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Obama Vitriol Machine Targets its Own

Democrats are getting a taste of the medicine they and President Obama have been doling out to Republicans for years, as the White House is viciously targeting Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., for his opposition to the Iran arms deal.

I mean, it’s hard to get too teary eyed about Schumer coming under fire, but still.

The White House knows that such a senior Democrat defecting could do significant damage to its efforts to get Congress not to vote down the agreement, so they want to let other Democrats know that they will find themselves in the crosshairs if they defect too. It’s the Alinsky method, and of course the old Chicago operative David Axelrod jumped in, tweeting that Schumer’s move is about “politics.”

Of course, he’s at least partially being honest, since any opposition to the thinking of Obama must either be about hating on the president or politics. YOU COULD NOT END UP DISAGREEING WITH OBAMA BY USING REASON, now could you?

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest last week even declined to say the Democrats should continue to support Schumer in his bid for Democratic leader once Harry Reid retires.

Here’s some discussion of the matter this morning on Morning Joe.

45 Responses to Obama Vitriol Machine Targets its Own

  1. Not to mention that in addition with the “how dare you oppose the boy king” attitude, is now threatening to withhold campaign cash from any Democrat that dares side with America and Israel instead of capitulating to Iran.
    The rest of O’s term is going to be very, very dangerous.

    • The rest of Obama’s term will be dangerous,…..
      Not if congress does their job.
      I never trusted Schumer, but just maybe this is an indication of some spine.

      • Schumer is only threatening to vote this way because of pressure from Israel. He is after all a Jew. But we’ll see. I still don’t trust the guy. He is an extreme lefty and on 0bama’s side.
        Wouldn’t be surprised if he changed his mind and apologized.

    • A lot of people were fooled by smoooth talking “not white America, not black America” Obama and now it looks like a lot of pundits and Americans are going to be fooled by Schumer’s stated opposition to the Iran deal.

  2. Schumer is a crafty veteran. He knows the adage, lose the battle, win the war. He knows that he needs to side with Israel in the short term. But if Obama can override the no vote, Schumer can sit back and say, well, I voted No, but the system is what the system is. He gets his matzo and eats it too.


  3. The Obama family attended church for 20 years listening to RevWright rail against the “Jews”, call God to “damn America”, and spew hatred to all Whites, and we’re supposed to be surprised that PresidentObama has no respect for Israel or any Jew, and hopes to destroy traditional America?

    The only people hoping for “death to America” are the Black terrorists, transplanted American Islamists, and the far left Democrat machine.
    SenSchumer dined with the devil, now he must pay the bill.

  4. It would have been shocking if Chuckie had NOT opposed the deal. But if he is so adamant, why isn’t he making an effort to take other DEMS with him, i.e. his good friend Sen. Gillibrand? It’s all theatre!

  5. The question I have is he trying to convince other Democrat Senators to vote against it. He has been in the Senate since 1999. He is the ranking member of the powerful Rules Committee. If a member of the Senate wants to pass a bill it has to go through Rules. If someone as powerful as he is does not want the bill passed it will be buried in Rules and never come to the floor to be voted on. If I were a Democratic Senator I’d ask myself do I want to cross Schumer or on the other hand do I want to cross Obama.

  6. I was just browsing and saw this comment.

    “To me the best part about this it has fired the public up to do something about all the crap from the media we have endured for years. Say what you what about Trump, but I am grateful about that.”

    And in fact, since DT has entered the fray talk is more open about Immigration and about the role of the media. Not pretty but maybe this is the way we get some progress out in the open. And there are a lot of festering issues.

    Rush Limbaugh had a reasonable column and urged Trump to get back to the issues. And Ailes has called him to be on Fox — in the works. Interesting times — from a buffoon no less.

      • On the way to the grocery yesterday morning, I was listening to the radio. The discussion began noting the cost to run for President these days.
        So when I got to the store. I ran in to someone that I know. I said: Listen: I would like to run for P. all I need is at least 2 billion to get started.
        Do you have that on hand? By the way I promise to bring back more coupons in the Sunday paper.
        HA. HA. I needed the laugh.
        It is so hard to be off the wall funny on the web compared to in person.:)