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Overnight Thread || August 11, 2015



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  1. is this the first overnite open thread? that’s pretty exciting.

    ok here’s a topic suggestion:

    John Kerry said today that if Congress doesn’t approve the Iran deal, it could be the end of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

    topic: what new ridiculous claim will the Obama administration try to push tomorrow?


  2. My guess is that it’s going to be all about Hillary’s email. I’m thinking there will be NOTHING on the server, but the thumb drives may be interesting. I’ll see you all in the morning!

  3. For whatever it’s worth:

    As of this writing, Obama has just under five hundred and twenty-seven and a half days remaining in office.

    Yes, the time stamp is correct, and it is just after 1 AM here in DC. The one-hour difference is because of DST.

    I must try, despite my worries, to get some rest. Good evening.

  4. If Congress doesn’t approve the “deal” Barack Obama will have a big stompy foot tantrum, and then he will hold his breath until he is blue in the face, and then he will run to his room and refuse to come out. Not even when Valerie tells him too.

  5. Thank you, Keith, for the overnight thread.

    Think the news from yesterday that caused the most astonishment was about President Obama thinking that the Jews should have been nicer to him because it was his birthday. Imho, after all of his insults toward them, he should feel relieved that they’re willing to talk to him at all.

    “…nicer….” There aren’t words…

  6. The more Kerry squawks about the sky falling if we do not sign the deal, the more evidence comes out of how Obama (and Jarrett IMO) have been plotting this assault of America and Israel for a long time.

    Think what you might of Rush L. but here is a quick review of what is being uncovered — I have seen it elsewhere and the sources appear credible. And while I am no fan of Schumer and I think he had/has every intention of hanging with Obama in the end, the things the Administration and the MSM are writing about him are fouly insinuating. They just about spit “jew”.

  7. Server. She is just now handing over the Server?
    If that was not suppose to be in her house, garage, attic, laudry room, basement, etc., Why wasn’t that taken ASAP?
    Top Secret! She said nothing classified.
    Highest level Inspector General said they were not marked. So What!
    She should have had the marbles to know better. The FBI explains to them if there is any doubt, It should be noted as classified!
    I can’t believe she is going to have the nerve to continue to run.

  8. I listened to the Herman Cain radio program last nigh. A caller made the comment that Perry is not paying his staff. His Super Pac has money but they are not allowed to pay staff. Perry might be done due to money problems.

    Cain also had two ex employees of HP. A guy was anti Carly and a lady stuck up for Carly.
    The guy said there was much celebration the day Carly was fired. The lady had come from a long line of family members who had worked at HP. She said Carly had been hired to be the “Fall Guy”. The old hands at HP knew HP needed to do lay offs but they did not want to be the ones to do it. She took the blame.

  9. Not fair, NOT FAIR, I have bills and taxes to pay and have to get up at 0500 during the week so I can’t participate in an overnight thread.
    I want thread justice and I want it NOW!
    On another note, some GREAT comments. And what a good way to start off the day with the best insight around: the readers of WHD!
    Have a good one all.