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Clinton to Hand Server to FBI

Hillary Clinton has agreed to give the FBI her email server, relinquishing control of an asset containing information that perhaps could ruin her politically and even land her with criminal charges.

I assume this was not done willingly. Either the server was ordered turned over or the Clintonites knew an order was on the way.

The Clinton camp has tried to emphasize that she is not under investigation, and that she is certainly not in legal jeopardy. They even bulldozed the New York Times into changing around its original story on the probe to reflect that the FBI was somehow investigating emails and not the person who sent and received them and that this was not a criminal inquiry.

But such claims, clearly, are nonsense and spin. If the FBI wants your records, you’d better assume you are under criminal investigation, BECAUSE THEY ARE THE POLICE.

Reports today say officials have informed Congress that two of the emails did contain classified information, though it was not marked classified at the time. But that, of course, just points to the reasoning behind not having your own email server for high-level government foreign policy work!

Analyst Mark Halperin gets at the big problem here for Hillary, the one that brings down so many political leaders. That is, it’s not the original sin, it’s the coverup. With the server in hand, the FBI will now get a look at what Hillary erased and be able to show whether she has been lying about what was on the server and whether she sought to hide potentially damaging or criminal information.

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  1. I have vast insight into the far left mind since my mother is one. Yesterday she bombarded her facebook wall with lefty memes. OMG – it’s frightening how they think.

    One she posted said something along the lines of ‘Don’t criticize Hillary or Bernie because the Republicans hate women and love war and this election is super important’.

    My name is Car in and my mom is a LIV.

  2. My guess is IF her crimes have enough adhesive to them, she will never serve any jail time. A deal will be made. She stops her quest for she and Bubba to return to the WH in exhange for no jail time.
    But, I think that will also depend on if Uncle Joe agrees to run.

    • I still cannot understand why they didn’t bang on her door with a warrent weeks ago.
      If you work for the Govt, hamburger joint, lawyer, etc. and you welcomed yourself to the server. Your tale would be in trouble.
      Imagaine years back. I am a receptionist for a lawfirm. I am only 18, but I feel it is needed that I walk out with my bosses File Cabinets.
      Than I bring them home for the family to read. Gosh I even take them out Friday night. While I am dancing I allow anyone and everybody to read the files, take pictures, etc.
      When I am questioned by my boss. I simply tell him I didn’t know they were Top Secret.

      • Obama gave her enough time to get rid of as many classified emails as possible. Why? Because he’s implicated in this as well since the WH, if what we read is correct, know all about the private server and let her carry on with it. In addition, IMHO, Obama and his Justice Department is playing with her, torturing her like a cat does with a mouse. It’s all part of the Obama-Clinton long standing feud.

        And, by the way, where is the loud mouth Bill, who has something to say about everything? But he’s been stone-cold silent on this situation.

        • About hubby. Spot on. In this thread I tried to type his laugh.
          Another thing that the msm does not mention enough is her silence for weeks……… Than all of a sudden she pops out with her (try to be) sweet smile and start her campaign.
          Regarless of this Server, etc. I still am concerned and disgusted about Benghazi!!!

          • To me Benghazi is worse–she never knew they needed more security, she seemed not to care her personal friend was horribly brutalized and murdered, she lied to grieving relatives about the video…and of course, the what difference now does it make? A Lot!

      • Arrangements had to be made before they could move forward. You know, like how big the book they are going to throw at her will be, and what it will cost her to get out of the bed she has made for herself.

  3. So interesting that “husband” bill is quiet as a church mouse about all this. How can everyone not see the clinton cartel as it truly is: corrupt, deceiving, self serving, immoral and worshippers of the money god. And they have no problem involving their daughter in all this.
    We can only hope their fall will be great. Great enough to
    banish them to a life of shame and exile from the political stage forever. Enough is enough!

  4. Does HRC really expect to get away with saying that there were stretches of weeks on end when she sent NO work-related emails? Really? Only her non-English speaking base would fall for that whopper.

  5. Maybe the FBI forensics lab can find what was deleted or scrubbed from the server. We all hope so. I have major doubts that the so called Justice Dept will prosecute her on any charge and she will weasel her way out yet again, her pink Channel pantsuit a little battered but mostly unscathed.

    • I have a bad feeling that the FBI is not going to find anything scrubbed on the Hard Drive. When crap started to hit the fan and they started to review the server on what emails to give out, the emails were provided, and then did a scrub of the HD, copied all existing information to a new drive system and that is what will be offered to the FBI. Granted time stamping will show if this was done, but you can get around that too if you know how to do it. The new drives (I bet they were using a RAID HD setup) will not show the scrubs from the old drive. So it will be back to the drawing board if this happened.

      Now, if they didn’t do something like I stated above, they have one of the stupidest IT staffers and contractors ever.

  6. Having worked in law enforcement for 20+ years and my husband was a LEO for 35 years…trust me when I say there is a criminal investigation, a court order was obtained and Clinton was informed. Will they actually file charges depends on how well WH can distance their self from this. If they can then some kind of deal will be made.

    • Agree. Anything that involves the WhiteHouse or the Obamas will be covered with Executive Privilege – and that would include the Benghazi, the ‘reset’ with Russia and just about everything else.

      More smoke and mirrors from the evil Dems.

    • You may well be right. This weird server episode is just a reminder that we, the general public, only hear or see about 10 percent of what’s going on in the current White House. It’s the old iceberg theory. 90 percent of the interesting stuff is hidden from our view. I often wonder if Obama has tape recorders set up, ala Nixon, to capture conversations in the WH–which of course he would use to blackmail whomever he doesn’t trust or like at any given moment. Paranoia is a key feature of Obama’s personality, so it’s important to him that he gets dirt on anyone he fears or suspects of undermining him.

      • I strongly suspect that Obama has serious dirt the Republican leadership as well as supreme court justices such as Roberts.

        Blackmail, extortion, graft and voting fraud are the norm for Chicago politions.

        As for Hillary, there is no way she would turn the server over to the FBI unless she is totally confident that it has been scrubbed clean or its a fake. The real server is most likely at the bottom of a deep lake in Chapppaqua.

        • Yes, scrubbed clean of anything that would expose her to criminal activity, and also any emails to members of the Obama administration who received and responded to Hillary’s email on any matters of national security. Takes time to fish out all those types of emails.

  7. Well, Halperin (regular on MoJoe) is not the sharpest knife in ye olde block, and this It’s the Coverup is not original, but it is fun to watch Herself squirm…I fear she may have a coat of Teflon herself, tho.

    • x2 The FBI, DOJ, — the usual alphabets — are serving Obama. It depends on what Obama and Hillary work out. Given how very thin skinned he is, it’s possible he will blow up, throw caution to the winds and go after her. Then — it will be a real battle. The absence of Bill tells me that Obama has some edge and he is nervous about this — maybe more for himself than Hillary, but nervous nonetheless.

      They should both be in prison for violating their oaths of office — that’s not going to happen. All of this is connected to our national security — we are less safe because of these two.

      And I agree Star, Benghazi, with actual deaths and lies and cover ups, is the most egregious of all. Although these secret dealings with Iran are running a close second. We don’t wise up there will be more than 4 dead Americans.

      • It is getting to the point where fair minded, honest, hard working citizens are watching people break the law to no end.
        o on down just do what ever they darn well please. The people rioting, looting, hurting and killing to make a point as well.
        I cannot go out and protest coffee cups without a permit, and will be told to leave.
        As far as people sticking to a person, that is getting old. I have disagreed with one thing or another with every person that has served. That was not showing disrespect. I remember growing I would disagree or make comment about our former Gov. Edwin Edwards
        and relatives or friends of mine would give me the same look as Marcus and Star mentioned above.

    • I saw this. Obama with the help of the DOD, and the Pentagon is systematically weakening our military. Again, another example of his unwillingness to protect this country.

      • I don’t think banning teaching that is weakening the military—there is a difference of opinion on it. But I agree that they are not the military’s biggest boosters–they see the military as sort of a ..sniff…necessary nuisance.

        • This is insane. Picture now a pastor just sitting there. Not being able to say a word. Just sitting there. The person who came to him for comfort, to be guided can’t say a dad burn thing. Lord have mercy.

    • Next religious folks will have to stop preaching that sex outside of marriage is a sin. Or that casual sexual experiences is a sin.

      If a particular religion says XYZ is sinful – than I don’t understand how the government can come in and say they must not say so.

      • You can expect Obama to show up pretty soon wearing a long robe and holding two large stone tablets. The title on the tablets will be:


        That should settle all the questions about Obama’s authority to rule over the people.

  8. WTF…???!!!
    I am a US Navy Vet, yet because of my ‘life’ and ‘health issues’… I will never be able to pass a US Govt. “Security Clearance”… (I took the State Dept. FSO test years ago, and failed)
    But losers like “Barack Hussein Obama”, the 535 scumbags of the “US Congress” & Hilliary Clinton are allowed to have US Govt. “Security Clearances”??? -what did I do wrong in my pathetic life?

  9. Moving on, OT:
    After a jog around the internet, the story of Trump’s popularity is still the main interest of pundits and of course, the MSM.
    Almost every piece, every opinion, has to have a disclaimer of sorts – he’s a clown, he’s not serious, he is a freak of the election process but not one explains why they think he’s not a serious candidate.

    Once someone called MrTrump a “clown”, it was as if there was no other way to cover what he was doing or saying. There’s no proof that he’s a fool, that he’s not a competent businessman, that he doesn’t believe what he’s putting out to the public, none…. Just that he is famous, a TV entertainer, married twice too many times, or someone they can’t envision sitting in the Oval Office.

    Join me in putting on a foil hat: why did FOX try to destroy Trump’s momentum, why don’t they want anyone like him to lead the Repubs? Do the honchos at FOX have a favorite Repub they want to showcase and support or are they really liberal as every other MSM and want MrsClinton to win the election?
    If a Repub wins the WhiteHouse, who or what kind of audience would FOX attract, who would they ‘fight’ and would they lose their conservative attraction when there is no one to rail against?
    MrTrump wasn’t wrong to say the MsKelly had “blood in her eyes” when she asked him her gotcha’s. The moderators had every intention of killing him in public, of destroying him, and even had a plan in place to have him escorted off of the public platform. To what end did they do this, whose instructions were they following, and how did it all backfire – they underestimated the American public’s rock-bottom desire for fairness.
    Ambushing MrTrump in public was despicable, and it cost them. Not him.

    • Yes they said they worked on these questions for weeks. The American people had other concerns, as we know.
      I didn’t watch them for a couple of days. I do not know what dandy commercials I missed. sarc. However that was the only way I could show that I did not like the questions!!!
      Instead of those questions, they could have at least pulled out THE LIST, and asked questions about the mess listed.

    • You are absolutely correct in your analysis.
      Our Presidential race has become nothing more than a popularity contest. The winner becomes the most popular kid on the block – as well as all his/her hanger-ons (read a** kissers) and the members of his/her party and anyone else who knows someone who knows someone and needs a job. Qualifications and security clearances are not necessary.
      Fox has morphed into their misnomer “Faux News.” I don’t watch them anymore.
      We were the silent majority – but – MSM take notice…our voice will be heard via one news outlet or another.
      Those that have ears, let them listen and take heed.

    • Fox is part of the Republican political establishment, just as NBC, ABC and CBS are part of the Democrat political establishment. There are no objective media on a national level. The political establishment (not the citizenry) wants to determine who is a viable candidate (in either party). The R political establishment does not want Trump as their candidate, that’s as obvious as can be. They want Jeb to win the prize. That’s what, partly, is behind the hatchet job on Trump with Fox.

    • I agree. I have always liked Megan and was so shocked out of my mind when she asked that humiliating RIDICULOUS AND STUPID QUESTION ASKING TRUMP ABOUT CALLING WOMEN PIGS AND OTHER NAMES? It just sounded so evil and jealous to ask him this right off the bat, why? I will never look at Megan Kelly the same way again after that. Is it because her star at Fox rose too fast and like other immature and dumb young ones she let it go to her head. And then afterward she had the gaul and said straight faced that it was GOOD JOURNALISM?? Yeah, it was good journalism alright for the Enquirer maybe? I am very sad about Megan Kelly’s nerve and absolute mean spirited attitude now. Before this, I never would dream that she would ask such a obvious hateful question of anyone.

  10. OT: Just read on WZ that the o administration has warned Louisiana and Alabama they could be violating federal law by cutting off PP from their states Medicaid programs.
    I am speechless at the moment.

  11. If Hillary clears with FBI, DOJ, State and wins the nomination the bureaucracy of government — all the alphabets — will be even more corrupt than it is now with Obama.

    And the population will be overwhelmed with illegals who will vote, (despite their status) and who will drain America of economic resources as it subsidizes their every breath.

    It will be a Third World Republic for sure. And Hillary will probably have a new WH built.

    The best we can hope for is the socialists will run out of other people’s money and Hillary is going to have to support her lifestyle siphoning from The Clinton Foundation.

    • you mean continue to siphon off the foundation, along with her automatic pension from being SOS. We all know she can not live on just that alone (Pension)

      • What on earth does she spend her money for? Certainly not suits or stylish hairdos or…shoes…or the gym.
        Poor thing – can’t turn loose of the futile dream and enjoy her granddaughter.
        Assuming it is hers.
        I put nothing at all past these people.

        • Aileen …Certainly not suits or stylish hairdos or…shoes…or the gym.

          Clearly you have not seen the beach snaps of Clinton in a Mumu, sandals etc. … Believe me there’s a ton of cosmetic bucks spent to get her to what we see.

          • Sorry – I thought my *sarc* clearly indicated I do not know what she spends her money for – but it is clearly nothing clothing or personal appearance.

          • Hillary Clinton has taste in her ass when it comes to dressing for success. She won’t dress like a lady because then we would see her “canckles” for real. Only wears pantsuits to hide the canckles. I guess she thinks that makes her look younger