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Obama’s Summer Vacation Reading List

It’s out. President Obama has revealed his reading list for his Martha’s Vineyard vacation, a combination of fiction, liberal stuff, and a biography of George Washington.

“All That Is,” by James Salter” – a novel about a man returning from World War II and looking for love.
“All the Light We Cannot See,” by Anthony Doerr – which looks pretty good, a novel about a blind French girl and a German boy whose paths collide in occupied France.
“The Sixth Extinction,” by Elizabeth Kolbert – about how terrible human beings are wiping out other species on earth by misusing the planet
“The Lowland,” by Jhumpa Lahiri – a Pulitizer prize winning Indian American author.
“Between the World and Me,” by Ta-Nehisi Coates, which the New York Times describes as “a searing meditation on what it means to be black in America today.”
“Washington: A Life,” by Ron Chernow

The Washington Post calculates that, reading at an average pace, it would take him 52 hours to read all of these books.

Because THEY ACTUALLY THINK HE INTENDS TO READ THESE BOOKS. Maybe he’ll finish one. Ta-Nehisi Coates’ book is only 176 pages. That will be what he reads.

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  1. Obama is on “vacation”???
    Great job ‘media’ covering this… even FoxNews is doing its best to not ‘report’ Obama is on “vacation”.

  2. How negative of MrK.
    After the 40 rounds of golf will his new friends, dinner and drinks with the other new friends, he’ll just find an easy chair somewhere and dive right into his new books.
    Let’s see – @52 hours divided by 14 evenings is …hmm….about 3 1/2 hours a night. That’s doable for someone as smart as MrO.

    bwa, ha ha.

  3. Nothing but propaganda from a handler thinking this is good for the image.

    IF he reads at all it will be “How to destroy America” sub title “while dems and the MSM pretend not to notice”

    har har…….BS meter pegged at 100% fake news’

  4. “Between the World and Me,” by Ta-Nehisi Coates, which the New York Times describes as “a searing meditation on what it means to be black in America today.”

    Audio book version or nightly bedtime story as read to him by Valerie Jarrett.

  5. He should have The United States Constitution force fed to him. He might also learn something from studying about our Founding Fathers but, to Obama they’re just a bunch of dead racist white guys.

  6. Between golf games and eating out on our dime, you cannot honestly tell me that he is going to read all of these books. My guess: he just reads his own books over and over again.

  7. Why does he think we care, it really is a big show. I can’t wait for this national nightmare to end. He probably only reads what Google turns up when searching his name so he can whine. WHAAAAA

  8. OT Cuba. Political dissidents were not allowed to attend the ceremony. Kerry,preaching we stand for democracy blah blah blah, and all the while no dissidents allowed. And this is most embarrassing and egregious because this is US soil and it was not the Cuban government that prevented them from attending but the US government, presumably with the consent of the Secretary of State and of course,our dictator loving President Barack Obama.

    And as aside, Kerry and Susan Rice joined arm in arm in a selfie announcing that they “refuse to be held back by history”. Ignorant.

  9. One would think that President Obama would be reading the NYT #1 non-fiction best seller but since the NYT’s #1 is ‘Plunder and Deceit’ by Mark Levin, guess it was somehow omitted from the President’s vacation backpack.

  10. Hello Arizona Peeps — What’s with Jeff Flake — he goes on AF1 with Obama to Africa (he is on some Africa committee) and now he shows up with Kerry in Cuba.

    And in this article note how condescending and dismissive Kerry is of meeting with the dissidents at a reception, since the US had no room for them at the ceremony but plenty of room for big business and anti embargo crowd.

    Jean Francois Kerree is feeling every bit the Prince to Obama’s Emperor with No Clothes.

  11. There is a little political message in the descriptions of all these books. The PR-machine at work again. It would be amusing if someone could shout questions like ” what do you think about the ending in the Doerr book ? what is your opinion about the Kolbert Book ? ” Barry would probably not have a clue what the question was about.

  12. Probably had a personalized premier of the movie “straight outta Compton” delivered to his ipad and dreaming of the future retirement.

  13. President Obama has released his summer-vacation reading list, and it includes some interesting titles, like:

    > “The Art of the Bad Deal.”

    >“How to Lose Friends and Influence Idiots.”

  14. Come on, we know he is really reading
    Bennington Girls Are Easy, Movie Star by Lizzie Pepper, and Beautiful Ruins. I can personally report that these, as recommended by Ent Weekly, are the bomb–meaning they will make your head explode with their slowness, dullness, or confused time lines.

      • Also listened to the author’s book THE NAMESAKE–which I think was a movie, too. Story of an Indian woman in an arranged marriage trying to fit in in the US. I finished it–my highest compliment sometimes.