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Hillary: No Hug Until After the Q&A

17 Responses to Hillary: No Hug Until After the Q&A

    • That’s what so peculiar about Hillary–she is completely tone deaf to the opportunities right in front of her. She is so controlled and stiff, that she cannot grasp the moment and show some spontaneous behavior and earn points from her fans.

  1. That was cold! She could have at least shook her hand!
    She strung along with her husband for years with the campaign routine.
    Can anyone recall if she hugged or shook hands when he was running for one thing or another?

  2. The video won’t work for me. But I have to ask — who in their right mind would want a hug from HC anyway?

    Orange — she better get used to it.

    Oh — the video worked — just in time to hear that cackle. Yikes. The hugger waiting in line until Hillary done with her Q&A — kind of reminds me of Obamaphone ladies.

  3. So did Skelator get a hug or not? Knowing what a liar Cankles is, the old bag is probably still sitting there at 1:30 AM waiting for her hug!

  4. Does anyone know if Hillary went back and gave that lady a hug after the Q&A, like she promised? My hunch is she did not. She was standing right there, why couldn’t she just give the woman a quick hug and be done with it? She’s so odd, so very strange…

  5. Didn’t you like the part about how her handling of the server was really a nice civics (AfVET!) lesson for the country in how govt works–we should be more grateful!