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Chuck Todd: Democratic Base “Uninspired” by Hillary

NBC’s Chuck Todd Friday morning noted that the Democratic base, while it will vote for Hillary, doesn’t particularly adore her.

This is important because it means that she can’t win the election in the way President Obama did – by grabbing the Democratic Party on the left side and squeezing out every vote possible.

But it also provides room for two people who are talking about getting in, Joe Biden and Al Gore, to jump into the primaries.

I know you think they are clowns, but they both have the ability to get lefty Democrats to the polls. And their ideas aren’t as far out of the mainstream as those of Socialist Bernie Sanders. And that could be more dangerous for Republicans than many think.

Jon Conradi has more on the Biden-Gore possibility at LifeZette.

16 Responses to Chuck Todd: Democratic Base “Uninspired” by Hillary

  1. Al Gore…oh please, pretty please….Albie, please jump in the race…your people need you and the media will be gaga over it.

    And us normal folk will have a field day.


  2. I saw Carson on The Factor “explaining” this–he mutters and murmurs so much I did not catch it all–but it seemed to me he said he was retrieving tissue from fetuses or babies he operated on…not sure. I guess he did not sell it…still, not sure on this.

  3. Oh boy, more old White-privileged men to add to the old White-privileged woman and the old White-privileged men already in the race.

    VPBiden isn’t a clown – that implies that he’s deliberately trying to amuse. MrBiden is close to being a moron who speaks before he thinks, and is way too touchy-feely for a man in the public eye.
    MrGore is an antique spurned by his then peers when he ran for the presidency. There’s nothing to suggest he would do any better now. His only advantage is that he could spend those billions he made touting ‘global warming’ on his own campaign.

    • There is no such thing as white privilege. Propaganda made up by the MSM. The insiders club yes but that works for everyone. Jordan Vernon good example.

      I am white and I had to fight for everything. No one gave me a pass.

      I worked for fortune 500 companies and they all went out of business and I had to struggle to find a new job.

      White privilege my ass!!!

  4. really it has come to this? Pathetic!

    We have no one better than the these to morons? Match them with 16 GOP and you have enough peeps for special Olympics football.

    No wonder The Donald looks so good!

    I have smarter toe fungus than Gore. Biden has a brain bleed and that s why he speaks before hooking up his abnormal brain.

  5. It seems all that remains of the Democrat Party is a bunch of exhumed fossilized remains. Hillary, Bernie, Uncle Joe, Algore… What else will they try to dig up?