous. And no matter how much government or political experience Trump might not have odds are he wouldn’t be putting us in this position.

    This is typical GOPe — Immigration — oh so sorry. Obamacare — oh so sorry.

    I am sick of McConnell.

    1. The Senate GAVE away the its treaty responsibility and obligation, and now they are saying “We give up”. Could not be more pathetic. And irresponsible.

    2. Plus, UN allows Iran to be own inspectors.


      Russia selling Iran missiles.

      And what effect can Congress have on this? Obama and Corker et al have already given away our national security. You know who looks good? Schumer, and Menendez — that’s who.

      1. Yikes! This would involve inspection of Parchin. Iran is going to inspect itself its own military complex. And no matter what the Administration and State Department flunkies say this is not normal for IAEA.

        Parchin for God’s sake.

        The votes for this will be mostly Dem but the initial damage was done by the Republicans.

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