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  1. The great debate:
    FOX made it clear that MrTrump was their prime target. The clumsy attempt to humiliate him, to force him to his knees by apologizing for something he said years and it mostly worked.
    This was not a debate among candidates, but a chance for FOX to throw out ‘gotcha’ opportunities to candidates they don’t like, and to keep others from having national attention.
    It was uncomfortable to watch, it was unfair and partisan.
    Shame on FOX. Candidates should think twice before being part of another ‘debate’ there.

    • It truly was not a debate.

      Chris Wallace was his usual obnoxious self when confronted with people he does not like.

      Asking questions about things candidates said in the past was ridiculous. Someone could find something each one of us said at some point in the past and throw it back at us.

      • I agree it wasn’t a debate. I wanted to hear more about policy. I don’t give a rip about Rosie O’Donnell, she has said offensive things herself, and Megyn was way out of line with those questions.

        • Trump is all over the morning blabs–how DARE anyone say obnoxious things–that is HIS job! I did think Megyn looked like a call girl and tried some gotchas–but Wallace did, too–though not the call girl part. I did not like the giant audience part. Too showbiz–but I guess this country is now–show biz.

          • I agree about Megyn. This is the mother of three? This is a mother that some times shows up, who has a helpful husband and a nanny. The hair extensions look really awful and add to the call-girl look. In fact checking, the one candidate that did not lie was my girl Carly. She was terrific.

      • X2 srdem65
        X3 MarjoJimbo
        The American citizens, world are concerned for our saftey.
        Americans are concerned for our Country in many different ways.
        So I wanted to here how each person was going to come to our rescue.
        What is very sad. I mentioned yesterday that o was not going to enjoy this debate.
        Well I think he may have had a laugh or two.

          • This whole debate thing, and the way it’s been conducted so far by Fox, is a real turn off. We’re seeing the “reporter class” going after the “political class” in ways that are dishonest, bigoted, and shameless. They’re all puffed up and preening themselves today because they see themselves as kingmakers. They didn’t even try to hide that self image last night. Pathetic.

          • AFVET: It was a first for me. I’m just this little blogger who talks about butterflies and my town of Bedford so it was different and fun for me at the same time. Thanks so much for stopping in and offering so many good points.

          • Star @12:07. In my mind, there’s a huge difference between wanting the press to be more aggressive and what the Fox hackers did last night. Megyn especially, wanted the attention to be on HER as she asked the pointed questions. SHE wanted to be remembered and quoted this morning as the darling who asked The Donald about women. The panel could have asked very aggressive questions that were meant to elicit a sound response. Last night, the questions were meant to cause a cat fight and ratings hoopla. I never watch Fox except for the Five and can’t stand Megyn anyway, so I’m pleased that she’s getting a resounding raspberry today.

          • As I said earlier this week, Megyn has gotten a little big for her britches pretty fast–agree. And we should not be talking about the questioners at all–just the answerers.

      • Star does have a good point. I am always fussing about Joshi talking in circles. I do not want the professional jounalist at the press briefing to present themselves as what we experienced last night. However they really need to interupt Joshi, in an ever so polite way. Than ask the question again.

    • srdem65 Well, maybe not all candidates should think twice. I saw a bias towards some. And as I ranted last night, Megyn embarrassed herself and just really turned me off FOX. And there was a posture of disdain this morning on Fox and Friends by Brian and Steve when interviewing Trump. Weird.

    • Agreed. I was looking for serious policy debate and how they were address our country’s ills. After 10 minutes, I put on a DVD movie.

  2. The Republican National Convention will be held in Cleveland on July 18-21, 2016. A lot can happen between now and then. The one thing that surprised me last night was they did not go after Hillary that much.

    • Al– though Rubio had that great line about how was Hillary Clinton going to talk to him about living paycheck to paycheck — “I was raised on paycheck to paycheck”.

      • Someone at the Wash Post said Rubio looked like a Cub Scout–I remember a line about Barnett Newman, the artist. Someone said to him, “My kid could have painted that.” Newman did not bat an eyelash. “Must be a pretty smart kid,” he said.

  3. Turned it on at the beginning, then off. It was a bit of a carnival atmosphere. Fun to watch Trump, but after a while, can we really see this guy giving a State of the Union Address?


    • Remember how I kept asking on here–what proof is there that the govt of Mexico SENT those criminals here–well, he was asked that twice and finally vaguely said he had been to the border. Of course, we were to think the Border Patrol said that or showed him evidence…In the Wash Post, they said his “good” ans was the Border Patrol told him that. Not quite.

  4. Sen. Shumer says he will oppose Iran nuclear deal.
    Gun-Confiscation fears lead to protest in Idaho.
    Russia hacks Pentagon.
    Iranian general visits Moscow days after nuke deal announced.
    Now that is just a few headlines on Drudge.
    These are just a few more things added to The List, Mess. I had to listen to a question about name-calling.

  5. I’d love to see a debate where the candidates provide the questions they want asked of the other candidates. Each candidate picks a number from their set during their turn.

    “I’ll take #3 this time.”

    “Mr. Candidate… your question is this: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.”

    Only indicate who asked the question AFTER the response is given. It would be interesting to see how that plays out.

    And I really hope that Fiorina makes it into the next general debate. She’s smart, she knows her stuff. Right now I’m looking at Cruz and Fiorina as my top 2. Love having Trump in there because he stirs the pot and brings up the issues and forces them to be addressed, but he is NOT the guy for the long term.

  6. And, as we all have noted before, is what Fox was up to in these “debates”. Big money at stake:

    “GOP debate: Early numbers suggest record audience”

    It was a perfect set up to make money for Fox; like for any good movie, Fox created a villain (Trump), and the hero (Jeb et al), peddled the movie and the villain for days, weeks, months. “Oh, what will the villain do! What will the villain say! Will the hero survive? Don’t miss this movie! Everybody will be talking about it. There will be adventure! Mystery! Intrigue! You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll be talking about it for days! Make sure you see it. Only at Fox!”

    We, the American citizens who are at a point of crisis in the affairs of our government, deserve so much more from our “media”.

  7. I have mixed feelings about the ‘panel of inquisitor’s/Fox. On one hand they came off nasty and aggressive. On the other hand, they were giving a heads up as to what the candidates can expect from the others. If their intent was to sort the wheat from the chaff; it was a good place to start.

    I still would prefer questions from our very own Keith Koffler, Professor Jacobson/Legal Insurrection for starters. Most of us are reading our favorite bloggers and they should have as much to more input into the debates as TV.

  8. FOX news is beyond demoralizing. The ‘condescendingly self-important’ Megyn Kelly should never be allowed near the debate table! You couldn’t pay me to watch her show, but when it comes to shaping the outcome of a presidential election, her bias is shameful. She is wielding her over-rated, new-found celebrity in the same manner as Obama has done, IMO. Sickening!

    Condescending interview with Ted Cruz:

  9. And… Barry, Moochelle, the Moochettes, and dozens of friends and family are off to the Vineyard for a SEVENTEEN DAY VACATION. Earlier reports said they would be on Martha’s Vineyard from Saturday, August 8th through Sunday, August 23rd, but they’re leaving today:

    FRIDAY, AUGUST 7, 2015

    In the morning, the President and the Vice President will receive the Presidential Daily Briefing in the Oval Office. This meeting is closed press.

    In the afternoon, the First Family will travel to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. The departure from the South Lawn and arrival to the Cape Cod Coast Guard Air Station are open press.

    Following the arrival at the Cape Cod Coast Guard Air Station, the First Family will travel via Marine One to Martha’s Vineyard. There will be travel pool coverage of the arrival on Martha’s Vineyard.


    10:00AM THE PRESIDENT and THE VICE PRESIDENT receive the Presidential Daily Briefing
    Oval Office
    Closed Press

    4:35PM THE FIRST FAMILY departs the White House en route Andrews Air Force Base
    South Lawn
    Open Press (Gather Time 4:15PM – North Doors of the Palm Room)

    4:50PM THE FIRST FAMILY departs Andrews Air Force Base en route Massachusetts
    Andrews Air Force Base
    Out-of-Town Travel Pool (Call Time 3:15PM – Virginia Gate, Andrews Air Force Base)

    6:00PM THE FIRST FAMILY arrives Cape Cod, Massachusetts
    Cape Cod Coast Guard Air Station
    Open Press

    6:20PM THE FIRST FAMILY arrives Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts
    Out-of-Town Travel Pool Coverage

        • Not just any helicopter, either. In 2013, the Obamas used a $68 million V-22 Osprey to transport the family do to the island. The Osprey is “twice as fast as a helicopter and has much longer range. It’s capable of amphibious assault, combat support, long-range special ops infiltration and exfiltration, transport, search and rescue, and medevac. It can transport 24 combat troops, 20,000 pounds of internal or up to 15,000 pounds of external cargo using its medium lift and vertical takeoff and landing capabilities…”

          • With our military being downsized, and planes, etc. needing to be replaced, or built, You would think they would keep this fine helicopter out of the vacation use.

  10. I told you not to watch, that it was a waste of time. It seems you agree by your comments.
    Everyone is out to get The Donald. The ruling folks do not want him. They will do what ever it takes to destroy him!
    Our masters want it all to stay the same. No changes to the dictatorship already in place.
    Jeb or Hilary – like it or not here they come!

  11. I thought this was more of an ice breaker than a debate. A lot of very general comments were made, along with the “I did this” and “I did that” during my term as Governor/Senator/Whatever.
    I did not like the heavy handedness by the Moderators towards Trump, especially the very first question about a third party run. I did not like the obvious exclusion of Ben Carson by the Moderators.
    I thought The Donald looked a little petulant and pissed off when criticized. We have had enough of that with Obama. In his line of work he should have developed a little thicker skin. I admire The Donald for his forthrightness, but he has no depth and that is a big problem.

  12. I didn’t see Joshi yesterday. I just read an article on
    He tried to explain o meant when he said earlier this week that Iran’s “death to America” crowd shares “common cause” with Republicans.
    Joshi said: “I think what he did is make the point they are making the same argument that it’s hard-liners in Iran suggesting they should kill the deal and it’s Republicans here in Washington, D.C., suggesting the deal be killed,”

    • As usual, Barry gave an interview to be aired while he’s on vacation, lest we forget about him for a single day:

      Obama defends comparison between Iran hardliners and GOP

      Watch President Barack Obama’s full interview this Sunday on CNN’s “GPS with Fareed Zakaria” at 10 a.m. EST.

      Washington (CNN)President Barack Obama is standing by his comparison between Iranian hardliners and Republicans who he says are dead set on derailing any nuclear deal.

      “What I said is absolutely true, factually,” Obama told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria in an interview that will air in full Sunday.

      “The truth of the matter is, inside of Iran, the people most opposed to the deal are the Revolutionary Guard, the Quds Force, hardliners who are implacably opposed to any cooperation with the international community,” Obama said.

      Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised that the Senate would debate the Iran deal next month. He also knocked Obama on Thursday for claiming the only option to avoid war with Iran is a deal.

      “That’s an absurd argument, and it’s the one they’ve made from the very beginning, that it’s either what the President negotiates with the Iranians or it’s war,” McConnell said. “That’s never been the alternative.”

      But Obama said the Republicans’ unwillingness to consider any deal put them in league with Iranian factions opposed to the deal.

      “The reason that Mitch McConnell and the rest of the folks in his caucus who opposed this jumped out and opposed this before they even read it, before it was even posted, is reflective of a ideological commitment not to get a deal done,” Obama said. “In that sense they do have much more in common with the hardliners who are much more satisfied with the status quo.”

  13. Everyone seems to be enthralled by Christie’s dust up with Rand Paul. His line about the only ‘hugs’ he could remember giving were on 9/11 must have rehearsed for weeks! What a phony!
    Christie is a big phony and coward – a school yard bully – who never would have picked on any of the other men on that stage. Talk about over-kill! Rand Paul was simply low hanging fruit.
    If he gets the nomination, I will stay home.

  14. Fox’s GOP debate had record 24 million viewers

    Fox’s GOP debate was watched by 24 million viewers on Thursday night, according to Nielsen data, making it the highest-rated primary debate in television history.

    The event, which featured Donald Trump in his first debate, was also the highest rated telecast in the nearly 20 year history of the Fox News Channel, a spokeswoman said.

    Of the 24 million viewers, 7.9 million were in the key advertising demographic of 25 to 54 year olds.

    The ratings, which were delivered by Nielsen on Friday afternoon, shattered even the rosiest expectations for the beginning of debate season.

    The numbers from Thursday night’s two hour debate tripled the largest audience for any previous debate.

    For perspective, the debate’s audience easily exceeded the David Letterman farewell show (13.7 million viewers) and virtually tied the most watched “Sunday Night Football” game last season, the Dallas Cowboys versus Philadelphia Eagles game which drew 24.3 million viewers.

    Trump is a known ratings magnet. His reality show “The Celebrity Apprentice” used to reach 20 million viewers a week, but it has slipped over the years, averaging 6 to 8 million viewers for recent seasons.

    Now, through the debate process, it seems, Trump’s ratings are back up.

    There was also a surge — though much smaller surge — in viewership for the undercard debate at 5 p.m.

    The ratings are good news not only for Fox but for other media organizations that are sponsoring Republican debates. The “Trump show,” as some have called it, seems likely to continue into the fall.

    The next debates are set for September 16 (on CNN) and October 28 (on CNBC).

    Fox had high expectations for Thursday’s kick-off to debate season. Rival executives and campaign aides also predicted unusually high ratings for the event, thanks to curiosity about Trump and the controversy over the “top ten” candidate criteria.

    But the overnight numbers seemed to surpass everyone’s expectations.

    There was speculation on Friday morning that it may go down in the record books as the highest-rated Fox News telecast ever.

    On Thursday night there was immediate indication of the audience’s interest: the debate dominated social chatter on Twitter and Facebook.

    There was also trouble with Fox’s web stream.

    Fox made the debate available online to cable and satellite subscribers, but many users on Twitter said they had a tough time accessing it.

    A Fox spokeswoman confirmed the problems and said “an unprecedented, overwhelming demand caused server issues in the debate live stream.”

    • Drudge has it as his top headline:

      In the estimation of many reporters who cover the political and media beats, Fox News was the winner of the first GOP debate. And with the just-released ratings we can confirm that.

      A whopping 24 million watched the debate from 9 p.m. ET to just past 11 p.m. ET. FNC drew 7.9 million in the A25-54 demo.

      This is now the highest non-sports cable program of all time, the highest-rated cable news program of all time, and Fox News’s most-watched program ever.

      The 5 p.m. ET debate, withe the 7 lower-tier candidates did very well for Fox News too, drawing 6.1 million total viewers and 1.2 million in the demo, making it the third-highest primary debate ever on cable.

        • Yep. And now the Fox people will be even more obnoxious than ever.

          I hope when a new Republican POTUS is inaugurated in January 2017 that Republicans start tuning Fox out. I know I’ll be done with them by then. I’d so love to see their ratings begin to slide. They’ve all become very arrogant due to their enormous ratings success, dominating all rivals for so many years. They’ll never admit it, but part of that is due to BHO!

          • Agree. I have already cut a few shows–the same people seem to wander from studio to studio, sit down, and say the same things. Then on the libbie side, instead of a David Ignatius or even Steve Ratner, with something to say, they bring on Jemhu Green or that Julie person. I will say Powers seems to have a brain.

        • Yes, high ratings,, but they will pay a high price for those ratings. Fox just lost even more credibility than it has over the past few months. That’s a high price to pay. It’s all show business and ratings. They will do anything to beat whatever the previous record of cable viewers was. If focus groups had demonstrated that ratings would go up if Megyn Kelly dressed up as a clown, and Bret Baier dress up as Kim Kardashian, she would have dressed up as a clown and he would have dressed up as Kim Kardashian. No questions asked. Shameless.

  15. Oh, give me a flipping break, Joshy,you snarky little turd. SO unprofessional::

    Mark Knoller ‏@markknoller
    Pres Obama did not watch GOP debate last night. @PressSec watched, but dozed off, he said.
    1:27 PM – 7 Aug 2015

  16. Got a really snarky piece in my inbox from Jonah Goldberg about Donald Trump — Jonah not a fan. And he’s going to be on Special Report tonight so that’s a heads up.

    He’s a good writer, but he is no Mark Steyn and some times he overwrites. This time he overwrote and it’s kind of pathetic.

  17. I do not comment everytime I read or hear about another killing. It’s evil.
    However I just read an article on that the maniacs released names of 2,000 people they have executed in Mosul since the group seized the city.
    The only reason I am mentioning it, is because with these maniacs I am reminded of what the Nazi’s did to the Jewish people, and many others.
    They do not report much of this, anymore on msm. I do not know if the viewers complained about seeing to much bad/horrific news. I don’t know if the are not showing it, so therefore they are not giving the maniacs the attention they want.
    I hope it is the later reason. However that is not going to fix the problem. Here I go back to the JV comment.

  18. Well, I just spent the day at the Red State Gathering.

    So far, Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina, Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, and Rick Perry spoke.

  19. Too Funny. I just saw a snippet of Trump on the pledge question — and Rand Paul jumped in with a big whine and then he did it again with Christie. I had forgotten that about Rand and it was whiney.

  20. Jonah Goldberg and Charles — slam Trump.

    Interesting and disappointing that the way Brett chose to handle the moderator performance kerfuffle was to isolate Trump –. This is the most disingenuous Brett Baier’s been.

  21. This is a good and “fair and balanced” article about the moderators of the debate. Interestingly Lindsey Graham — yes our Lindsey — said it was “more like an inquisition”

    He also said “At the end of the day, ask the man a question that explains his position and his solutions rather than a ten-minute question that describes him as the biggest bastard on the planet,” Graham quipped.

    Anyway, it includes all the moderators and examples.

    • Thanks gracepmc. This article spells it out well. I hope that they copy this and study for the next debate.
      I caught the emails from viewers at the end of the show. Most of them were disappointed.

  22. I just turned on “The Insider”, a dopey entertainment “news” show that comes on before Entertainment Tonight. They opened with a story on “Megyn Kelly, who put Trump on the defense….she’s Trump’s toughest opponent”. Then they showed the clip of her dumb question about Trump’s remarks about women and stuff he says on Twitter. It’s a new “war on women”, thanks to Megyn Kelly. Ugh. (Btw, they also did a piece about Megyn last night, prior to the debate. It’s the star treatment for Megyn lately, and she is loving it).

    They then showed Megyn’s comment about Trump allegedly telling a contestant on “Celebrity Apprentice” that it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees. They showed the clip from that episode, from March 2013. It was a boardroom scene with former Playboy Playmate Brandi Roderick and Brett Michaels. It was Brett who first brought up the “drop to your knees” comment, saying Brandi got down on her knees begging not to be fired. Then, Trump made his remark about that must have been a pretty picture. Big deal, whatever. Most women have dealt with these dumb “jokes” before.

    Anyway, they showed a Skype interview with Brandi who defended Trump. She said he’s never been sexist or to her, that she has always had a very positive experience with him.

    I just Googled it:

    Thanks a lot, Megyn. With all the serious and important issues in the world, you gave the Dems the gift that here go the big, bad Republicans again with their “war on women”. What B.S.!!

      • They were questioning Trump about something he said. Accusing him of insulting women. At the same time they were attacking him.
        I loved the comment that Dr. Ben Carson made towards the end of the debate. When he kicked in the brain statement about Hillary.
        Fiorina was on Greta just now. She mentioned that she knows more world learders than anyone else running. That is except Hillary.
        She said: I do not do photo ops.
        We all know Trump, (By TV).
        All of these years, I have never been offended. I have not chosen anyone yet. However I do not need the msm to start bashing one or the other. I can listen to them, and read, than make up my own mind.

    • Ugh, they ended the show with a preview of next week: “Megyn Kelly, after the Trump attacks. All eyes on the Fox News Host. Will blasting The Donald backfire or make her even bigger?”

      That was interspersed with clips of Megyn asking the debate questions, (about Trump calling women “fat pigs”), along with clips from an interview Megyn did with The Insider a couple of months ago, where she was tooting her own horn about what a tough journalist she is, (I think that was back when she was pimping her ridiculous, softball Duggar interview).

      Oh, lovely. Now Entertainment Tonight is going to cover the debate, Trump, and superstar Megyn Kelly. Yuck!

      • Funnily enough, I’ve been saying Megyn should move over to ET – it’s perfect for her.
        Instead, FOX is turning into a rowdy version of ET and The National Enquirer.
        Ailes is a sell-out!

        • Agree. Kelly simply doesn’t have the depth or character or experience to maintain credibility in her current employment. On another blog, I made a similar comment when Kelly got promoted to her current job. I was castigated, mocked and derided for it, but it turns out I was correct. ET would be a great spot for her.

    • Entertainment Tonight did the same thing. They showed the clip of Megyn asking Trump about calling women “fat pigs” and his answer that it was directed at Rosie O’Donnell.

      Then they showed CBS’s Major Garrett being asked about this outside the arena in Cleveland and he said: “Donald Trump, in his entire career, has never really had to take account for the nasty side of his personalty. Guess what? Those days are over.”

      They also claimed that Trump got booed 2 times within the first minute of the debate, (they aireed a clip of the booing), but he was cheered 15 times, they admit. Fox News had 24 million viewers, highest ratings for cable news ever, blah, blah, blah.

      I realize these are stupid entertainment “news” shows, but I sometimes check them out to see how they cover these events/topics because this is what influences the low info voters who don’t watch cable news or read about politics.

      • Major Garrett one of our “betters”.

        Megyn — opportunist. She has capitalized on her assets. She is smart, but not as smart as she and others think she is. And she has no class.

      • We have a debate in September and October. How do you think the other news stations are going to handle their debate?
        Do you think they will ask needed questions, or have another sideshow?

        • Pretty much I think Fox gave them license to do whatever they want.

          That is no surprise whether Fox did what they did or not. If you can’t stand your own with the MSM you shouldn’t be President.

          My problem with the Fox debates is that I think we wanted to hear positions and defense of those positions. Not attacks. I don’t buy the well, if you can’t handle us, you can’t handle the MSM.

  23. Guess who is on Fox?
    Wallace and Baier.
    Bret said during breaks some people went to them to request more time.
    Than, Than why didn’t they give others more time????
    That was not explained.
    Wallace just said Trump made some outlandish comments.

    If anyone thought this was going to be a cake walk. You have to be ready for tough questions.
    John Kasich had a good night, and Ted Cruz.
    Wallace said Cruz saidn he is amazing the way he answers.
    Bret said it was a little nerve racking.
    Wallace asked: In a sentence of how intence to prepare the questions. Bret said, It took weeks.

    • Half the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t mean to do harm– but the harm does not interest them. Or they do not see it, or they justify it because they are absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves.
      — T. S. Eliot

    • I’m watching that now, on delay. Wallace filling in for O’Reilly tonight. He opened the show with a segment interviewing Brett Baier. It was all about THEM, as moderators, and so-called “journalists”. The poor babies are tired, didn’t get much sleep last night. They prepped for weeks and weeks, even on vacation, they all decided on and agreed on the questions, blah, blah, blah.

      I have never seen anything like this in my life. A so-called “news network” hosting a primary debate and blabbing all about themselves before and after the debate. Bizarre.

      • I was listening to the radio earlier and they stated the producer recieved a letter from Fox’s attorney with all types of rules of translating, copying, etc. any part of the debate.

      • Definitely all about them…lots of self-congratulating going on for sure. Wallace even opened O’Reilly’s show by mentioning the huge number of viewers for the debate.

        Although not a fan of Wallace or the super-annoying Megyn (used to like her), I must say Bret has dropped a few pegs in my eyes – he was complicit in this farce as much as anyone.

  24. A lot of this was Fox trying to convince the world that what Obama says about them isn’t true and it’s absolutely pointless. I’ve always liked Megyn Kelly but last night she was obnoxious. Martha McCallum did a much better job in the first “debate.”

  25. Really? Meggy just shared with us how she had a stomach ache, chills and nausea — in bed before the debate — suffering so — and saved, I say SAVED, bu brilliant NY doctor.

    Maybe she’s spoofing on herself, but pretty sure the other half of her believes this is news.

  26. Good morning everyone. I just heard this on CNN, not Fox:
    Trump dumped from Red State gathering.
    Trump tweeted this morning that when he said she had blood coming out of her eyes, he also meant nose.
    Huckabee is now stating that o should apologize. I think Fox should apologize.
    Now I will turn CNN off, and go back to reading the news.
    By the way 2nd pot of coffee is brewing now. :)