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Obama Schedule || Thursday, August 13, 2015

President Obama is vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard. There are no scheduled events.

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  1. I tuned most news and politics out for a couple of days, but I see nothing has changed. Obummer’s yukking it up on the golf course every day. As usual, the Daily Mail has a ton of photos. The poor dork has bandages all over his fingers. And, you just have to love seeing two federal employees tasked with caring for the dogs:

    Obama hits the golf course (where else?) with NBA legends Ray Allen and Alonzo Mourning on his annual vacation to Martha’s Vineyard

    • Obama has wasted no time hitting the golf course during his annual Martha’s Vineyard summer vacation
    • He was spotted on Wednesday playing with NBA stars Ray Allen and Alonzo Mourning as well as his usual opponent, Cyrus Walker
    • The president played with World Bank President Jim Yong Kim on Monday
    • On Saturday he played with Seinfeld Creator and Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David as well as Walker
    • Obama decided at the last minute to fly to Martha’s Vineyard island a day early
    • He, Michelle Obama and daughter Sasha will be on the island until August 23
    • A cluster of senior aides join their 17-day trip to keep Obama up-to-date

    • There is NOTHING in the U.S. media. Even the local Cape Cod and Vineyard newsies are being blacked out and they were always fun to follow in past years.

      Maybe if the Sierra Club and other eco groups stormed MV, we’d see some media action.

      My heart is breaking for the river poisoning and nobody seems to give a flip.

      • I am as well. I mentioned the other day, I was blessed to go to Durango, CO and Utah last summer.
        I love to be near water. It was beautiful. Would sit by the creek in the early morning before any woke up. I rode the rapids #1. They had different levels to choose from. I feel terrible for the people as well.

    • Hmmm a cluster of senior aides to keep him up to date. I guess they are reading the newspapers for him now and adding that to his daily brief.. but 2 days later. Might explain why no statement on the EPA screwup. He did make a statement on Carter’s cancer announcement, so it must have been assigned a higher status number.

  2. Have you heard about the “IKEA murders ” ? Well, two of those boat”refugees” who cross the Med from Africa every day found their way to Sweden ( like so many, too many, already have ) applied for asylum, stayed at a government sponsored hotel , one of them received a negative decision in the asylum process, a gang of them went to IKEA, where something happened (police investigation is hush-hush) and a Swedish, female doctor and her son ended up dead, killed with knives. These men were from Eritrea, Africa, so many of the boat “refugees” are young African men looking for a good life in Europe and old Europe is, as usual, overwhelmed and helpless. This is just one gruesome event but it feels like it really kindled a fire. What ? IKEA? On an ordinary Monday afternoon ? When shopping for domestic utensils ? And how many, more killing-machines waiting to explode are walking around ? So, more voters for Sverigedemokraterna, that´s what probably happened. The crimes are one of the reasons for the rise of the “nationalistic” European parties .

    • very sad to read that swedishlady. Thanks for sharing, as we read about people saying things about people and getting offended. I feel like I’m in kindergarten again.

    • How dreadful, swedishlady! Incidents of this type are happening all over, wherever illegal immigrants land. How many more murders and rapes will it take to convince our “Leaders” that these people are not in our countries to assimilate and become contributing members of society? They do not, and will never, belong in civilized nations.

    • Actually, I did read about the two gruesome murders. Not in the American press of course. IKEA is going to remove knives from their display!!! They truly have ‘forked’ themselves up! There, I kept it clean for Keith.

    • Don’t know if it’s true but heard that IKEA will no longer be selling knives. Sweden needs to get rid of the Muslims and let IKEA keep their knives. My condolences to the victim’s families.

  3. There seems to be a media blackout for this vacation

    I guess giving iran a path to a nuclear weapon and pictures of obama golfing and eating ice cream cones doesn’t sit well for public consumption

    Any journalist worth his or her salt would be …

    eh nevermind

    • Yes – it does seem that way. TWO WEEKS on top of all his other vacations is a long time to be living in the lap of luxury while our country burns.

      No. Best not cover it.

    • Obama hit the links mere minutes after making an announcement of the beheading of James Foley. This is not a man who will have a media blackout because he feels any action of his might not be well received by the American public. He is filled with disdain for the public, for voters, for anyone who is not a member of the FSA or who is not illegal.

  4. OT: More news about the emails…
    Insider may have took the top secret label off.
    So what. When she read this information, she should have figured out (all by herself) that this info should not be in her home!!!!!!!!

    • I still dont understand where the hell were the career State Dept. types at Foggy Bottom when “SecState”Hlliary was using this private email system and how unusual/not legal it was… A sitting Sec of State using a private email system? How did they (Ambassadors, high ranking State officers?) communicate with her?
      Why didnt they speak up at this blatant violation of security protocols/IT and leak this info to journalists-news outlets?

      • 2 words Spook – Hillary Clinton. You should know most career types know how the game is played in the federal govt advancement system. I’m sure her, as well as her senior assistants know where most of the bodies are buried, or internal secrets that with just one word from her would cause instant dismissal and blacklisting. While she was SOS, the Queen was always right.

        Right now I bet she is hoping Bill’s “teflon” reputation is on her side.

  5. OT: Black Lives Matter
    The latest disruption was at GovBush’s campaign stop.
    IMO, the BLM isn’t just about their delusion that White police are hunting down young Black men for sport, but rather the Blacks are finally realizing that they don’t matter to the Dems, or anyone at all.
    The illegal aliens get all the special stuff, they get all the attention, the jobs, the perks – for free. They might just realize that they are further into minority than ever, thanks to their Dem “friends”.

    The assumption that all Dems, including the Black community, are just so happy to have 40million Mexicans and S.Americans invade our county is a foolish dream.
    As the community of Ferguson looks around their little city, do they feel like they were used, that the only people suffering from the destruction is their families?

    A few years from now the Black Caucus will be a quaint memory as the Latino majority will push them out of their precious seats of power. They know that – hence – BLM.

  6. Is everyone enjoying all of the disruptions as the canidates speak. sarc.
    Jeb was the latest.
    However this time some Bush backers responded with “All lives matter!” and “White lives matter!

  7. Thank goodness our hardworking guy has at last seized the chance to have some fun.

    Seriously, I bet you this is a vacay filled with yelling and anger and pats on the back for Prezzy.