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The Authentic Trump

Donald Trump’s descent from the heavens into the Iowa State Fair on Saturday via his TRUMP-emblazoned helicopter was derided as an attention-grabbing stunt. And of course, that’s exactly what it was.

But it also showcased exactly what is right about the Trump campaign and what is wrong about others, particularly that of Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s splashy entrance was vintage Trump. He is indeed a showman, an attention-grabber, and a braggart. The fact that he doesn’t attempt to be anything else is exactly what has put him atop the polls.

American voters like the common touch. But what they crave even more is authenticity, a sense that a candidate means what he says and will do what he intends to do when he gets into office. This is what Trump is really selling.

At exactly the moment multimillionairess Hillary Clinton was milling about the fair pretending to be one with the proletariat, Trump was hovering overhead pretending to be nothing but a rich man in his own personal aircraft.

trump Iowa

Trump soon emerged from his magnificent flying machine looking like a Palm Beach pasha. Unlike Jeb Bush, who wore trying-hard-to-fit-in khakis under a red apron as he flipped pork chops on a grill, Trump waded into the fair sporting a navy blazer, cream-colored slacks, a starched french-cuff shirt, and tidy white dress shoes.

He also wore his red hat, of course, the one that says “Make America Great Again.”

He refused to pretend that he was a New York real estate developer who actually would rather be milking goats and wrestling pigs. He didn’t fake savoring a fried Snicker’s Bar like Bush.

“When Trump got to the pork chop stand, where Clinton had been only an hour earlier, an aide handed him a box of chops on sticks,” the Washington Post reported. “He picked up one, took a big bite out of it and held it up for the cameras. ‘This is the real deal, right?’ Trump said. After one bite, however, he put the chop back in the box. He didn’t eat anything else.”

Perhaps Hillary was somewhere else in the crowd, affecting one of her many local accents as she tried to connect with Iowans.

“I want to salute Donald Trump,” grumbled Mike Huckabee in what no doubt was a backhanded salute. “I mean, he is a master at branding. There’s no one like him. He’s alone in his class at being able to get attention. The latest survey shows he’s getting 10 times the press coverage than any other candidate. I’m just going to be real clear with you. You give me 10 times the coverage that any other candidate gets, I’ll be leading in the polls.”

Well, last time we checked, getting attention was part of the political process. Huckabee should be devising ways of getting his own instead of whining to the press that the other team has too many home run hitters.

Elections prove time and again that you don’t have to be born in a log cabin, or even pretend to be, to become president of the United States.

Franklin Roosevelt had his cigarettes firmly ensconced in a holder, thank you very much. John F. Kennedy never appeared in overhauls either on the campaign trail or once in office, as far as we’re aware. Ronald Reagan did come from humble roots, but he looked like a million dollars every day of his presidency and rarely removed his suit jacket when he was in the Oval Office.

Trump vows to fight against Washington, to change the immigration system, to put an end to business-as-usual that has put the nation $18 trillion in debt and further on the road to socialism.

And by he fearlessly brandishing his authenticity, he is convincing voters he might actually do it.


This piece first appeared in LifeZette.

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  1. It’s easy to mock everyone–incl the Cat in the Hat. He looks blowsy in my opinion, not that he would would give a flip about my opinion. Being an AUTHENTIC egomaniac and over simplifier and rabblerouser is not exactly a big compliment.

    • LOL, Trump really doesn’t care if we love him or hate him. Just enjoy the ride :D

      A good piece in the ChiTrib recently trying to figure out who Trumps supporters are. They’re certainly not conservatives or establishment Republicans, they’re angry centrists from both parties.

      I support his message, as Keith described, DT is honest and certainly not blowing political smoke up our behinds. I guess that makes me a right leaning anarchist now, heh.

      • Can’t help myself–I am listening to what he says now that the vomiting has ceased. Did he really say something about deporting citizens so they could be with the non-citizens in their family being deported?

        • Thanks for the spin. US citizen children leaving the US with their non-citizen parent(s) are not being deported. They are in the legal custody of their parents. Both the US federal courts and the US Department of State have clearly established this in the recent Kelly Rutherford case. Citizen children have the right of return to the US when they reach their majority and no longer need to remain in the custody of parents. Their custody of course can be given to US citizen residents if the non citizen parents want to do that. No deportation. Custody.

        • Star says:
          August 17, 2015, 3:51 pm at 3:51 pm

          Star, I feel badly for the family. But it’s interesting that it’s already being done and yet everyone is making a big deal about Trump.

          Also just a general comment — the whole comment about deport them was in the Chuck T interview and not in the position paper. Just sayin’

          • Why do you feel sorry for them? They took every step with eyes open. They gambled that Americans would be shamed into accepting illegals and anchors because “we are a nation of immigrants.” Didn’t work out that way. Hope they enjoy the legal life in their own country.

  2. I don’t want Trump in charge of the nuclear button. My guess is that he is a bit bi-polar. We already have one of those in N. Korea. I don’t want Trump negotiating in our behalf with other heads of state. He’d piss them all off. I do want one of the more conservative candidates to know how vulnerable our country is without a protected border. China did build a wall and it is impossible to get beyond. They did it many years ago, long before the equipment and technology we have today. It must be done.

    • At this point, I think a Trump/Cruz ticket would win. Trump has already proven somewhat of being a world leader and Cruz certainly knows his way around the DC pols and media, and as a bonus, the Supreme Court too.

      • Whoever makes the grade, I’m more concerned about the ability to choose a cabinet that can take this Country back to what She should be.

        Reagan surrounded himself with people that he could trust and were dedicated to taking the Country back from the Carter years.

      • I could see that. I have stopped saying who I would support because if I mention Trump as you have, all hell rains down.

        That said. A Trump president would have to walk through hot coals to get the Rep. establishment “leadership” to play ball. If anything they would throw obstacles like we have never seen. And yet, with Obama, McConnell can’t do enough.

        • I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but Trump didn’t take over the global business world by playing nicey-nice. Was he perfect? No. But he made real decisions in the real world, good and bad, win or lose…he seemed to learn from that experience ;)

        • I would only note that the current pResident has set the standard:
          Stroke of the pen, law of the land!
          And Congress and the “Judiciary” have approved.

          Of course, nothing could make “Weepy” and “Post Turtle” grow a set of testicles better than Trump being elected. If that happens, and if the GOP retain the House and Senate, you can bet that the first action of those two will be to file impeachment charges against the Donald. And every Rove Republican in both Houses, along with every Democrat there, would vote to impeach and remove.

          The stench is overwhelming.

    • “I don’t want Trump negotiating in our behalf with other heads of state. He’d piss them all off.”

      Yeah,…he would.

      Doesn’t the beheading of Christians piss you off ?

      How about the rape of women and girls to serve ISIS fighters ?
      Does that piss you off ?

      It does me.

      This pissant POTUS we are harnessed with is the essence of a puss that is determined to take the US down to Her knees.

      Trump, or Reagan would never have put up with this BS the Iranians are manipulating us with.

          • X3.
            The bottom line, no one in the media even touches on the subject of citizens in the U.S. being scared.
            Scared in many different issues.
            Now I am waiting for all the other canidates, not to copy and act like Trump. Trump is Trump. I want them to speak loud and clear of saving our Country and us!!!
            I am trying to think of a couple of words that they can respond with, without being to vulgur.
            Back to the canidates. I do not want to hear a bold statement that everyone appreciates, than hear or read a day later of another comment they whispered that is completly off bonds of what a conservative would appreciate them standing for.

      • Well said. I don’t care if he is a pompous arrogant man. I care that he sees just how far the USA has fallen under the current pos. sure Trump is brash & loud & conceited. All elected people have that conceit. It’s just a given in politics. I await the awakening of Americans on both sides of the political spectrum.

        • There is a common trait — politicians and successful CEOs and Entrepreneurs — EGO. You have to have one , and they are usually large. How much is displayed is different.

          • Agree, though in business world,CEO’s fail because they have to make tough decisions and answer to their shareholders. (see Carly/HP). In political world seems more are rewarded for failures. (see Obama)

        • Denise — But in a functioning America the politicians should be replaced for poor performance by the voters — now it’s a money game and lots of back room deals.

    • I think they build it to keep Mongol hordes out–walking and horseback. Don’t these coyotes and drug dealers have more tech? Why does Yuma need a double wall? Anyhow–Don already said, on his border trip, that it might not be ALL the way across…

  3. At least he didn’t fly his 757 low over the Iowa State fair and scare the hell out of them.
    AF1 was used for a photo-op over New York and created havoc among the people.

    Don’t you remember that incident ?

    I don’t give a crap about Trump’s helicopters,…he owns them.
    He can do whatever he wants with them.

    Obama doesn’t own AF1.
    Nor does he own Marine 1.
    He just uses them.
    Same with the Air Force transports that he uses to haul his limos around.

    If Trump wants to use his equipment for a frivolous display, so be it.

    Yeah Obama was elected POTUS by stupid people, twice.

    • Great comment! I do remember that AF1 photo-op incident. It happened in April 09 right after Obama moved into the WH. He was rewarding his campaign cronies with joyrides. Paid for by taxpayers. Didn’t notify anyone about it and totally freaked out New Yorkers who fled for cover thinking it was 9/11 redux.

      Trump-copter circling the fairgrounds was brilliant. Literally drowned out Bernie’s soapbox appearance. Gotta love it!

    • I remember Trump laid it all out in his announcement speech, I believed him when he said how much he loves America. What fool would take such a humongous pay cut to become President!?

      I also liked when he said he’ll rebuild our military so strong nobody would dare mess with us.

      • Could you see Castro asking Trump for the US to pay some $15 million or whatever? Or the Iranians saying thanks for lifting the sanctions and giving us free nuclear development rein but you are still an infidel and we want Death to America. Yeah, not happening.

        And I am pretty sure that the first beheading of an American under Trump would be the last.

  4. Watching the Insiders last night on FOX, they all agreed ( 2 Dems, 1 Rep) that Trump is giving America what it craves… a sincere belief in a can-do spirit and a rejuvenation in the American dream.

    Funny how mega-millionaire Trump is not hurt by his big bucks, but Romney was.

    Speaking of Mitt, one of the Insiders “predicted” that when the dust settles, Mitt will return as the savior of the party. No longer can they chastise his wealth, but they may latch on to his managerial and gubernatorial experience.

    And this time, he will not back down….perhaps.


      • Star, I know you don’t like Trump and you are trying to withdraw gently from this madness. :) But the sneering — Donald Trump sneering — pretty much not going to go away. Although he might tag on to the sneer and the remark, how much he really likes the person….

        • Sneer. Humph!
          How about 0bama at press conferences hand on face, flipping us all off? That’s a disgusting display of arrogant pompousness, much worse than a sneer!

  5. Well, while Trump may be flaunting it what is Obama doing?
    He’s on another vacation, secluded from the people, and playing golf with Bill Clinton.
    I can imagine what semi-illegal things they are mulling over.

  6. This weekend it dawned on me that Trump really is in to win it. The entire scenario is fascinating, the more knocks Trump takes the higher he goes. He has the elites in both parties shaking their heads and wring their hands. I love it! Who knows how this will play out, and that is part of the fun. Sit back and enjoy the ride folks, what else can you do?

  7. Here is Trump’s immigration policy paper, so you can read it on your own, and not have to rely on the MSM machine and the pouty anti-Trump gang (on both sides of the aisle) to spin, er, interpret it for you. We already know they will say “This is the worst immigration policy in the history of the universe. Can’t work. Won’t work. Impossible to apply. Crazy stuff.” They are, as we know, as predictable as trained monkeys.

    So read it in it’s pure form, and see what you think about it.

    • no, Marcus. it’s not Trump’s immigration plan, or the MSM’s “spin” that’s the problem. it’s Trump.

      he is as qualified to be president as Obama was.

      that was NOT a compliment.

      remember how we all scoffed at the Obamabots who defended Obama no matter what he said or did? well, a lot of you people sound just like them now, except it’s Trump you’re protecting, not Obama.

      I think the cult of personality is bad no matter which side of the aisle it’s happening on.

      • Should the Salt River Wild Horses be removed from Arizona’s Tonto National Forest?

        What is this, you ask: This is from an e-mail from my Dem congresswoman today. She’s taking a poll among Dems in Arizona .
        This is why MrTrump is where he is in the polls. Cult personality isn’t the problem – the problem is our elected elite who don’t have a clue.

        • oh, I’m not wondering why people are attracted to Trump. I get that. I am hugely disappointed in the GOP too-and let’s not even talk about the anti-western, anti-Israel, marxist Democrats.

          but I disagree with you that it’s just about the failure of Washington and not because of a fanboy love for the guy. if it was just people liking someone who speaks his mind, then you’d expect his numbers to go down when he a) has a bad debate performance or b) says something really beyond the pale (Megyn Kelly on her period? really?)

          but no…Trumpsters will tell you that he WON the debate, and that Megyn was out of line, and not only that but FOX was out of line too. and anybody who DEFENDS Megyn or Fox is also out of line.

          that’s cult-of-personality stuff, my friend.

          • No, it’s not. It’s someone who doesn’t not stay down when knocked down.

            On a higher plain, the more religious monk, fall down, get back up, fall down, get back up.

            Trump does not stay down. He fights.

        • Love Ben Carson, he would rock HHS or the VA or both.

          Guys, gotta think outside the box. I know El Trump would place the most qualifed rather than his superPac donors, oh wait, he has none, into positions that would help us most? I think so!

          • I agree Denise. In HHS or VA or both. But the argument against Trump is — for the Presidency. Unthinkable. Unqualified.
            For the Presidency.

            But then again I am a big believer in transferable skills.

      • I gather you’re not a Trump fan? ;+} That’s ok, it’s early, lots of events and developments will rise before us, various candidates will make good points and screw up here and there, and we’ll all be constantly reassessing. For sure, the election season is far too long, but we are where we are. Meanwhile, enjoy the circus!

      • How can you say that? Trump has executive experience and has run companies. Obama was a “community organizer” who couldn’t run a lemonade stand on a hot day.

    • It is impressive in it’s detail! Dana Perino went off the rails on The Five today, screeching about how it can’t work, won’t work. In the middle of her conniption fit, she made a Freudian slip…called him President Trump.

    • And someone correct me if this is wrong. But the remark about sending everybody back which has been translated into deporting 20 million was made during the Chuck Todd interview and is not in the document.

  8. At last…a break-through. In a national poll today, Bush is the first to out-poll Hillary. By two percentage points, I believe it was.

    The reason I have stuck with Bush all along is his appeal to hispanics. No one can win without it. And, after all, the goal is to keep the Clintons as far away from the WH as possible.

    OTOH, the Trumpster is out-polling ALL of the GOP guys with his anti-GOP rhetoric. It all sounds so good on paper, but realistically there is no way we can deport 20M illegals. As far as a wall-I’m against ‘walls’. And besides, they’re not that effective. Nothing can take the place of enforcing existing immigration laws. As far as amending the 14th Amendment? Easier said than done.

    It looks like we could end up with two polar opposites-Bush and Trump. Oddly enough, I bet Trump could get a share of the hispanic vote, but would it be enough to beat HRC? I’m putting my bet on Bush…very, very reluctantly.
    In the meantime, will be stocking up the Orville Wright. What a show it will be!

  9. Let’s say DT doesn’t get the nomination and everyone is soooo relieved. Then the new President (assuming the Reps can pull it off) appoints him Secretary of State or Ambassador to the UN.


    • I seriously doubt Trump would settle for anything less than President. And I wouldn’t blame him. Imagine taking orders from JEB! Nope.

      • I agree. But for all those who think he could do damage as President, I can see him straightening out a few people on these levels. Even funnier if Obama set his cap as GS UN and Trump was US Ambassador. Not happening I know, but sometimes a little fun.

  10. You captured the core substance of his appeal, Keith.
    He is what he is and proud of it.
    He seems..honest, somehow.
    Am I in his camp? Nope.
    However, I will vote for him against any Dem. if he is the candidate of choice for the Reps. And that vote will be for one reason: he will appoint highly capable people to appropriate positions.
    Jeb – he is too milquetoast (sp?) for me and his appointments will be political favors.
    Cruz would also get my vote.
    The rest of these good ole boys need to go home.

  11. What a great thread! It got me to wondering how and why people chose the candidates they will support and vote for, and how they decide which candidates they will not support. Here’s some interesting, and a bit wonky, information on that subject. There’s loads of studies that examine the question, but here’s just a taste.

  12. There are a lot of thought provoking comments here about D.T. Here are a few more:

    Does Donald Trump have the bona vides to be president? He has them to be the “American” president. THAT is the difference.

    America is not a nation that been been around for thousand of years, steeped in history and steeped in culture so we are smooth and silky. World WarII ended Sept 2,1945, not even 70 years ago.
    America, not too long ago, used to hold as examples those men and/ or women such as Trump or Carson or Fiorini or Cruz who spoke plainly and truthfully.
    Today they are not. Instead they become jokes, ridiculous, dangerous, unscrupulous, etc and those who find common cause with them are belittled.
    Trump, Carson,Cruz, those who do not color their words but give unvarnished truth, would seek those with the best ability to fill the positions necessary to bring America back to her greatest potential.These men are problem solvers.

    Those who jump on the old band wagon and sling the old mud and follow the old “party” line — is business as usual. They will say whatever it takes to get elected and do whatever it takes to stay there.

    Trump said straight up he gave Hillary money — said he gave a lot of people money – that’s what businessmen do — and they do. At least he’s honest about it.

    Maybe D.T. is getting bashed so badly because he really has something besides just a name. Who really cares what he looks like? Lincoln was not a pretty boy — according to most – Obama has the charm and looks — check what he has done to America.

    Prep schools and Ivy League Colleges seem to turn out European style professional politicians who end up as presidents who rarely remember this is “of, by and for the people”. America Might want to wake up this time and elect a non politician, non ivy leaguer, non European style American president.

    Working in the trenches and pulling yourself up makes you stronger. Knowing who to put where and not having to owe anyone favors is a major plus.

    Laugh at him, call him names. but he makes you think, and he has you talking. Would be nice if everyone was as fair and balanced as they say they are.

  13. Excellent article, Keith. Thank you. Yes, authenticity, that is what we are looking for. I also applaud Trump for bringing up the issue of immigration the way he does. It can give our anti-establishment politician over here a boost too. Europe is drowning. Germany took in 174 000 asylum seekers last year and is scheduled to take in 500 000 this year. My country is taking in even more, not in numbers but per capita. And the boat “refugees” from Africa keep coming and coming every day. We certainly need politicians like Trump over here before we have social riots.