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Hillary Gets Her Outrage On

For your amusement, here is the latest version of Hillary Clinton. There are so many – you know, “Hillary the fighter,” “crying in new Hampshire Hillary,” “Hillary the warm neighbor showing up on your porch,” “vast right wing conspiracy Hillary,” “scorned woman who won’t even hold Bill’s hand Hillary,” and most recently, “Grandma Hillary.”

This new version is “Outraged nearly to tears Hillary,” who popped up today and gave a speech playing politics by accusing Republicans of “playing politics” with Benghazi and her possibly criminal use of her personal server for government emails.

I suppose even if the Republicans were just playing politics with Benghazi, it still wouldn’t be as bad as actually presiding over the screwup itself, but no matter.

I wonder how long the reformatting took to produce this Hillary. Seems like something’s a little off. She definitely needs to be escorted back to the laboratory, for some final touches. I assume this is just the beta version, which they released too early.

Not sure what’s going on at the bottom of this video. Looks like the Bernie Sander campaign hijacked it or something.

50 Responses to Hillary Gets Her Outrage On

  1. Lee Strausberg would have been impressed. If you’re not familiar with ‘method acting’ which Strausberg taught; it was used to develop the character to lifelike performances.

    The quiver in her voice, the deliberate turning and finger pointing, the firm jaw, extra deep voice (absence of the Southern drawl).

    Stage right exit or get the hook.

    • You could be partially correct. In Method, if you’re going to play angry, you dredge up real anger to use in a scene. And Hillary IS ANGRY. that’s no act. She’s ENRAGED that she is not getting away with her treason and flouting the Law as she has ALWAYS done. She’s enraged that her devoted Press is printing the leaks out of OBAMA’s WH and the DNC, chopping her off at the knees so they can trade her for a candidate that people might actually trust and vote for because she is SO LOUSY.

      No. She’s really MAD. look out for the flying monkeys.

  2. Well, that was odd.
    Anyway, she can blame the Repubs all she wants but everyone knows it’s the WhiteHouse that’s leaking all this stuff. drip. drip.
    The Repubs are too busy trying to blow up the Trump Train to give her any grief.

  3. Well, what do you know. Hillary The Victim has reappeared in full blossom. The only thing she didn’t say is that The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is once again trying to hound her into oblivion so she can’t save the world. Hillary Redux!

    Here’s a little secret Hillary: You’re toast, and you did it all by yourself.

    She should have had Wilson Philips’ “Hang On” playing in the background. Or “Vogue” by Madonna. Or “Don’t Know Much” by Linda Ronstadt. Yes, that would have been the perfect song. “Don’t Know Much And What I Do Know, I Ain’t Telling You”, just to bring it all up to date and alert the upcoming Congressional investigations.

    • And after five months of refusing to turn over the server until it was scrubbed, washed, purged, cleansed, flushed, deodorized, scoured. swabbed, laundered and vacuumed of anything that would land her in a Federal pokey, Mzzz Hillary gladly turned it over to the FBI. And then she bragged about her willing cooperation with the Feds in a public speech.

      She really is a complete loon.

  4. The editors at have Trump fever bad, really bad.
    They accuse him of talking like an 8 year old child, find and print a bunch of comments he made over the years (without context) and tonight – “Trump bad-mouths his rivals”, but MrsClinton “mocks the GOP”.

    Oh, Jeb Bush went off of his diet, in case you care.

  5. HRC is her own worst enemy…and the best thing that ever happened to the GOP. So why is she still leading by comfortable margins against her GOP rivals???

    • She isn’t leading by comfortable margins, uncomfortable margins, or any margins at all. She is behind and falling like a dropped hammer.

      • There does seem to be some downward trending–but as Mika remarked Fri–“I will still vote for her if I have no choice, but I do have questions about this server thing.” Or words to take effect. She may be a nose-holder, but they will grab their schnozzes and pull the lever.

  6. My first reaction was “Is this for real”? I don’t know if it was the rhetoric, the delivery or what, but it was like some bad version of Hillary.

    My 2nd reaction is using Benghazi and those 4 dead Americans like this is almost as bad as lying to their parents over their flag draped caskets. Or maybe worse.

    • agree…she has finally flipped her lid.
      deep throat pointing that witch finger at me makes me sick.
      “Girl don’t go away mad, just go away.”
      Motley Crue

    • She has a hell of a nerve, dismissing her role in the Benghazi debacle. Surely she must realize that, at this point, her credibility is zero.

    • “…debunked the conspiracy theories”?? What about the sickening ineptitude she and the Big O demonstrated when they learned that Americans that THEY SENT were under fire?

      Would YOU want to be her new ambassador to Libya?

  7. Trust me. Her Aides have been watching the Donald tapes and pushing her into the Ring to fight instead of her usual “Shelter In Place” strategy. It won’t work.

    I know Donald Trump. And Hillary………YOU are no Donald Trump.

  8. In defence of Hillary. She is a unrepentant sinner. She actually likes her life just the way it is. For us other sinners, we see our dark side and reject following it as much as we can. Of course this requires first recognizing the unrighteousness nature of our character. Second, deliberately seeking the higher road to travel..It’s not easy, but very rewarding. “Self gets in the way”

  9. Look, you lying deceitful shameless soulless pathetic ratbag, you are finished. You need to understand, no one believes a single word that comes out of your lying mouth. And as far as the outrage and anger goes, no one is afraid of you, everyone is laughing at you. You are finished, now get out of the way so a better qualified candidate can step in and compete for the White House. Someone with higher standing with the American people; Koko the Sign Language Gorilla or Charley Sheen.

    • The sad truth is that there are voters out there that, despite all the evidence, will still pull the lever for this vitriolic maven of deceit. They see her as a strong woman, a survivor of sorts, with left leaning values that they cherish. They wash away her sins like some sick baptism, ignoring truth for the sake of ideology.

      Trsut me, these people are still out there, I know a few….

  10. Hello Hillary, your couch is ready, let’s begin your session, please relax, and tell us, when the demons speak to you at now night, are they wearing Ronald Reagan masks?


  11. The Country was in shock when the Benghazi news first hit the air. Everyone was waiting/listening/wondering where was the help?
    As I mentioned yesterday she does a fine job with keeping protesters out. Reporters roped. So when I finally listened to her rant this morning, I was not surprised not to hear someone yell: What difference do you make?
    or What difference does your ranting make?
    Yes Keith: She does need to be escorted back to the lab.
    One thing did surprise me, I did not hear one person respond with: a negative sigh, or sound. In other words a negative sound that came out their mouth before they had time to think.
    Don’t the people in the audience care about the terrible issue in Benghazi?

  12. Funny article–thanks, Keith. She is sort of like Barbie–New Hampshire Hillary, State Fairness Hillary…I guess Abedin is Skipper. But that would make Bill Ken…never mind. We know Ken isn’t properly equipped.

  13. Do I smell an Academy Award in her future, or better still, eventually a reality show, starring our gal Hillary, husband Bill and his girlfriend, the daughter, daughter’s husband, and precious granddaughter. Advice for Obama, keep Hillary away from WH. She’s not that bright but she knows it’s not Republicans who are causing her grief. If she is too dumb to know it’s Obama, Bil has certainly clued her in.