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Saturday Open Thread || August 15, 2015



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    • THANKS! Was typing my public service announcement while you posted and just watched the link. Can’t beat Carol and cast. I remember her, Tim, Harvey and Vicki did the special after 9/11. Was a great lift after such a terrible time. They truly were, once in a lifetime.

  1. Good morning one and all,
    (Sorry AFVet, can’t muster Cronauer this morning)
    It’s a beautiful 68 degrees, with the slightest tinge of fall here at the tip of the Ozarks. Finches and hummingbirds taking getting breakfast and even the Cardinals and the Bluejays are getting along.
    A public service announcement to pass along for any WHD denizens living in “critterland”.
    I was out in garage Tuesday banging around and Wednesday morning noticed what looked like a bruise inside of my left knee area. Didn’t think much about it. By Wed night a little worse but no big. By Thursday night however, dark spot in middle, red area surrounding, and damn if it wasn’t starting to really irritate me. Called Doc’s office Friday morning, he was out, so went to urgent care. Brown recluse spider bite. BIG shot of antibiotics and pill regimen and warning to monitor next 48 hours for any growth. If antibiotics work I’m out of the woods with just a small scar from the tissue damage, if not it’s off to ER for the ol cut and debridement. So far so good. (Of course the BEST part so far is doc told me that a cold brewskie wouldn’t effect the efficacy of the drugs so….)
    POINT being, (I know, I know….)
    I’ve been a country boy since I was old enough to waddle out to my first dirt pile and though I’d heard many a story about spider bites, seen many of corporate “safety alerts”, never had a close encounter of the arachnoid kind.
    If you’re in an area where they’re around, and one evening you think you’ve bumped up against something and given yourself a bruise, you can give it till morning but if it’s growing, then you get going, straight to the doc and the antibiotics. For an added incentive I’ll throw in that it hurts like a ……… and I’m limping around like a an ol broken down sawhorse.
    So for the rest of the day, it’s butt in the chair, leg up on the couch and some book research on the ol computer.
    If I return from time to time and start slurring my words, you’ll know why!!

  2. is still dazed with Trump Fever:
    today they claim that MrTrump is responsible for “sexism in TV”. He, alone, is the reason women on TV are shown to be sexy, dress scantily, and aren’t given roles of power in dramas.
    Yesterday, MrTrump was speaking like a 4th grader without any maturity, “bad-mouthed” his opponents, today – his power over all of TV has made the honchos there only employ attractive women like MsKelly and forces them to wear short skirts and stiletto heels.
    What a guy.

  3. Weather in Maine (while we’re a talking weather) is exceptionally good. About 70, clear skies, low humidity, no wind. Been like that for awhile, with the occasional hard summer showers. Our veggie garden is the best it’s been in 10 years–perfect conditions for it. We’ve been eating, kale, broccoli, chili pepper, squash, cukes, tomatoes, string beans, etc for weeks now.

    • My brother n law had a wonderful garden as well. The string beans were fantastic. His corn was destroyed by my other brothern law’s dog (boxer) who trambled through the row of corn. :)
      The boxer is still a great dog. :)

  4. I was walking by the television and Cashin’ In was on. There was the usual You Can’t Build a Wall/Fence talk. And someone commented that you could not eliminate those 40,000 American military and instead “redeploy” them to the border. Redeploy — my word.

    But if you think about it, border security — not only the southern border — is a question of national security as well. So, why not use the military or the national guard, etc. The Coast Guard patrols our water boundaries.

    1:30 pm ct
    Breaking: Major Computer Outage Again Grounds Flights On East Coast.
    Due to a computer outage at DC Center, BWI, Reagan, and Dulles arrivals and departures are at a minimum, Please check with your airline.
    Another issue. We have lost electricity at least 5 times in the last 4 weeks. No major lightening storms, hurricanes, etc. Drizzles or somethine no rain at all.
    I do not know if it is because of the higher number of people in the last several years, or the heat.
    We have always had hot weather down here. I would think that proper maintenance or a new grid is needed.
    With the new type of cars these days, I see a lot of cars running with the air on. That is while they are inside shopping etc.

  6. More Trump. Neither pro nor anti Trump I do believe he is being targeted unfairly and should be left to compete among the other candidates. One of the charges against Trump is that he has no plan or policy positions. In September he is on board to reveal positions on two issues: Immigration and tax policy. And on immigration he is consulting with Jeff Sessions, an excellent choice imo.

    • That is Trump’s secret and the mark of a great leader: you hire people who have expertise in those fields where you lack expertise.
      The goal is winning – and a great leader (and baseball coach) covers all bases with the best players,

      • For more of not his “secrets: but methods as assessed by someone else see the links I posted above. You might find them interesting… I did.

    • Brian Babin wishes to suspend the refugee program untill questions about the cost and impact on national security have been examined.
      As far as this info being kept from the public and their mug shots isn’t that somthing else that is unfair to the American citizens?

    • Yes. My little city is one of the two major refugee cities in the state. Somalis comprised 13-14 percent of my community. The city refuses to tell us exactly how many there are here, so you have to put a few bits of data together to get close to a real number. About 90 percent are on some sort of welfare–housing, medical, food, etc. A few adults do try to assimilate by learning English, getting a GED, getting a job, but most seem to just wander around the town. The women seem to do 100 percent of the shopping, so you see them around a lot. The men? Who knows? The women seem to be the caretakers and maintainers of the family while the men chew on ghat (their equivalent of getting high) in the park. The FBI busted one of their Halāl stores a couple of years ago because it was being used to funnel money back to jihadists in Africa. Most of them are not friendly to non-Muslims, though some are. One of their stores had a “No Whites Allowed” sign in the window a few months ago, until the town forced the owners to take it down. There are lots of reports among the Somali boys fighting with each other and with Caucasian kids in elementary school and high school which the press refuses to write about. But kids tell their parents and the word gets around. Well there is more, but that gives you an idea. I do want to add that there are some very nice Somalis, who are friendly, have made a huge effort to learn English, obtain citizenship, even run for local political office. But there’s no question they are a minority, and people are getting sick and tired of so many others not making even the slightest effort to integrate as fully functional citizens.

        • I think I read that somewhere, too. In Maine they tend to settle in either Portland or Lewiston, though there are very small settlements in other towns in the state. I know ISIS has recruited, via Al-Shabaab, from the Minn. Somali population, but nothing has been said about the Lewiston Somalis. So it’s impossible to tell if ISIS/Al-Shabaab has penetrated this town. Time will tell. I’d like to think that the FBI and other Fed agencies are watching the situation closely here.

      • Observe their cultural habits. Do they shop early morning? Are they accompanied by a male family members? What attire do the women wear? Where do they shop (I would bet Walmart)? What type foods do they purchase?
        Learn their daily habits.
        You must know your adversary.

  7. Here is a chart of donations (2012) to the Clintons. It was part of a article on Gateway illustrating the amount FOX had contributed.

    Even more interesting though is If you look at the Obama column, there appear to be donations — US Department of State. DOJ. etc. One of the commenters explains that these are Unions. WOW.

    • gracepmc, I really appreciate the information you shared in Saturday’s open thread about calling your ORR. I’m sorry I didn’t thank you yesterday, we didn’t get back home until late.

      • You are welcome. I learned a lot. I think we are going to or already have as big a problem with refugees as with illegal immigrants. But this time mostly politics involved in refugee selection. Yazidis still waiting at the gate. You get the idea. And Lutheran Services and Catholic Charities have had contracts forever.

    • Thanks to all vets.

      Lee, It is unlikely he knows about VJ Day. After all dumb ass Kerry and his handler Susan Rice announced the other day that they are in advance of history.

      • He may not know. However he has advisors who dare to suggest things he should do. So he knew enough to decide not to show face, and not shake their hands.

  8. Yesterday I commented on news I heard on Fox about the computer outage causing flights to be grounded on East Coast.
    Just a few mins. ago Fox gave an update about that issue. However this morning they called it a Glitch!

  9. Good Sunday morning all,
    Didn’t make it back yesterday, (not from unable to comment due to slurring the words)but rather it was the cross the Rubicon day against the arachnoid. Antibiotics really kicked in as well as good ol Mother Nature and I literally slept while they did their thing. Except for some one eyed watching of my KC Chiefs last night I was out. Gonna have a permanent reminder on my leg but that insignificant. Just always be aware.
    What an absolutely GREAT thread.
    If only we could get a grant from one of those federal agencies for a study. Goal is simple: This fall, high school civics students are divided into two groups. One group uses the normal lesson plan, the other is assigned WHD as required following for the semester. Test them both at the end. Any doubts the overload of knowledge from the WHD group?
    But I realize the flaw in my plan: Most high schools no longer even teach civics, and I don’t think there’ but one bureaucrat left in the bowels of Big Brother that would allot but even one thin dime to turn out informed and engaged future citizens.
    Dumb and dependent has replaced proud and productive.
    Hopefully Keith will have a Sunday open thread soon and I’ll see you “over there”.
    Thanks again from some great reads.