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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Obama remains on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. No publicly scheduled events today.

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  1. Vet Don Kass had no family to claim him after he had died.
    They put on facebook an announcement for anyone who would like to pay their respect is welcome to his service. 800 showed up. Military with flags.
    He served in Vietnam.
    Shanbe Young of Ramsey Funeral Home took the time to think of Mr. Kass. They did not take any donations.
    Thanks Mr. Young. RIP Mr. Kass.
    I didn’t catch what town the service was held.

    • I’ll give her this – she wasn’t cowed by them, listened to their rant, then shot down their current agenda.
      She understood that they blame her, and Bubba, for most of their problems.

      Since the BLM seems to only be targeting Dem candidates, they must believe that only Dems can make changes that will make them happy. Same old refrain – do for us, we can’t do it ourselves.

  2. Good Morning. It came to mind this morning how much better off we would be as a country if we did not hyphenate American — Afro American etc. And then I thought about “Hispanics” and how it is always said that the Republicans will not get the Hispanic vote.

    What is the Hispanic vote? Legal Hispanics who are not referred to as Hispanic Americans or illegal immigrants who are from Mexico and South America etc. But what/who is the Hispanic vote and what do they want? Or is it simply that they are largely Democrats?

    • Arizona – lots of people here with a Mexican background. Old timers, generations of Arizonans, and they still call themselves – Mexicans.
      Of course, one could go to Boston and find lots of people whose roots go back to Ireland generations ago, but still cal themselves “Irish”.
      It’s a human thing – to identify with one’s tribe/family. It’s built into our genes.

      • I agree. We have people of Mexican heritage in our family as well. And we are an immigrant family so heritage is a consideration in a lot of what we do.

        But I was just wondering aloud about the Hispanic vote that “everyone” says will not vote Republican. It appears to assume that Hispanics (who theoretically cannot vote)will not vote R because of the immigration issue. I don’t think that’s it. Oh well.

      • I used to joke around with Swedish Lady about my Norwegian roots–well, my grandmother on my father’s side did come from the old country at age 18–married the doctor in the small town in Wisc—30 yrs her senior–and ended up taking care of the three kids teaching 5th grade when he died at 60. An immigrant’s story.

  3. I think I asked this once before and everyone was hazy on it or didn’t ans. But how did immigration work in the Ellis Island days? I read a lot of memoirs–and don’t recall any immigrants of that era putting in papers and waiting for 15 yrs. they somehow got on a boat, family in tow often, and got off in America, were checked healthwise, recorded (those notes) and let in. Maybe we need to look at the legal system as well as the “informal” system.

      • I looked at that. Twelve million came in thru Ellis Island–If they had certain diseases they were put in hospital care. In the end most got in–90% plus. There was mischief about measuring heads to see if people were “smart.” Discrimination on race. But I did not see anyone signing up in their own countries or needing a visa etc. This WAS the border. Not sure what this means, but the system has sure changed.

        • The thing about Ellis Island; it was the law of the land, then.
          My grandparent’s names are written down in a government ledger. Where they came from, where they’re going, how they plan to support themselves is all on the record.
          Today, they sneak in, usually with nothing more than a small backpack, have no place to live, no means of support. The difference? today we, you and I, support these illegal aliens and their children, but no one gave our grandparents anything but a job. If they didn’t work, they starved.
          that’s the difference.

          • Yes, it’s different now, SrDem–my thought was maybe with an effective border system, it would go back to an easier “legal” system of entry. Come here, sign in, get checked, have a job lined up from those who came before, get to it. Is the country just too expensive, too English-based, too something that people can’t show up and scrap out a living. I don’t know the answers–but I think we need better questions.

        • I seem to remember there was a big change in how immigrants were admitted into the country somewhere around 1917 or so. Before that, it was basically based on numbers of immigrants annually, health, having a sponsor, having the promise of a job, etc.

          In my family, on both sides, they came to New England from Quebec in the 1850-1900 time period. There was a mass exodus of about 800,000 US citizens from New England who went west (gold mining, start a new life, etc) at about the same time the Industrial revolution was gaining speed. So local factories and manufacturing plants desperately need laborers. The recruiters went to Quebec, recruited as many as they could (about 1,000,000 people) in that time period, promising work, schools, housing availability. They came mostly by train, and as has been told to me by my grandparents, didn’t have to go through much paperwork, or federal regulations. They just came to work and began their new life in America. I don’t think many of the early immigrants had much of an intention of becoming US citizens. They just wanted the work, since Quebec at that time was undergoing a very poor economy. They did need to have the promise of a job (which the textiles mill and shoe shops easily provided) and off they went to their new life. Some returned to Quebec but most stayed. They settled in what even today we call “le petit Canada”, located in every mill town in New England, kept to themselves while their kids got a very good education and began to move up the social ladder.

          So there was in a sense some guarantee the new immigrants would not be on the dole, but other than that, it seemed to be open to whomever wanted to come here.

    • Reply to @Star (the thread gets too thin)

      I agree somewhat. Get in line, sign up, give fingerprints (DNA?) tell us where you’re going, how you plan to survive.
      Not so hard to do. Except when their plan is become a welfare/food stamp/ free housing American.
      There are ways and means to control immigration without all of the federal regulations that makes it a 5 or 10 yr long exercise.

      • I think apart from maybe aid to pregnant women or children, if needed, it should be clear you come here at your own risk–so plan ahead, learn some English, try to rig up a job, you get no citizenship for 15 yrs, can’t vote, must carry an ID, and can’t run free if you commit a serious crime–jail, not deportation. Supposedly they get no freebies–but this seems to be honored in the breech bec ERs and agencies don’t check…or that is my impression. If you have to go to the ER–you start to pay even if it’s $10 a mo. Yes, you are in a different class from US citizens–those are the terms, you decide.

    • It’s about government needs, desires. While it may seem OT, but I can add this…….I was in Pensacola, FL during time of Vietnam War. Pilots were needed. Candidates that otherwise would be deemed, “unsat” were pushed through the the pipeline based on need irregardless. Today, I feel people are admitted in order to reach a voting quota no matter what the law books say. BTW: bho makes me ill…..I just have to get that off my chest. (PS: slam me all you like if you feel my speech is politically incorrect. I really don’t care.

  4. Black lives matter = I am not responsible for my life. Don’t shoot me when I rob you and rape your wife. Its is your fault I did that.

    In Blackies world white life’s don’t matter.

    MSM sucks up to them and they still hate us!!

  5. The WhiteHouse announced today that it has hired a cross-dressing man, or what they call a transgender. They are so proud.
    Why?, why make a big deal of someone’s gender confusion.
    This is sick voyeurism and exploiting someone’s personal struggles.