As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

19 Responses to Saturday Open Thread || August 8, 2015

  1. “Michelle, Don’t forget to pack my Mom jeans and bicycle helmet for our vacation. Oh, and have you seen that “Art of the Deal” book Trump sent me the other day?”

    – President Obama

    A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote.

  2. All of the discussion about the debate has wore me out. This morning I found two articles about socialism which I think are worth your while to read. One is about the Swedish model and one about the food riots in Venezuela. You will have to scroll to get to the Venezuela one. Here is the link.

    • Denise is there now and just reported that Erickson has made an offer to Megyn Kelly to appear.

      The crowd didn’t like the fact that Trump was dis-invited.

          • I always consider her a strong person. She should have stood proud and strong, and moved on. She should tell the Erickson and company to leave what transpired in that debate with Trump and I out of your PUSH OUT!

      • Most of the comments at Red State are against the decision. I am as well. I have always been on the fence about EE and he is I think both a Fox and CNN contributor.

        Disinviting Trump bad. Inviting kelly worse.

  3. Forget Megyn–you don’t think Trump with all his…er, oratorical gifts–can’t duke it out with Ailes?

    Personally I have extreme Trump and Fox fatigue–I can hardly walk.