As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

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          • So you think you can overturn RvW? Of course, people can get abortions elsewhere–they can get them from PP–the richies give them plenty…The only controllable part I see is the federal money. Women also get terminations from their own docs–D&Cs.

      • She can use vulgar.
        She can use any word she wants and as far as that is concerned the rest of them can say anything they want.
        That doesn’t mean I have to agree with them.

        Growing up my Mom told me to consider the source of the snarkey comments they are getting away with because they are out to demean you.

        I have considered the source and on other threads, many other people have also.

        FoxNews is not on their ‘must watch’ list just because of this debate, and Kelly’s inane gotcha questions to Trump.

        She took the comments that Trump said totally out of context, and she knows it.
        That fact alone is enough to make me distrust her.

        Now, whether she was told to do that, or whether she did it to screw Trump on a National stage is beside the point.
        She did it.

        I put a post from Mark Levin on this site that will tell you that she was trying to blindside him at the outset of that debate.

        If you haven’t listened to it, do so.

        • I am not a deviant–and I sure thought he meant PMS–since when is blood coming out of the nose a common expression. This whole thing is dumb dumb dumb. I am losing IQ pts even writing this. Sure, Donald can say whatever he wants, you can, I can. As I have said, I am not a huge Megyn fan and thought she looked trashy. All three agreed on those questions…Maybe Fox was out to get him–thogh why kill the golden goose of ratings?

    • If you are referring to Fiorina, yes I believe she was, however, it WAS NOT A GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN.

      National Monuments were shutdown.
      The National Mall was restricted to WWII vets that had made the trip to view the monuments.

      National parks were told to restrict access to tourists that wanted to see them.

      A government shutdown would be the best damn thing we would ever experience, except, no-one has the balls to do it.

      She talks about a bloated government.
      A government that is too big.
      OK Carly, what would you do to fix the problem ?

      And I want specifics.

      • GeorgeWill said something curious on FOX today – he commented on MrO’s terrible speech where he compared Repubs to Iranian radicals = said it was un-presidential. hmm.
        Then, he opined that the President and the Iranians don’t want this deal ratified by the Americans, that it’s a bad deal.

        Odd to say the least.

        • I have not turned on the TV, (news) all day. After reading your comment, I said I better get caught up on the news. Turned it on and forgot it is reruns of the earlier talk shows. On Fox Megan was on. On CNN it was some women slamming Trump about (All) the things he has said about woman. Turned the TV off. I tried to pull up the interview that you mentioned Srdem65 on the Net. No luck.

        • Straw men srdem.
          Remember when Obama spoke at the graduation of the Coast Guard and told them that it would be a dereliction of duty if they did not embrace global warming ?

          • My comment I just made got knocked off. Does anyone know, How, Why, Who: makes your comment leave the screen? Than a box comes up stating: Internet cannot display this page?
            Anyway: I noted: I remember what you stated AFVet.
            As well: I noted a comment I read on WZ about this picture.
            I already lost the website address. So when there is time. Just type Picture of Fox’s Mudoch, Val Jar****, and Jeb at Chamber of Commerce dinner in Dec. 2014

        • I went back to listen. Am now more confused than ever about what Will said. But what I got was that this vote was of “no consequence” — because of the veto. After veto what is needed is 1/3 plus 1 in either House or Senate to give Obama what he wants. Ingraham thinks he’ll get it.

          This deal sure does stink. It is pure Obama. And as was noted divides America, divides the parties, and divides within the parties. And this division is exactly what Barack Obama wants. Evil.

  1. Newest post debate NBC poll on Republican candidates shows Trump leading the field at 23 percent. I think that’s up a point or two compared to before the debate. The Kelly-Trump, ah, disturbance, didn’t hurt him at all. Of course, Fox et all will pound on the debate and how awful Trump is and how wonderful Kelly is all week, 24/7, so polls later in the week may show different numbers.

    Post debate numbers: Donald Trump 23 percent, Ted Cruz 13 percent, Ben Carson 11 percent (nice boost, it looks like), Carly Fiorena 8 percent (also nice boost, if I remember her pre-debate numbers, and Rubio also 8 percent (thought he might score higher).

    I didn’t see even a mention of Jeb Bush in the story, so I don’t know what’s going on there.

  2. Kind of meh about what is going on right now — from a long term perspective. I am curious about what will happen to/with Trump. But I sense that Fiorina is going to step in it — unfortunately and that it will be a small slip. She is on the offensive right now; she is putting herself in a position that could cause her to be on the defensive and it might be a tad early for that. But, whatever .

    What I did notice about her decision to come out against Trump — she bought into the argument that Trump was talking about menstruation and Kelly. And it is not proven, and probably cannot be proven , that he was. He denies it. Everyone else assumes it. Personally, I never went there from his comment. Anyway, it might have been better to just say — Trump is Trump, I am Me.

    Does she have to defend every woman because she is a woman? If so, she is going to be one busy woman given the “War on Women” thing.

    And given her past comments on Cruz and a government shutdown it might be unwise to go into the shutdown the government over PP.

    I think she might slip into a siding with the Establishment slot without perhaps meaning to. Although that might be where she is naturally.

    Ramble– apologies.

    • I agree. I did not think of that time of the month when he spoke either.
      What if he would have said. Calm down or your hair is going to stand straight up?
      Would they also be calling this a woman’s issue because, he was insulting her for not using enough hair spray?
      I think Fiorina should have said we will now discuss/concentrate on saving our Country, instead of discussing this matter.

      • Too late. DT retweeted something to CF. She is now diverted — and she did it to herself. Check over at Right Scoop if interested.

        The irony is — she was so on message and recognized for that.

      • She is wearing OK with me…My kid just came in and remarked, “Who is that Hispanic guy–the cute one–I like him.” I said Rubio. She said, “He sounds smart.” A Millennial heard from…I was shocked…

  3. Aftermath of debates. This much negative energy and anger is difficult to sustain. When the dust settles one thing feels fairly certain, with or without Donald Trump, the GOP-e and Fox News did more damage to themselves than anything else.

    • I could go with Walker/Cruz. In an Executive — steady as she goes, not distracted, gets it done. Cruz — clean up. We can’t fix ourselves, we won’t be able to do squat internationally. But throw in Allen West, SecDef.

  4. MK takes Trump ‘on your knees’ comment out of context. Contestant agrees:

    MK deserves to be ‘fired’, but of course that will never happen.

    I lost all respect for her a few weeks ago when she interviewed Jeb and asked him the infamous question about the Iraq war. It was obvious that Bush mis-heard the question and MK made no effort whatsoever to clarify her question. Instead, she took pleasure from the firestorm that ensued over her ‘gotcha’ question. Several journalists were angry at her for not acting professionally.

    She belongs in the Obama administration with the rest of the liars and spin meisters!

  5. I am kicking myself for not finding out what state MarjoJimbo’s from so I could have hunted them down at the States reception at RedState last Friday night. :D