As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

94 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || August 16, 2015

    • Thanks again Old Timer. LOL…
      I would have love to have Gilda do a skit on Common Core math problem today.
      I had forgetten about that skit. I may call a couple of my friends and ask them can you remember what/were we went that night. Always went out dancing during/after the SNL show. Fun times.

  1. WOW, I am feeling VERY powerful about now. Just thanked all on yesterday’s open and opined on Mr. Keith giving us a Sunday thread and SHAZAM, the great and glorious giver of wit, wisdom and accountability to an out of control child President delivered! Thanks.

    Pasting the important part of my Saturday comment here. I’m thinking I’ll have some agreement on this one. Have a great Sunday all.

    “What an absolutely GREAT thread.
    If only we could get a grant from one of those federal agencies for a study. Goal is simple: This fall, high school civics students are divided into two groups. One group uses the normal lesson plan, the other is assigned WHD as required following for the semester. Test them both at the end. Any doubts the overload of knowledge from the WHD group?
    But I realize the flaw in my plan: Most high schools no longer even teach civics, and I don’t think there’ but one bureaucrat left in the bowels of Big Brother that would allot but even one thin dime to turn out informed and engaged future citizens.
    Dumb and dependent has replaced proud and productive.”

    • I am glad you are feeling better. I always discussed history, civics, etc. with my two sons. My father and grandparents did the same with me. I am glad they both excelled in math on thier own.
      The ole school of parents telling their kids to pull up their straps and work hard are fading fast.
      I just heard this morning however that James Harrison Pro football player, strips non-winning trophies from his sons.

  2. Good Morning. Hope you all have a great Sunday, doing your Sunday thing. Geoff, glad you are feeling better and the treatment appears to be working.

    Re. Hillary. I just read a good article on the bookworm about Hillary. It includes a list of laws broken, and a timeline of events with simple links — in a way that I can understand. It is very useful.

  3. WOW. Something or Someone significant must have gotten to the Rep/Dem Senator from Arizona Jeff Flake. It appears that he has drifted over to not supporting the Iran deal. Of course, his word is about as substantial as the wind IMO, but it’s good to have him take this stand at this moment.

    • Re Flake: The worm turns?

      The Federation of Christians and Jews is running a powerful ad against the nuke deal with the Capitol switchboard phone number: 202-224-3141. Just called and left a message for my Senator.
      It’s not over til the fat lady sings, as they say….here’s hoping we can make a difference.

    • If there is but one honorable person left at DOJ or FBI then no Hildabeast but after the purge of the past 6 1/2 years I’m not holding my breath.
      As for a Jeb? Barring a huge scandal against any of the current candidates I’m actually 70/30 AGAINST him being the final nominee. If Kasich can hang in, I think he’s got the nod. Definitely not my first choice but he’s the only “bridge” candidate I see other than Jeb. I hate that he took the stolen from the future Fed money for Medicaid but I have to balance that out with the work on the budget while in Congress and the undeniable results and popularity in Ohio. No Republican has won the WH w/o Ohio and if that gives us a President Kasich I can certainly think of worse things. Just my two cents though.

    • Read a theory today that the WH is deliberating destroying Hillary – and not putting forth a strong Dem candidate so that BHO can run for a third term…after he and his minions finish attempting to destroy America during this last year of his second term.

        • Yes – that is what this person espoused.
          IMO – it is nonsense, but an interesting thought path to wander down for a look see. Haha

          • Another shiny object to divert your attention.
            Rise above it and be skeptical and cynical.

            Ignorance and gullibility got us this regime.

            Never a good combination.

          • Whoever proposed that needs a refresher on how to write more plausible satire.

            If they were serious, I’d like to know what it was they ingested in the sixty minutes prior to writing that.

            Because there is NO WAY that term limits for the president will be repealed to give Obama another shot at four more years of kingship.

            At least as long as Obama is alive, there’s a better chance of an ice hockey league being established in Hell, than there is of the Twenty-Second Amendment being repealed.

        • Constitution?? What’s that?? I’m sure his Oneness could just issue a Royal Decree, I mean, an Executive Order that would allow a 3rd term “For the good of the Nation”. And I’m not sure there’s anyone in a position to DO something about it WOULD do anything. Unless,,,, maybe a coupla hundred million angry citizens got off the patoots and marched on Washington!! Oh, perhaps THAT’S why all those Gummint agencies bought all that ammo?!?!?

  4. Apparently there was a dust up between Chris Wallace and Dr. Ben Carson over Obama being anti Semitic. But what I found interesting was the comment labman57. Classic lib Dem response and view of Obama’s FP — and it is sincerely believed I think. Until you get to the closing which basically says hawkish conservatives are anti American. But, hey what can you do.

    • thanks for the link. I hadn’t read about that.

      Ben Carson is a darling man and a great surgeon, and his heart is in the right place. but he really has no business trying to become president.

      of course, neither does Trump, and that doesn’t seem to have stopped Fox (and everyone else) from obsessing on him.

      • Agree, RR. On both. Carson comes out with weird stuff quite often–God told him to run, etc. He just does it so gently and almost inaudibly and you know he delved around in so many little brains and saved so many lives, you think, “Wait…he didn’t say that, did he? Nah.”

  5. Hmmm. Fox and Trump. Tonight there is a one hour program (repeated a few times through the night) The Trump Campaign.

    Will this be a part of a series? The Bush Campaign, or the Cruz Campaign, or the Gilmore Campaign? Any bets on old Fair and Balanced?

    • Tin foil hat time:
      The MSM have given MrTrump’s campaign a lot of thought after the 24zillion viewers logged on to the FAUX FOX debate.
      He’s hot, people want to see him, listen to him, and he’s good for ratings.
      Who’s more boring than Hillary, or Jed, or any of the almost unknown repubs?
      They’re digging for dirt, looking at archives for the odd statement, anything to keep this going – and they don’t really want Trump out of the race now.

      • Fox just can’t stop criticizing Trump. Nor can the Republican Party. Think what you will, but alienating the base that is supporting him makes it even more unlikely they will back the Republican nominee.

        Americans are used to Obama telling us we are coming up short. It doesn’t make us more loyal to him. Works the same for the Republican Party.

      • Reminds me of the film Network. It’s all about ratings and ‘we won’t take it anymore’.

        At the end of the day, I’m going to vote for whoever is ahead in the polls on election day. For that reason, I hope Trump stays in until the very end. At least it’s entertainment.

        Except for an intense hatred of HRC, I can’t build up an excitement for any of the R’s. If it’s Trump – it’s not the worst thing in the world. That honor belongs to HRC.

          • I could not pull the lever for Trump. My nervous system would just say no. I would hate for what might be my last vote not be cast, but life takes some funny jumps on ya. Did you see his MTPress interview–his ans to everything was “I don’t want to say, but you will love it.”

        • Long time to go Girly1.
          We have a winter and another summer to listen to this rhetoric.
          I am watching for someone that does not go off of message.

        • Star, At the bottom of the page I linked to a position paper on Immigration for Trump starters. I am assuming that there will be others.

          That said, what about the grand plans and counsel of the other candidates?

    • Wow–interesting review, worth a read. Yes, your life can have a before-and-after moment, a turning point where the flavor and memory of everything changes. Spalding Gray used to call these peak moments. Based on this review, for this author it seemed to be when a white woman snapped at his son to get off an elevator faster–up until then, the author had suffered terrible abuse within his family. Buit this elevator moment led him to want reparations. But as Lowry says, some of this “affront” was from her being a jerk–people can be jerks. I got frustrated once with a checkout clerk and was surly and jerky. And I also have a before-and-after–the much-mentioned home invasion. But I spent a lot of time getting that very clear in my mind–though never out. It was not my fault–it was theirs. And a whole race did not do it–four men did. They had free will and decided to exercise it to be cruel and horrible to their fellow man. Those men, not that race.

  6. I can’t remember which Sunday morning show I heard it on this am, but Trump said that one of his reasons for success is that he surrounds himself with really smart people. And that is a really smart thing to do. Who didn’t – the list is long, but think of Carter and Obama.

      • He mentioned Bolton and Jack Jacobs (who is a Medal of Honor winner, I believe) by name. The problem is the active duty military would be weighing in on decisions such as “taking ISIS’s oil.”

          • Sending more troops…at this pt, I see it as good money after bad. And what about the details–we will take over the oil fields with oil workers–send those?-basically run that industry under fire from ISIS while they supposedly wither from lack of money…He wants to give most of the money to the soldiers who fought there–is that what we do? Also, some could go to govt of Iraq, he said today. He does not want to blow up the oil–he wants to get it and sell it. That seems like a pretty complicated deal to me, under the circumstances. But he assured me today that I will love it.

        • Bolton was a good UN Ambassador. And I think this country could use a President who listens to good military advice, from retired or active military. Anybody but Dempsey and the toady Brass that Obama has around him.

        • Star — He was periodically on Gutfeld’s show and rarely now. Beyond that he is elsewhere — with serious, well informed opinions. He knows how to deal with our enemies and how to keep our friends. He did a great job at the UN and he would do a good job in a new Administration.

          • I am not against Bolton but I would think Trump would want to attract advisers beyond the TV armchair generals…I like Peters, etc, but they are a set quantity. We could give their advice we have heard it so often. Next he will say Oliver North for SecDef. (Kidding.)

  7. Question of the day.
    I still do not understand why Hilla. can demand that she will only testify one day?
    Also the emails now flagged for classified data hits 60.
    If someone was suspected or needed to be questioned about bubble gum being stolen, would not be welcomed as a canidate to run for office.
    One more question WHD readers:
    What does everyone think of Biden’s statement that included the word perverted?
    People are having a field day at other sites with that off script comment.

    • I finally was able to look up Biden’s comment. Now I understand why you said people were having a field day with it. He definitely is not politically correct!