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Rubio Hits Kid in Head with Football

Marco Rubio finally was able to generate some attention on the campaign trail.

Led him a little too much.

13 Responses to Rubio Hits Kid in Head with Football

  1. That’s not fair – he didn’t “hit” the kid in the head with a football. He threw the ball to the boy, but the child didn’t catch it and it hit him in the head.

  2. Trump gave children a ride in a helicopter, and Rubio playing ball with the kids. Good start. They should all be putting children into the conversation as well. The childrens safety now in our fine Country, and what will this Country be like, and/ or turn into for our children to live in.

  3. Words of the day.
    With a cloth or something?
    Hilla joked about wiping server with a cloth.
    Than she had enough of that press conference…

    • OT: On Fox just a moment ago, I listened to a Legal immigrant, Francisco Rivera.
      He disgrees with the illegal immigrants getting city approval to hold a postion.
      He said: It is not fair to all the people who go through
      the process. For someone to just come in illegal to hold a position.
      Fox reporter asked what he thought of Trump’s immigration plan?
      He said: It is about time that somebody says that.

  4. Keith, this comment should be posted under your Libya-article but I say it here instead. I absolutely agree with you, Khadaffi should have been left alone, we now have an extremely dangerous chaos in Libya and the European immigrant problems stem from there. Soon we will have IS in Europe.
    By the way, Assad should be left alone too, we have so many Syrian refugees flooding our countries as a result of that conflict. In my opinion, Assad is no threat to us, nor is Putin. No more destroyed countries, no more wars.

    • TODAY looped it 5-6 times, GMA looped it 5-6 times, MORN JOE looped it 5-6 times. Meanwhile, 7th Planned Parenthood video reveals they take the brains of live babies and sell them for profit. Sorry but there’s no other way to say it.