As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

First Lady Forces Staff to Eat Apples

The White House released this strange little video with First Lady Michelle Obama claiming that she and her staff actually eat the decorative apples found in a bowl in the East Wing, where her offices are.

I don’t know. They have those apples in the West Wing too but my understanding is everyone is eating plenty of junk food.

Hopefully she has some hard cider lying around too. Long hours at the White House.

13 Responses to First Lady Forces Staff to Eat Apples

  1. I think she should go on less trips and practice speaking. Now the apples look fantastic compared to the crud they are serving American students.

  2. OT: Target is planning on having gender neutral in their store. God made us male and female. That’s what Rev. Graham just said. As well, God made us male and female. He said everyone should contact Target. And let them know how we feel about it. He just spoke on Fox.

  3. Did she laugh because she just bit into a worm? Or was that ‘Take 13’, and they had to keep replenishing the apples in the bowl? The Mooch certainly has the ‘game show hostess’ sweep of the hands down…will she be looking for a TV job on Jan. 21, 2017, or…?