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Obama Schedule || Friday, August 14, 2015

President Obama is vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard and there are no publicly scheduled events today.

37 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, August 14, 2015

  1. I have not heard one word mentioned this morning on msm about this issue. Maybe I missed while pouring a cup of coffee. sarc
    As far as o, his advisors may have told him spending 5 mins. there would not look so good. So he is a no show there, because giving up any more time from his vacay, just would be fair to him. sarc.

  2. More foreigners being dumped into red states.
    Short term goal: Force legal American citizens to pay more in taxes for a liberal program they don’t want.
    Long term goal: Turn each 2015 red state blue by 2045.
    We are being destroyed from within people,and the proof is in every overcrowded school and emergency room in the country.

    • Not a problem. If it’s up to Obama, US will cut and run on old allies.

      The man needs to make room and resources for our new allies, every tin horned dictator willing to soak us for everything Obama is willing to give them. Our foreign policy is now like our domestic entitlement policy — free stuff.

  3. Random Friday prediction: Obama’s unilateral pardon of almost everyone in federal prison on drug charges. This guys last year is going to be a disaster. Trips on taxpayer dime to ramp up his “I’m a victim” status and total dereliction of duty.

  4. Story in the Post on the lefty/black-oriented books he brought to read. Many comments were scornful, but some saw fit to try to say Bush never read–he read books all the time. Misnomer…wait, lie!

  5. You know my much-beloved expression–we are becoming a tossed salad, not a mixing bowl. But has it occurred to us that the country will now be a mosaic of enclaves that speak a second language other than English and hold to different customs? The only thing in common will be the social services?