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Obama and Bill Clinton Golf Together on Martha’s Vineyard

Two men of the people were both by happenstance at the vacation destination of the rich people when they bumped into each other Friday on the golf course. So they decided to play together Saturday.

Here’s some footage of their outing. Also with them was Vernon Jordan, a veteran Democratic operative and Washington wise man who is close to Clinton, and Ron Kirk, who was Obama’s U.S. Trade Representative.

Later Saturday, Obama, Clinton, and their wives attended Jordan’s 80th birthday party.

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  1. When you hear the rumors that the Obama team is trying to mess up Hillary’s chances of becoming #45, and then you see #44 playing golf with #42, you start thinking there might be some substance to what you’ve heard.

      • Wouldn’t surprise me ~ he wouldn’t want her to upstage him on the political stage if she’s really good (I know, fat chance!), it would really crimp his lifestyle if she wins (even more security hovering around him!), and what if she turned out to have lower ratings than Carter and Obama combined…..that would be probably worse!

    • Can’t help but notice, though:

      What do you get when you add 44 and 42?

      86, of course. Which is what I hope the voters to to the Democrats in ’16.

  2. Happenstance – ha. as if.
    This wasn’t a golf game, this was a political ‘summit’.
    The agenda: VPBiden’s threat of becoming a candidate thoroughly putting MrsClinton into the also-ran column. The server/e-mail scandal now in the hands of the DOJ/FBI that could mean serious accusations of wrong-doing by MrsClinton.
    An endorsement from the President and a promise to not upend MrO’s “legacy”.

  3. One sweaty morning on the front nine at Farm Neck:

    Billy: G’morning Mister President, how’s it hanging?

    Baraky: Lookin’ good Willy, love the blue pants.

    Billy: Nice tee shot Commander, any hot babes staying at the hacienda that you can intro me to?

    Baraky: oooh, hold your horses there Clinty, the missus will not put up with any of that thar shenanigans…meet me out back for a smoke.

    Billy: so, by the way, any inkling that Uncle Joe or that fat climate bobo Al are entering the race?

    Baraky: Billy Boy, with the FBI on your momma’s toosh faster than flies to poop, I am not fessin’ up to any plans… I’m no snitch.

    Billy: Ok ok, I get it, Valerie still got her mitts on your business, eh?

    Baracky: you have no idea. I cannot wait until I can swing out on the lecture trail like you, swinging and dinging…2016 is just a number, but I am ready…


      • Yep, plotting to take over the world anyhow without the constraints of that “stupid” Constitution that dares to term limit him./sarc

        He seems to be community organizing his rich and powerful friends. No wonder I find Trump refreshingly honest.

    • ‘Creepy’ is the operative word. Everything about this man and his presidency is creepy.

      No doubt in my mind that he is spending his last 2 years planning his future financial empire… with a little help from Bubba. Will we EVER know how much is in his two slush funds? He gets to keep everything! He will make the Clintons look like paupers.

      And you’re right, Denise, it doesn’t look like HRC will be indicted. We can’t allow Obama to go down with the ship now, can we.

      • Heard on a certain golf course recently.

        Obama: So you say this Foundation idea is the way to go to get really, stinking rich?

        Clinton: Oh, yea, man. You get people to believe you’re doing great stuff with the Foundation, like helping people in Haiti, and they start raining money on you. Then, and this is the fun part, you tell fat cats that you might, just-maybe, could-be, might-be-able, to influence some sweetheart Congressional legislation to benefit them. For a certain size donation to the Foundation, that is. Man, it’s easier than lighting up a cigar. So, you think Michelle might like to be Secretary of State after you leave office? That’s the first step to take to fatten the old bank account.

        • Would love to be a fly on one of the putters. No mics or cameras or press people…just the happy little foursome.

          One thing for sure, the Clintons and the Obamas will never be able to trust each other with their dirty laundry. Wonder which ones have the most to lose. Hope we find out someday!

          • This whole thing is like the War Of The Roses (1455-1487) in Ye Merry Olde England. Spooky similarity between two warring (royal) families–The House of Lancaster and the House of York versus the House of Clinton and the House of Obama (or Bush, if you will)– for the power and the influence and the throne. Ah, the intrigue, the backroom dealing, the secrets, the lies, the backstabbing. As they say, there is absolutely nothing new. It’s all been done before.


            Now comes Trump, who isn’t in either Royal House, upsetting the “plan”, the establishment, just barreling through all formalities which everyone has agreed to beforehand.

            This is so much fun to watch, I just keep making more popcorn to sit back and enjoy the circus.

          • I am saying I am not buying it. Mileage may vary–I don’t think the Clintons ever forgave him for stepping on their campaign in 2008 and I don’t think Obama ever forgot the “coffee” remark and others.

          • Star, I think the Clinton comments about “coffee” etc., certainly plays into how he deals with the Clintons. Obama is extremely paranoid, a key feature of his personality, and a remark like that just feeds amplifies that paranoia. Yes, Obama really is that petty. The white Clintons represent everything Obama has been programmed to fear and hate.

          • AFVet….yes, frenemies. Each side milking the other for what they can get. Though they despise each other.

            That “happenstance” meeting on the gold course was no happenstance, you can be sure of that. They show up on the same day, same time, same golf course by “happenstance”? No way. That was planned for days by aides to “clear the air” and get some sort of favor from each other.

    • Read the article until I got queasy. But actually, none of this is really surprising. Its in lockstep with the liberal illuminati who rake in bundles of cash while claiming they are fighting for equality.

      The room drips with the humidity of hypocrisy.


    • I read about that on Twitchy, where they emphasized how the “narrative” would be orchestrated by Spielberg. I don’t see Michelle hanging around for that, do you?

  4. Boy, if we only had that conversation on tape. I’m sure it would reveal multiple beaches of the law which these two
    scum bags care nothing about.. when you worship the $$ god, you’ll do ANYTHING to get more including selling out your own country.

  5. How embarrassing!!! Those two clowns are/were the most powerful men in the free world and they play golf like that??

    These two have played with golf greats like Tiger Woods and Greg Norman,etc. Having to play golf with those 2 Presidential Hacks is worse than any water boarding than the Bush Administration administered to those 3 terrorists.

    This past weekend marked 70th anniversary of the end of WWII. Prayer services, parades, flyovers marked the anniversary of the end to this war all over the free world except here in the United State that lost so many in this war. There wasn’t even an acknowledgement by this so called President.

    Time for a Constitutional Amendment making the DOjJ more independent so the laws of the U.S. Are administered fairly (I know fantasyland). How many scandals and crimes this administration were ignored by both these golf hacks.

    • Thanks for mentioning that. I read yesterday of all the attention that was given to the vets. NOT HEAR!
      It was was not fair to our vets, and it was not fair to the younger people in our Country. They should be taught how to respect, honor and remember the men and woman. If they are not taught what happened, they will never have any fear of what could happen.
      My grandmother use to talk to me when I was growing up about what they did without, etc. etc. etc.

  6. OT: do the people of the MSM have an approved list of words and phrases that they must use when talking about the politicos?
    How many have used the “clown” reference, and the “sucked the oxygen” when talking about MrTrump?
    Who told them to use “undocumented immigrant” in place of the correct “illegal alien”?
    There are others, but it’s the common theme that spreads across all wave lengths -from the far left to the far right.

  7. Vernon Jordan a leader of the Bilderberg secret group. His niece is Val Jar. Obummers mentor. Nothing to see here no collusion on who the next president will be. No secret plans or deals. Yup none of that in this country. sarc!
    Vernon Jordan King maker behind the scene!

    Welcome to more of the same if Jeb or hil get it.

    • Blair got very rich when he left but I think he is a very unpopular, even loathed, man now.I guess his “charisma” got left in Downing Nr 10. Maybe, hopefully, the same thing will happen to Barry. He is a tiny little guy without his bully pulpit.

  8. Julian Bond attended the secret 2008 meeting.

    Friends of Bilderberg, and a 2008 Bilderberg conference participant. ” Farrakhan, Al Sharpton., Andrew Young, Julian Bond, Kweisi Mfume

  9. Quite simply they are negotiating the terms and conditions and of course the price of the Pardon . The Pardon which makes the whole email Benghazi / private server thing go away , for good . Nothing to see here move along : Ready for Hillary .

  10. LOL! If you listen close, after Obama’s tee shot at the 1:10 mark, you can hear the unmistakable sound of golf ball hitting tree trunk.