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The Latest Islamist State to Begin Rising Under Obama

While President Obama is whacking golf balls from one end of Martha’s Vineyard to the other, the Caliphate is reaching ever deeper into one of his many Middle East mistakes, this one called Libya.

As you remember, former Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi was about to brutally crush a rebellion in his country when we got involved, albeit from the back seat, and turned the side so that the Jeffersonian Democratic Party in Libya could take the reins and bring freedom to all.

Except there was no Jeffersonian Democratic Party in Libya. What there was instead away a nest of vipers seething underneath, which Qaddafi had kept under wraps for us, and who are now rampaging thought the countryside and doing something Qaddafi hadn’t in years – threatening our national security.

According to the Washington Times:

While the American-led campaign against the Islamic State has focused on Syria and Iraq, the terror group’s burgeoning spread into North Africa is prompting increased unease among European and Arab powers wary of the extremists’ growing hold on territory in the political vacuum in Libya.

With hundreds of thousands of Libyans fleeing across the Mediterranean during recent years because of the chaos and lack of security in their homeland, Italy’s foreign minster warned on Monday that the war-torn nation risks turning into “another Somalia.”

Italy joined other European nations and the Obama administration over the weekend in condemning the Islamic State’s rise in Libya, while a group of Arab powers are weighing whether to open a campaign of airstrikes targeting the group across several Libyan cities and towns.

Now, mea culpa, I supported Obama’s decision to take out Qaddafi. I think I let my anger over his dictatorship and his killing of Americans over Lockerbie get the best of me. It is one of the worst mistakes I’ve made writing for White House Dossier, and I regret it.

But that doesn’t make this any less of an error by Obama. I mean, it’s not like he was taking advice form me. And he has never acknowledged his mistake or learned anything from it, far as I can tell.

Unless bad guys are threatening us, leave them alone. These countries have bad guys running them for a reason. For whatever reason, the world’s older cultures have remained about where they were thousands of years ago. It’s not our business to bring them into the modern world unless they present a threat.

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  1. Keith,
    We were all glad to see Qaddafi meet the end that he did. But just as he did in Iraq, Obama wasn’t willing to do what was needed to KEEP the peace and we now have the most volatile Middle East in decades.
    And if my memory serves correctly, wasn’t the big push to invade Libya coming from Foggy Bottom and specifically one Hillary “I keep my server in the bathroom closet” Clinton?

  2. There is nothing wrong with taking out a dictator like Saddam or Qadaffi, Assad o Kim Jong It. However, you cannot leave it to these backwards countries to put a democratic government in place.
    We take them out, we get to put a government in place. Just like after WWII.

      • Really? How so? It seems to me that both Germany and Japan are two of our greatest allies.
        If we are going to sacrifice our blood and treasure for the sake of these people, we damn sure better have a say in how the country is run so we don’t have to go back over there again.
        To wit: Iraq. We should have gone into Baghdad in 1990 and routed that sand rat Saddam the hell out of there. We probably wouldn’t have had 9/11.

          • Yes. Bill Clinton in office for the first WTC bombing. Bush I when Saddam invaded Kuwait. Bush II in office during 9/11. My point being, America doesn’t finish these escapades anymore. We took care of business in Germany and Japan during WWII and nobody messed with us. Then came Korea and Vietnam where we did a half-assed job – bowing to the Leftists who raised their fists against “American Imperialism,” and now the Middle East, where we have again bowed to the Left and departed before the job was finished. Wasting American blood, sweat, tears and dollars.

          • Think about Vietnam.
            Years of Lives lost and lives ruined and no telling how much money spent…and then, we turned tail and ran.
            And the model was cast…

  3. Hind sight is always 20-20, Keith. Most of us thought it was a good idea, alas, we were wrong, should have left it all alone, or bombed the hell out of the middle east.

    • Clinton didn’t pursue the threat and it resulted eventually in the destruction of the World Trade Towers.
      Obama is of the same ilk.
      The next POTUS had better have a spine and a resolve to eliminate the threat we see right in front of our eyes.

      The end result is anybodies guess.
      But with Obama and Kerry at the helm, this cannot bode well for our Nation.

  4. Not to mention the lesson that Libya/ Qaddafi has sent to all the other bad guys in the world : If you got nukes keep ’em . If you don’t got ’em , get ’em . Cf the difference between hapless Ukraine which gave up its nukes for a scrap of paper and NorK which everyone pretty much is afraid of and leaves alone .

  5. All good moms have a back up plan. Do they make mistakes. Yes.However they move to the back up plan as need. That is what seems to always to be an issue. We read/watch the news and say: Why didn’t they do this or that. Nothing substantial seems to be done.
    Before the msm and us start giving all kinds of suggestions, the people in office should listen to the generals, etc. Well of course you listen to them, before you let them go or before they resign.

  6. I know Libya wasn’t/isn’t paradise, but I remember living in Wilmington, NC, when ships offloaded Qaddafi’s WMD (including nuclear material) that he had given up, all on the down low. I thought at the time, he might be an asshole, but at least he’s willing to work with us. Then…another administration came in and sold him down the river. Look how that turned out. Actually, I don’t remember too many Libyans at the time bitching about the fact that…”He may be a dictator, but he’s our dictator”…he kept the trains running and our society stable.” Yes…he killed a lot of our own (yes…I have connections to Lockerbie) and deserved what he got. I don’t excuse him, but at least the current administration could have considered something other than total abandonment because look what we got in return…a leviathan 10x worse.

  7. Dr. Ben Carson is speaking in Phoenix this evening. The demand for tickets was so heavy they moved to a larger venue and now expect 12,000 to attend. He was to tour the border earlier today with Sheriff Babeu to learn more about illegal immigration.

  8. Sheriff Paul Babeu held a press conference this morning to inform Arizona citizens that ICE has released three violent illegal aliens onto our streets in AZ. They are not illegals from Mexico – they come from Sudan, Russia and Iraq. The man from Sudan committed assault and kidnapping. The Russian with 2 others brutally murdered a police informant, who was stabbed and burned to death. The Iraqi killed his 7 week old baby daughter.

    Why are they walking the streets of Arizona and/or America? Because they don’t have travel papers (what illegal alien does?) and ICE can’t verify their citizenship with their native countries. So what else can ICE do but wring their hands and let them go, as they’ve done with thousands before.

    This is why Trump has gained so much popularity, because he speaks the truth about illegal immigration.

    Another fact gleamed from the press conference – 43% of all federal convictions in 2014 were of illegal aliens.

  9. Well Keith, what you forget to mention is that you voted for this inexperienced fool. We researched his credentials, and determined that he had zero leadership ability. Time to admit your error and maybe support someone with morals and determination?