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Trump Booted From RedState Confab; Top Aide Gone

Donald Trump’s bluntness, which has won him legions of conservative fans, boomeranged against him Friday when comments about Fox anchor Megyn Kelly prompted RedState founder Erick Erickson to disinvite him from the RedState GOP gathering in Atlanta.

Trump has been attacking Kelly relentlessly since she sharply questioned him during Thursday night’s Fox News GOP candidate debate, saying she “behaved very badly” and her questions were “vicious,” and retweeting a comment that called her a “bimbo.”

But Trump’s hammering of Kelly became too much for Erickson, a leading conservative voice, when the candidate told CNN, “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.”

Word began to circulate early Saturday afternoon that Trump’s chief political advisor, veteran operative Roger Stone, had left the campaign. Trump’s campaign claimed he was fired, but Stone says he quit.

An email purportedly by Stone to Trump, obtained by Politico, suggested Trump’s battle with Fox News was part of what prompted him to get out:

“Unfortunately, the current controversies involving personalities and provocative media fights have reached such a high volume that it has distracted attention from your platform and overwhelmed your core message,” Stone wrote. “With this current direction of the candidacy, I no longer can remain involved in your campaign.”

Erickson, who is a Fox News contributor, posted the news late Friday on his website that Trump was disinvited from the conference. He wrote:

“As much as I do personally like Donald Trump, his comment about Megyn Kelly on CNN is a bridge too far for me. In a CNN interview, Mr. Trump said of Megyn Kelly, ‘You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.’ It was not the ‘blood coming out of her eyes’ part that was the problem.”

Erickson continued:

“I think there is no way to otherwise interpret Mr. Trump’s comment. In an attempted clarification, Mr. Trump’s team tells me he meant ‘whatever,’ not ‘wherever’ . . . His comment was inappropriate. It is unfortunate to have to disinvite him. But I just don’t want someone on stage who gets a hostile question from a lady and his first inclination is to imply it was hormonal. It just was wrong.”

Erickson added that he had invited Megyn Kelly to attend in Trump’s place Saturday night.

Carly Fiorina, the only woman in the GOP primary race, took to Twitter to condemn Trump’s remarks as well. “Mr. Trump. There. Is. No. Excuse,” she wrote. “I stand with @megynkelly.”

Trump tweeted Saturday morning that he was referring to Kelly’s nose: “Re Megyn Kelly quote: ‘you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever’ (NOSE). Just got on w/thought.”

Trump struck back at Erickson Saturday morning, his campaign releasing a statement accusing Erickson of being just the type of “establishment” conservative Trump is campaigning against.

“Erick a total loser, he has a history of supporting establishment losers in failed campaigns so it is an honor to be uninvited from his event,” the statement said. “Mr. Trump is an outsider and does not fit his agenda.”

In potentially going too far with his rhetoric, Trump may be folding what could have been a winning hand. Many conservatives were angered by the questions posed to the candidates by the Fox News anchors, perhaps assuming they would see mostly friendly fire from the network.

It remains to be seen, though, how Trump’s latest controversial comment will play with the conservative base and whether his penchant for bluntly free-associating is now turning against him.

This post originally appeared in LifeZette.

90 thoughts on “Trump Booted From RedState Confab; Top Aide Gone”

  1. I don’t think the candidates assumed they would all get softballs or “friendly fire.” (I know people actually maimed by friendly fire, so don’t love that phrase.) If you listed to the after-debate gab, all three panel members said they did the questions together. Even ego boy Wallace said the other two sent him back to check facts on questions he suggested.

    1. I heard Wallace and Bret last night state they work hard and for quite some time to choose the questions.
      You can have it three ways.
      Trump slammed back. Some slammed a little like paul, than hushed up biting his tongue.
      Than there are some like the ones in office who do not peep a word about anything, and that is why we have the Iran Deal hovering over us.

  2. So, Trump “attacked Kelly relentlessly” and she “sharply questioned him”.

    Wow. Megyn exceeded probably her own expectations.

  3. The old boy network is after The Donald. This is a good example. Keeping him out.
    The more they dis him the more I like him!!

    Our country is in serious trouble caused by ObamaMohamad.
    We need new leadership not more of DC insiders kicking the can down the road.
    The Donald could not be any worse than our present ObamaValjar dictatorship. They really are evil.
    Voters so stupid they elected this dishonest fraud Kenyan.

  4. Eric said it is his conference and he could do whatever he wanted. Ok, his choice. He offered refunds to folks who who were angry that Trump was disinvited. I wonder how many took him up.

    Trump was not on the original agenda; he was an add on.

    One woman with whom I spoke this morning here at the Red State was very angry at Erickson’s decision. She felt it was patronizing toward women, and if she wanted to boo Trump when he showed up, that would have been her decision.

    1. A lot of criticism on Red State (comments shut down — because they can). Many saw the uninvite as petty and the reaching out to Megyn Kelly to speak as unnecessary and confusing.

      And Red State’s attitude is pretty much My House, My Rules. True. But very condescending and rude.

  5. The Conservatives have themselves a fine mess. They uninvite Trump and become haters themselves, by saying that just because one voice on the ballot doesn’t mesh with the others, then he must be banished? Yikes, I call that censorship. Wrong wrong wrong to forbid him a place. If Donald is going to fail, it’ll be because his words don’t resonate with the VOTERS. For the other candidates to censor him is really bad.

    1. I agree. I still have not chosen who I will vote for. Untill than let them speak.
      Now Fox what more viewers. Well because of all of this Mess. I now have the weather channel on mute while I am reading the news.
      Instead of having the news channel on.

  6. The POTUS has thrown out the most base of insults to millions of his constituents, my own USSenator calls us ‘crazies’, groups of high profile organizations can and do vilify ordinary citizenss who expect and demand that our elected leaders follow the law, but the outrage is aimed at a private citizen who gives his opinion of another?

    The FOX team’s intent was to knee-cap MrTrump from the onset of what was supposed to be a professional debate among serious candidates. They meant for the audience to dislike MrTrump, they skewed the singular questions to attack his prior statements given in response to a loud-mouthed entertainer’s insults.
    BernieSanders can promote his communist ideas, Hillary Clinton can lie about everything while skimming donated money from what appears to be a faux charity, and the MSM is silent, complicit.
    Our government employees can abuse their office by singling out certain citizens they don’t like, a traitor and deserter is honored by his Commander in Chief, and our Congress argues about trivia.

    Like him or not, Donald Trump has a right to be with his fellow candidates, has a right not to be singled out for ridicule, and the people have the right to support whomever they choose.

    1. Just as I don’t like it when dissenters from “our” views are told to leave here–this site–I think they should have had their confab–if Fox wanted Megyn to cover it, they could have sent her. The whole meeting would have been lost in the 24-hr shuffle.

      1. Plus if Trump makes Fox so much money and brings in so many eyeballs, why would they set out to get him? He can take care of himself. He got more time than anyone else–as Ann Landers used to say—Quitcherbitchin. If anything, Cruz, Carson, Walker and even Bush came up short.

        1. Plus–if Trump is so wrongly accused and butt hurt–let him buy Fox and fire Megyn and anyone else he doesn’t like. Or he could use his fantastic nego skills and contacts to get Fox’s supposed Saudi masters to rein the company in. Let’s see that.

  7. OT: I meant to mention this early this morning before I went shopping.
    1 Ameriacan killed and 2 wounded in attack on US Special Operations Base in Afghanistan. RIP

    1. RIP I can’t stand to think of our military in Afghanistan with barely enough of our own to protect our own.

      This is on Obama. Who probably barely remembers there is a single American soldier there.

      And oh yeah, I read that ISIS is holding a village of Christians. Barely an eyebrow raise from this Administration.

    1. I’m interested Starr…Project Runway is my favorite show because I love design and fashion. P.R.shows beautiful fabrics, real skill and minimal drama. However, I did not like the beginning of this season. What is your take?

      1. Well, first, I could not “get on” Lifetime for my weekly comment fest like last yr. Went to a blog with some fun commenters. I thought the setup was a little scripted and on the nose–some guy SAYS he likes to make small people feel smaller? He said that? I am sure he is a jerk, but let us discover it. Second that losing dress was kind of just a drape job–but that weird nightgown thing with the fugly pattern insert on one shoulder even made my kid–passing through the room–go EW. Ew is never a good sign. Dunno–not really a controversay, I guess–just my first impression–I will get to know the designers as time goes on. I am not sure Little Nut will stick–there is boxy and unstructured and then there is baggy as heck.

        1. Thx. I thought there was “controversy” — I used to watch it, so I am sure that at some point there will be the designer “controversy” that can be fun or not. Enjoy!

  8. If EE had half a brain, he would have kept his powder dry. As the Trump campaign stated, Erickson is just the type of “establishment” conservative Trump is campaigning against. I wonder how many, if any, ‘guests’ stormed out of the venue. I know I would have been one of them.

    IMO, Trump was doing a pretty good job of sinking his own campaign Thursday night. Not because of the MK comments, which certainly were inappropriate, but with his innuendos about running as a third party candidate if ‘people didn’t treat him right’. It’s outrageous. He said he is ‘running as a Republican, but didn’t say he IS a Repub.

    I would like to know exactly what he means by ‘people not treating him right’! Bestowing the nomination on him???

    All of this double talk seems to back up the claims that he could be a Clinton ‘plant’, IMO.
    That, and the fact that he brought nothing new to the table Thursday night, is very disappointing. I do not consider him a viable candidate – all hat, no cattle.

    It’s back to reality, and the fact that MOST of the candidates are back benchers, IMO. I fear Christie more than anyone, and will probably support Kasich…reluctantly.

  9. People have to remember he’s a hot tempered person who means what he says regardless of the consequences. This is what I like about him. She purposely picked on him. A radio host stated she was “told” to pursue him.

      1. As I mentioned yesterday evening Bret and Wallace explained how this took them weeks to put/pick the questions.
        We will never know if anyone of them told their bosses, this is not a good idea.

        1. This reflects badly on Bret the most…he had a strong record of objectivity and fairness coming in, but, for me at least, this changes things. He was part of the hit squad – they should have just focused on the issues, not an ambush. If Donald was/is going to implode at some point, he can do it on his own and then the voters can decide…not Fox News.

          1. I agree with you. Brett was my last hold out on Fox for objective and informative. I was surprised that he agreed to be part of this. And I told him so. Not that it matters one bit, but some things need to be said. What I have heard him say since does not lead me to believe that he is anything but 100% in agreement with what happened and is posturing it as a great win for Fox. So….the last of the good ones.

  10. So Donald can’t say, “I misspoke.” And then, get a media pass and maybe even media support/sympathy.
    Got it, Donald? This is a rule for you. Take heed.
    Donald Trump is not stupid, but sometimes, even he lets his alligator mouth overrun his hummingbird ass.
    I am a woman and I am sick and tired of the relentless concentration on “women’s issues.” We have issues and “women’s issues” are WAY down then list for me.
    If MK is really “all that and a bag of chips” she needs to take this on the chin – if you dish it out, you have to take it. Be a role model Megyn and put this to rest. It’s not about you.
    Admittedly, Donald’s replies were not stellar but the questions directed to him were of a personal nature – not national and international issues.
    I don’t really care for the man – he goes on and on way too much for me to tolerate. Reminds me of many a Baptist preacher – say the same thing over and over.
    BUT, he is a bone fide candidate at this point – and we the voters need to learn what his thoughts and ideas are.
    And Megyn needs to decide if she is a bone fide journalist or a tool for Fox News.

    1. I am in moderation. I am a woman. I am not about to blame mod jail on that fact. Nor will I accuse Keith of putting me there deliberately.
      What a bunch of sheeple the majority of the populace consistently proves themselves to be.

        1. I just read your comment at 8:39. :)
          If I were Trump. I would have stated:
          Enough. I would like to answer questions regarding the God awfull Iran Deal. The American people did not tune in, for this type of Jerry Springer questioning. Than smile.
          I think it would have been harder to attack again. Just a thought.

          1. SL — I don’t think Sunday is open yet. So — this is the end of the Saturday thread. Maybe Keith will come around later and open it. And then, time difference. :)

  11. Red state advertised relentlessly about a reduced price ticket for tonight at the College Football Hall of Fame with Trump for $99. thank god my husband and I decided against it…it was pretty tempting living in North Georgia…bet we’d have a hard time getting a refund from Erickson (I want a fulltimeFox news job) guy!!!

  12. You might have heard that Trump Fired his top aide Roger Stone or Roger Stone Fired Donald Trump. Either way I thought I would look at this a little more closely. Some of you might know who Roger Stone is (he has quite the resume and rep). I did not.

    So, for those of us with a guilty pleasure of tabloids I offer this. Actually not tabloid, A Weekly Standard piece. It is way fun and most informative, especially for anyone who thought this kind of stuff doesn’t happen and these kind of people are only the stuff of movies.

    Have fun. I did.

  13. I didn´t see the debate but I have read about it, of course. The establishment obviously don´t know what to do about Trump so they pick up a comment of his and make it the big, big thing. Sorry, I don´t buy it.And stop making women victims, we can fend for ourselves. We all know that Trump has an “unpolished ” style, he is famous for it and many like him for it ( although I don´t really like rudeness but it is OK when done with humour). But if offended, just bite back. However, and that is what is important here, we all also know how media people can be. And I wish that Romney had had just some of Trumps brashness in those presidential debates with Obama. I remember that female moderator, don´t remember her name, she was totally unfair, out to get Romney and out to save Obama. She deserved some very harsh words and more. I guess that this Kelly had the same mission , take Trump down. The lesson is, do not send in a woman and hope to get away with it, when you deal with Trump you must be able to handle him. He is fighting the establishment and I applaud him for it. They need a shake-up. We, the people over here, are shaking our fetters and shackles as well. There are many , politicians and media people, we want to see brought down too. Trump-style politicians can go far here as well. We already have some. Anti-establishment is coming !

  14. He said the same thing about Chris Wallace. He wanted to get back on the subject of jobs. “I chrish woman”. Only the deviant would say what I said, would refer it to what they did.
    Why do you have some many newsman disagreeing with you on that? He said because they want to be right.
    24 million people did not watch to see Jeb or Carly.

    Question: You did not mean to suggest Megan was having her period.
    Trump: Of Course not.
    I am turning the TV off now.

  15. Too funny. In a perverted kinda way. First FOX targets Trump at the debate. And now Chris Wallace uses him as bait in a gotcha’ interview with Fiorina and then later Rand Paul. I don’t want to be a spoiler for those who didn’t watch or on the Left Coast — so decide for yourselves. But Chris, in full

    1. I still think: Everytime a news person wants to grab atention and ask Trump about this issue, He should say OF Course not. Than ask who ever is questioning him, Don’t you or your news station think there are tremendous issues the citizens are concerned with? Than hold up The List! He will not have time to read off everything before someone interrupts him, or breaks to a commericial. However the citizens will appreciate his effort.

        1. I really thought it was somehow connected to her being ill before the debate — big drama over that — but in no way did I make that menstruation leap that is now the “thing”. Whatever. He said bleeding — I thought devil, evil, etc. Nosebleeds you say? Poor thing.

      1. Don’t make me cut your mic.!
        Not you Marcus, as you know I noted one of her statements.
        I may not agree with Kristen Powers on several things, but I do not mute her, or turn the TV off when she speaks on The Five, etc.

        1. Yes, and it’s just a matter of being respectable to whomever is on the air being interviewed. It’s perfectly OK to disagree with anyone we want, but we have to be cool about it. Professional. Centered. Be in a “this too will pass” frame of mind. And maybe in a “Maybe I can learn something from this person I disagree with so much.

          I read an interesting phrase the other day: “I would rather lose an argument and perhaps learn something in the process, than to win an argument and continue to wallow in my ignorance.”


      2. Hello Airman.
        Yes, Megyn is a lawyer and was a prosecutor.
        She needs a judge in the middle of these ‘discussions’ to settle her down and put her back in her place.

        I select Judge Jeanine.

        1. And she needs to get rid of the Joan Crawford “Mommy Dearest” and Whatever Happened To Baby Jane” expression. Good coaching can do that. Hopefully, she’ll learn from all this.

    1. Megyn Kelly is my choice for the Candy Crowley Award at this year’s Emmies.

      That question was an ambush question — everybody knows it — and it didn’t have anything to do with what is on voter’s minds.

  16. A lot of people like Carly Fiorina. I think she is well spoken and accomplished and has come through life trials well. And now time — she jumped in to defend Megyn against Donald Trump (unnecessary and ill advised) and now she has charged Ted Cruz with “no honor” in his fight to defund Obamacare and charges Cruz and Obama with being responsible for government shutdown. Apparently Boehner is Boehner the innocent.

    She was much better off going after Clinton. imo. If this is were she feels she needs to go (into the arms of establishment — she has no money)…..

    1. You’re right. It was unnecessary– and politically stupid. If she wants the Trump vote after he pulls out (and he will), that’s not the way to do it. Odd move.

  17. I don’t want any of you to take this the wrong way, but some of these defenses of Donald Trump reminds me of the way some on the Left defend Obama.

    it’s like there’s a willingness to overlook anything as long as Trump continues to “stick it to the man.”

    our side doesn’t need plaster saints. we have some really good human candidates. Trump is not one of them.

  18. “Trump’s chief political advisor, veteran operative Roger Stone…”

    I can imagine one of the seven circles of veteran operative hell being condemned to being Trump’s chief political advisor. I don’t think Trump even listens to himself!

    Color me crazy, but even though Trump is striking a chord with the electorate, I see him as just another Barack Obama. He’s a demagogue who has no intention of doing the heavy lifting required to fix this country. He’ll bring in a gaggle of advisors, then go play golf (or whatever he does). Winning the Presidency is just another feather to put in his cap.

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