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“I Can’t Spare this Man. He Fights”

Bill Whittle of PJ Media makes a great point today about what is driving some of the support for Donald Trump.

Whittle notes that, unlike GOP leaders – and I would add, Trump’s more careful Republican opponents – Trump is willing to stand up to the politically correct Left and doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks.

Whittle, as you will see in the video below, compares Trump to Ulysses S. Grant, who came under heavy criticism for losses being sustained by the Union under his command.

“I can’t spare this man. He fights,” Lincoln said.

Conservatives are sick of the direction of this country. The are sick of being told they hate women. They are sick of being called racist for opposing illegal immigration and the threat posed to our culture by the massive influx.

They want someone who won’t take it anymore. Who, GUARANTEED, will fight back. And Donald Trump isn’t afraid to tell the villifiers to go to Hell.

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  1. He may seem like he will fight or at least say mean things about people you don’t like–but when did the man last finish a sentence? It drives me bughouse. He is master of the run-on rant/ramble (rantle?)bnt full of dependent clauses and trailing off…

    • And libs aren’t ?
      I can’t stand Hannity when he pits a rep against a lib and everybody talks at the same time.
      And he does it consistently.
      I quit watching/listening to his show long ago.

        • Isn’t he the RINO among RINOs? I don’t get the attraction–he is not for anything you guys believe in or used to…just calling out people and tossing out notions. Are well all for sending in more troops now to take the oil, building a fence when various other measures were considered more effective and would have been if enforced, somehow preventing China from devaluing its currency (but how?), giving women all the healthcare they can handle on the house (if he even could), getting PP to stop abortions and just do the other stuff (how?). I do not get it–are we so fed up we just glom on to anyone who talks a game we like? I am going to try not to “do” Trump for a while–you won’t miss me on these threads, I know.

          • Suit yourself Star.
            We have a right to express our opinion.
            And never said that he would send troops to take out the oil.
            We don’t need troops to do that.

          • You don’t circle the oil.
            You blow up the oil fields with aircraft.
            Why put ground troops in the midst of these barbarians ?

            I think Trump was talking about eliminating their ability to use the oil to fund ISIS.

          • The next time you get out of bed, try the other side you don’t normally get out of. Maybe you could feel some joy in your life instead of all the gloom and doom,

  2. Spot on Keith. The weak Republican leadership who started off this year not fulfilling any promise, with weak excuses, brought this upon themselves. And I am looking for someone who will fight as well. Look around the Left and they will fight us. I am pretty tired of waving that white flag of surrender.

    So, if it takes Donald Trump, to inspire an apathetic base, and to challenge the current field of candidates to stand up for what they believe in and fight back then so be it.

    If Donald Trump wins, don’t blame him.

    • The only one that I see that mirrors Trump’s audacity to confront his opponents is Ted Cruz.

      I don’t like Trump’s views on many subjects but Trust him to do what he says he will do,
      unlike Boehner and McConnell.

      People are starving to see someone stand up and take on the media, even though they may not agree with them.

  3. You still don’t get it – he’s not one of “them”. “Them” are the political elites of both parties who float in a world divorced from the reality of who we are, what we want, and what we fear.
    The liberal Dems might cast aspersions on us little people in fly-over country, but the people we elected to speak for us remain silent as they go about feathering their nest and that of their crony supporters.
    He might be a billionaire, have his own personal jet and all the perks money can buy, but he’s saying what we say in the kitchens, the bars, the service clubs, the church socials.
    We want Obamacare gone, wiped out. It doesn’t have to be replaced with something else – the market will do what it always does and find a way to provide what’s needed. We want Planned Parenthood defunded from our confiscated money – they are as evil as any of Hitler’s henchmen.
    We want our government to get off of our backs and the pocketbooks of the companies that provide jobs.

    Could a PresidentTrump do all that – maybe not, but Congress would get the message from all of us.

      • Also Geoff I am pretty sure he didn’t get to be as successful as he is in so many circles, including working with the Chinese — successfully — by being crass. He can probably be pretty darned classy as the situation warrants.

          • Star, Have you ever done one bit of business with China — from the smallest finding a supplier for a knock off product to establishing a jv manufacturing facility — or for that matter any international business at all. Bombastic does not cut it.

  4. What worries me most, is what to do after the Trump circus moves on – and it will. IMO, Trump has crossed the Rubicon over the last two days – his interviews are over the top. Calling politicians ‘stiffs’ was so declasse. At least some ‘politicians’ are able to articulate their stance on the issues – something the Donald has yet to do. Where’s the beef, Donald?

    Trying to fit a square peg into a round hole is just not going to work. Trump is beginning to embarrass himself. He is an entertainer/entrepreneur who has no place in the stuffy world of politics.

    On one hand, Trump is exciting and invigorating; on the other hand, we have to face reality. The other 16 candidates are dullards and second stringers, IMHO. Some are even dangerous, i.e. Christie, Kasich, and Paul. Walker is way over his head.
    Fiorina is smart, but not for the top spot.
    Rubio is ‘cute’, but not ready for prime time. Cruz is a great debater, but is a loner who will not be able to accomplish anything with a Congress that despises him. The rest of the herd only deserves honorable mention.

    I’m back to square one! If Trump withdraws, half of the country with go through ‘withdrawal’. It’s a really great show!

    • My my,….such an astute and intelligent observation.

      Trump has said that he would re-build the military.
      He also said that in order to ‘starve ISIS’, you have to take away the money they are getting from selling oil,….and for that matter, deny them the $150 B that Obama is going to give them.

      He has great ideas that would work.
      Too bad they aren’t in place now.

      • Trump said he would bomb the hell out of Iraq and take away the oil fields from ISIS. He also said there is no more Iraq because of the Sunni/Shia divide.

        This is crazy talk! Hundreds of 1000’s of Iraqis claim they still have a country. How long has ISIS been in Iraq? Two years?

        So if Trump carpet bombs the oil fields, it will destroy the infrastructure and leave the country in worse shape for many years. Meanwhile, Isis moves on.

        The US carpet bombed Kuwait and it took years for them to recover. This is one of the reasons no one has tried to bomb Syrian oil fields.

        **ISIS actually gets more $$ from selling oil reserves from Syria! Will Trump bomb Syria oil fields too?

        Trump needs to stick to his real estate – something he’s good at. In the meantime, the publicity he is getting is priceless.

    • “Trying to fit a square peg into a round hole is just not going to work.”

      Never underestimate the power of the entrepreneur.

      I put a square peg in a round hole once.
      I made the hole bigger.

    • Trust me, I call politicans worse than “stiffs”…and I tell them in my many unread emails I send to my useless, moron ‘congressmen’.

  5. Trump was the beginning of Hillary’s problems. First he steals her spotlight, then the email scandals, then Bernie surges. But today was the icing on the cake when Al Sharpton asked Vice President Biden his thoughts on a possible “Hillary Clinton menstruation” WHen it rains it pours.

  6. at first, Trump was refreshing because he was outspoken. but he took it way too far and decided that “outspoken” meant “being rude and vulgar and not giving details of policies but just ranting ad hominems about how stupid everyone else is.”

    being politically incorrect means speaking truth to power. it does not mean accusing a female reporter of being mean because she is having her period.

    Trump is basically a big know-nothing blowhard. he’d be a disastrous president.

    • People seem to be awfully critical of Trump providing details of his potential policies. Which other candidates have made specific disclosures? Why so hard on Trump? And what could possibly inspire trust in any of the other candidates’ policies anyway?