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Just a Quarter of Americans Would Vote for Obama Today

President Obama recently mused that he could probably win a third term because, in his opinion, he’s been a pretty darn good president.

Only, Americans beg to disagree.

According to a Monmouth University poll released Monday, only 26 percent would vote to re-elect Obama while 68 percent would vote for someone else. Even among Democrats, only 53 percent would give him their vote.

Perhaps part of the reason is that Americans think obama got taken to the cleaners by the Iranians.

Forty one percent say Iran got more of what it wanted from this deal, while just 14 percent feel the U.S. came out on top. Only 23 percent say that both countries benefited equally.

Only one in four Americans – 27 percent – say Congress should vote to approve the deal, while 32 percent say it should not and 41 percent aren’t sure.

40 Responses to Just a Quarter of Americans Would Vote for Obama Today

  1. Perception: I understood his comment to be a slam at MrsClinton that he would defeat her again,that she’s still ‘nice enough’.
    Then again, his staff chooses the places he visits very carefully so that the audience is welcoming and cheering for him. On the rest of America, he confuses respect for the office to ahpproval of himself.

    Whatever SenSander’s plans are for the future, he’s made MrsClinton scramble and forced her to come out of the tent -so to speak. If he’s setting the stage for SenWarren, he’s doing a good job.

  2. I, for one, would not vote for him again.

    Hey, the first two times, I got it, he was a the savior and I bought into the rhetoric, the soaring promises, kumbaya, Hope & Change…it sounded so good. I thought, how nice would it be for us Americans to show the world that we can elect a man of color to the highest office, and I smiled. Not only is it the right thing to do, to elect this noble man, but it makes me feel good too. And darn it, I am a good person, I care about others almost as much as myself. And think of all the good he will do for race relations, fairness, world peace, hunger, …zzzzz

    WAIT! What was that? I just dreamt I was a liberal!



  3. Telling that even after all the destruction, over half the Democrats would STILL vote for him. That says all you need to know about how the modern day Democrat party has been completely hijacked by the hard left.

    • And the fact that the Democrat-Socialist Sanders is drawing such huge crowds shows how far to the left much of the Democrat party has moved. It’s right on the brink of total self-destruction.

      • Actually, I’m scared it’s not. The fact that Obama got re-elected shows just how close we are to a full blown socialist in the Oval.
        There are now tens of millions of functional idiots willing to vote for whoever promises them the most “stuff”. Trying to defeat that threat to the future of the country is proving itself harder to do than any foreign threat.

        • Good points. Gimme more stuff and I’ll vote the way they tell me to vote. Now, where did I put my Obamaphone. Dagnab it. Lost it again. Lemme call Obama up to get a new one. Whoops. no phone. Lost it again.

  4. America swung and whiffed, when they failed to elect Romney(Hello, 3million of you who stayed home?)

    Sadly, I think the country’s gone to the point of no return, and we’ll either elect someone who either try to paddle us away from the falls, or someone who’ll take us full speed ahead right over them…

  5. The poll is biased and doesn’t reflect a true presidential election. #1: it didn’t include dead people. #2: they only polled each person once.

  6. Todays American “voters” are too stopid, detached and self-centered…over 60% could not pass a basic ‘current events/citizenship’ test.
    If you want to “vote” I really think we need a ‘Voter IQ’law/test (I have been working on thesis-outline for some time. Its pretty simple I think and most of these ‘citizens’ would barely miss the act of ‘voting’ nowadasy it seems)…that way we could avoid another “Barack Hussein Obama” being elected by shallow, guilable masses.

  7. American voters are ignorant, stupid, unaware of what ObamaMohamad is doing.
    The Media creates their reality and perceptions. They are spoon fed the BS and because they are naive they believe that politicians are not evil and corrupt.

    They are so stupid that they actual think their vote has meaning. They are lied to by the MSM and the if they even listen to the candidate he is lying too!

    Once the BS gets them elected then they do what the big dollar peeps want them to do. Votes are Sheep with no original thoughts.

    At least on this board we have a clue.

  8. Question. There are reports of migrants/immigrants/people coming in a surge to our border shortly. So, we know they are coming. And then the come. Knock, knock, here we are — there are more after me.

    How does this process work? Are the “processed”, do they sneak across illegally, tunnel in, scale a wall, wait for a government transport to take them to a horrible detention where they will be fed, and housed and provided tvs, recreation etc.

    Seriously, we know they are coming. After knock, knock we are here — what next?

    • That issue I read the other day. Did I hear anything on msm. No.
      I read also in the last couple of days, the maniacs gu**** down 300 civil servants. Men and woman in Mosul.
      Another article Maniac branch of Afghanistan and Pakistan blew up 10 mean.
      Ugly, violent. I did not watch the video. The issue needs to be brought up ASAP of how we are keeping them out of our Country.
      I also did not see this on msm. In Ferguson 4 Oath Keepers armed were keeping guard.
      This o man needs to read a book about Peace and love that I grew up seeing Transpire years ago. It was a stepping stone for this Country.
      He has taken a sledge hammer and just about broken every stone so far.
      He also needs to read a book on the “United” States. He just does not seem to understand.

  9. Hard to believe that 25% would again vote for our
    Traitor-in-Chief. Just goes to show there’s a never ending supply off stupid people in America.

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    EPA claims it’s committed to taking responsibilty for the spill.