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  1. Goooooooooooooooooood Mooooooooooooooooooooorning
    White House Dossier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Said in my best Adrian Cronauer)

    Enjoying a rare August thunderstorm this morning (thank you Climate Change gods.

    Little over 36 hours before the first debates of our far too long Presidential campaign season.

    In that vein, another proposed question from one of the Founding Fathers:

    “James Madison, regarded as the “father of our Constitution” wrote in Federalist No. 45 that “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite.”

    Do you agree that at this time in our history those roles have been reversed and if so, what steps would you take to restore us to the Foundational balance Madison describes?”

    Since I’m not an Obama supporter and thus have to make my own way in this world I’m heading down to the mines to scrape together some bill paying silver.

    Have a great one all!

      • I am humbled. (Unlike the ones that will be taking the questions tomorrow night! lol)
        I’ve been a history nut since I was old enough to read the ol World Books folks bought in the 60’s. Keep a copy of the Federalist papers, a set of the works of Jefferson I was lucky enough to find at a backwater auction a few years back, and various and sundry books relating to the Founding Fathers and the debates and correspondence around the Constitution.

        I just cannot believe how so many in America today not only have not a clue the magnitude of what the Founders accomplished but even worse, don’t even care how today’s political class is dismantling it one piece at a time without even firing a shot.

        I spent my “pre-50” years truly believing America was back on track and on her way. Instead we now have rampant ignorance exploited by corrupt political parties stealing my granddaughters’ future right out from under them. (Just like those precious little ones posted yesterday up on the Crawdad hole) We owe them better than the cesspool that is now D.C.

        Sorry for the rant. Watching Liz Warren flat out lie on the Senate floor to protect the kickbacks she and her ilk get from Planned Parenthood has left me in a VERY foul mood this week!

        • I am pleased to report that my 30+/something children are very political, and so are their friends. They talk about the process, they argue about the specifics, they read a lot, and they want to know more. They don’t all agree, that is a good thing, but they are willing to listen and learn. I’d like to think there are more kids out there like mine than the dumb-as-a-post young adults shown on TV who can’t even name the first president. What say you all?

          • I’m in my 40s and have been a political news junkie since about my late 20s. My son, who just turned 15, laughs at all those man on the street interviews when they ask college kids or even older people questions about politics and history and they can’t answer anything correctly. We usually pause the TV and have him answer the questions before they reveal the answers and he always gets it right. I had to laugh the other day when I overheard him talking to a couple of his friends on Skype and he was talking about the election and the debate and telling them which presidential candidates he likes and doesn’t like.

          • THAT is wonderful news. Unfortunately in my immediate circle the minute I bring up politics around the step kids they are still so far down the Kool Aid mug all I get are the DNC talking points.

          • I would almost hate to ask my 30-something some of those moron on the street questions–she went to public school and hated every min. Once in a while, she will see me yelling at the set and advance an opinion, which can be shockingly different from mine–like don’t you want a woman president, Mom? I know she discusses some of this with her friends.

        • Yeah–she was pretty skeevy. I think some ways to boost Congress back to being a third power is to insist on regular order for bills, keep the auth-approp cycle on time )no more continuing resolutions o threat of shutdown), a yearly approach to auditing programs to see what is needed and what can be combined or cut, and no “pledges” not to raise taxes (hear that, Grover?)…Govts need revenues to operate and even if this one operated in a more sensible manner, it would still take money. I know this sounds weird, but I also wonder if eliminating earmarks took away a tool the leadership had to control certain members. I am just throwing out that last–a Devil’s advocate thing.

    • Very good question. It feels like a blue book question in an upper division political science class.
      Term limits.
      Overturn 0’s ginormous laws usurping individual & states rights.
      To start with.

    • He stated they know how to make policies that take US in wrong direction. Sounds like they might actually be pretty good ideas.
      I think he screwed up, that’s sounds like something from his file. The one in the
      Change folder….
      1. Make policies that take US in wrong direction.
      2. Sounds like pretty good ideas.

    • There was a good conversation over on WZ yesterday on that very topic.
      Many of the comments said that he is getting scared that all that he has done will be reversed.

      • He could not pick up the phone to call the parents of the young lady who was killed by an illegal, but he is going to waste tax payers time rambling about covering his &&&.

      • I am so over this whole thing, but I do hope the candidates do go after him and by extension, Hillary, rather than low-grade sniping. Carly was on MoJoe–boy, that woman can ans a question! The panelists also said if anyone breaks out on the so-called undercard (guess this is boxing now), it will get plenty of publicity. I agree. I still like my idea of lots–but it was not to be.

        • Denise mentioned that since Carly will not be on the stage at the ‘major event’, it may well be to her advantage.
          After thinking about it, I think she’s right.
          Carly will have a better chance at getting her message out given the smaller forum.

  2. It’s interesting that Biden is doing the PDB with him two days in a row.


    In the morning, the President and the Vice President will receive the Presidential Daily Briefing in the Oval Office. This meeting is closed press.

    Later in the morning, the President will deliver a speech on the nuclear deal reached with Iran. The President’s remarks at American University will be pooled for TV and open to pre-credentialed stills and correspondents.


    9:30AM In-Town Pool Call Time

    10:00AM THE PRESIDENT and THE VICE PRESIDENT receive the Presidential Daily Briefing
    Oval Office
    Closed Press

    11:20AM THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks on the nuclear deal reached with Iran
    American University, Washington, DC
    Pooled for TV; Open to Pre-Credentialed Stills and Correspondents (In-Town Travel Pool Final Gather 10:25AM – North Doors of the Palm Room)

      • Here’s the way I see it.
        Hillary isn’t going to be elected, far too much baggage.
        Biden, even though he is joke, will not overturn Obama’s policies, plus Obama will constantly be ‘advising’ him.
        I think that he is concerned that all his work to take this Country down will be dashed.

        • Yep. Those of us who thought Hillary would be Obama’s third term know for sure Biden will DEFINITELY BE OBAMA’S THIRD TERM.

          I just don’t see the passion in Biden to make the Presidency his own or turn back to the more moderate liberal policies. Obama will become his “ValJar” and Michelle will become SoS so she can continue travelling on our dime while building a foundation a la Hillary.

          Yeah, these are the scenarios living in my head right now.

          • This game they are playing is not poker,…it is Chess.
            On second thought, it is a combination of both.
            Good poker players know the odds and read the tells of the other players.
            Good Chess players see the board and predict what could or could not happen given the next move.

            We need to be both.

    • SnarkEsq as always thanks for the info. It is listed that he will make remarks about his Iran deal at 11:20. Fox just stated it will be a major speech. I do not know if Fox over stated. In other words is he just making remarks, or will this be a drawn out speech?

  3. Rahm Emanuel is in DC today, but supposedly there’s no meeting with Obummer in the schedule, although Obummer does happen to have the afternoon free today:

    WASHINGTON – Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the former chief of staff to President Barack Obama, will be stopping at the White House on Wednesday.

    He is in Washington for a series of meetings dealing with Chicago issues. Emanuel, I am told, is not scheduled to meet with Obama, who is delivering a major speech on the Iran nuclear deal this morning.

    It’s not yet known if Emanuel has other items on his agenda during this visit.

  4. By the way everyone, did you know that there’s a big debate on Fox New tomorrow night?!?!! Just thought I’d let you know in case you missed the one zillion times an hour that Fox has been discussing it every hour, all day, every day for over a week!

  5. As predicted, Barry and crew went to a hot, trendy restaurant for his birthday dinner last night. Also, his sister and her family are in DC from Hawaii this week, and Moochelle’s family are also in DC this week since they’ll all be leaving for Martha’s Vineyard on Saturday:

    Mark Knoller @markknoller
    Birthday Night Out for Pres Obama, family & friends. At Rose’s Luxury – profiled yesterday in the @washingtonpost.

    Swelter for hours in line to eat at the acclaimed Rose’s Luxury? People do it every day
    By Joe Heim @JoeHeim
    The D.C. restaurant won’t take reservations. So determined food fiends line up and wait for it open.

    7:30 PM – 4 Aug 2015

    Mark Knoller @markknoller
    They don’t take reservations – except for the President. Otherwise, diners start lining up at 3pm to eat at 530pm.
    7:32 PM – 4 Aug 2015

    Mark Knoller @markknoller
    Rose’s Luxury got a rave in Bon Appetit Magazine as the best new restaurant of 2014.
    7:36 PM – 4 Aug 2015

    Mark Knoller @markknoller
    Accompanying Pres & Mrs Obama at dinner are the president’s half-sister Maya, her husband Konrad, niece Leslie Robinson and pal/aide @vj44.
    7:38 PM – 4 Aug 2015

    Mark Knoller @markknoller
    It was a leisurely 3 hour birthday dinner out for Pres Obama last evening with family and friends. They got back to the WH at 10:45pm.
    7:58 AM – 5 Aug 2015

  6. As predicted, Barry and crew went to a hot, trendy restaurant for his birthday dinner last night. Also, his sister and her family are in DC from Hawaii this week, and Moochelle’s family are also in DC this week since they’ll all be leaving for Martha’s Vineyard on Saturday:

    Mark Knoller @markknoller
    Birthday Night Out for Pres Obama, family & friends. At Rose’s Luxury – profiled yesterday in the @washingtonpost.

    Swelter for hours in line to eat at the acclaimed Rose’s Luxury? People do it every day
    By Joe Heim @JoeHeim
    The D.C. restaurant won’t take reservations. So determined food fiends line up and wait for it open.

    7:30 PM – 4 Aug 2015

    Mark Knoller @markknoller
    They don’t take reservations – except for the President. Otherwise, diners start lining up at 3pm to eat at 530pm.
    7:32 PM – 4 Aug 2015

    Mark Knoller @markknoller
    Rose’s Luxury got a rave in Bon Appetit Magazine as the best new restaurant of 2014.
    7:36 PM – 4 Aug 2015

    Mark Knoller @markknoller
    Accompanying Pres & Mrs Obama at dinner are the president’s half-sister Maya, her husband Konrad, niece Leslie Robinson and pal/aide @vj44.
    7:38 PM – 4 Aug 2015

    Mark Knoller @markknoller
    It was a leisurely 3 hour birthday dinner out for Pres Obama last evening with family and friends. They got back to the WH at 10:45pm.
    7:58 AM – 5 Aug 2015

  7. Re: the Iran deal and BHO’S speech this morning, Mark knoller’s tweets:

    Mark Knoller @markknoller
    From @NSCPress: @AmbassadorRice met today with IAEA chief to reaffirm US confidence it can “verify effectively the Iran nuclear deal.”
    8:05 PM – 4 Aug 2015

    Rice assures IAEA Chief that US/partners will ensure IAEA “has the resources it needs” to fully/effectively carry out its mission in Iran.
    9:01 PM – 4 Aug 2015

    Mark Knoller @markknoller
    Pres Obama will be using a speech at American University this morning to again make his case for the Iran nuclear deal announced July 14.
    8:48 AM – 5 Aug 2015

    By my count, it’ll be his 5th speech defending the Iran deal. Starts at 1120am/ET: will be on cable and online.
    8:49 AM – 5 Aug 2015

    By speaking at American Univ Pres Obama invokes the memory of JFK’s 1963 speech in support of nuclear test ban talks with the Soviet Union.
    8:50 AM – 5 Aug 2015

    WH says Pres Obama will portray the Iran deal “as the most consequential foreign policy debate since the decision to go to war in Iraq.”
    9:00 AM – 5 Aug 2015

    Pres Obama will argue that it should not even be a close call for Congress on whether to approve or disapprove the Iran deal.
    9:02 AM – 5 Aug 2015

    We’re told pres will argue “it would be an historic mistake” for Congress to “squander” the constraints the nuke deal would impose on Iran.
    9:03 AM – 5 Aug 2015

    Senate Banking hearing this AM on the sanctions relief provisions of the Iran nuke deal. Undersecy of State Wendy Sherman among witnesses.
    9:14 AM – 5 Aug 2015

    WH blvs it already has enough House votes to prevent an override of a presidential veto of a Resolution of Disapproval of the Iran deal.
    9:22 AM – 5 Aug 2015

    In advance of @POTUS speech, @SenateMajLdr says Iran nuke deal “is making members of both parties uneasy — and with good reason.”
    9:40 AM – 5 Aug 2015

    On Senate floor, @SenateMajLdr says “there is growing bipartisan concern” about the Iran nuke deal. “It’s widespread and it’s well-founded.”
    9:41 AM – 5 Aug 2015

    McConnell says he hopes @POTUS speech will “avoid tired, obviously untrue talking points” on the Iran nuke deal.
    9:43 AM – 5 Aug 2015

    McConnell renews call for a Senate debate on the Iran deal in September that is “worthy of the importance of the agreement.”
    9:44 AM – 5 Aug 2015

    @SenatorReid also calls for Iran nuke deal debate as part of a “thoughtful levelheaded process an agreement of this magnitude deserves.”
    9:55 AM – 5 Aug 2015

    Reid reminds Senators they can attend a classified briefing on the Iran nuke deal at 5p with @ErnestMoniz & key US negotiator Wendy Sherman.
    9:59 AM – 5 Aug 2015

  8. Just thinking about Geoff’s post on questions to pose to the candidates WHILE watching a bit of Obama’s malarkey speech today.

    So then came the question I would ask the candidates:

    “It has been well established by now that President Obama is a compulsive, pathological liar. His lies have endangered the security of this country, have created dangerously low levels of trust in the Office of the President, caused enormous damage to our reputation among our allies and have brought about the death of many people around the world. Will you, if you become President of the United State, pledge that you will not lie to the people of the United States? Will you pledge that you will not lie to our Allies. Will you pledge that you will tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth at all times?”

    • An absolutely brilliant question. Sad thing is I got images of over 1/2 the candidates starting off their answer with “I do not believe it is constructive to call the President a liar. While we may have strong policy disagreements I have no doubt he loves America. What we need now is bipartisan cooperation not nationalistic partisanship…..”

      On another note, I’ve only heard the clips from his “speech” but from those it seems that I nailed him spot on in Sunday’s J Globe column.

      In essence, by ignoring the lessons from history and the facts right in front of him, Obama is willfully choosing to force our children to pay the price tomorrow for his cowardice today. He is nothing short of despicable.

      • First paragraph: You nailed it!
        If there is a comeback response, Constructive! He has been Distructive to this nation, and citizens and allies.
        There are citizens of this country that fear the President. Actually fear the future of their children.

      • Yes, Obama’s non-stop lying about everything is the most dominate feature of his personality. He hasn’t even the slightest awareness of the crass manner he displays when he whips up yet another whooper, even when everyone knows it’s yet another whooper, and can be exposed in five minutes worth of research. He has developed the art of prevarication to a world class level. It does seem odd that the candidates don’t publicly and often call him out for it. Probably trying to avoid bad reaction from the national press, which they fear to the very bottom of the souls. Cowards.

    • On MoJoe, Carly was wayyy ahead on this–what would happen if she were president and this deal had fallen through in the Senate and the Euros were pouring in money anyway…She said she would call Bibi and Khomeini immediately. If the latter would not take her call, she would communicate that she was going request unfettered inspections outside the failed agreement or she would use American resources to stop or distrupt the flow of cash to Iran and from Iran to others.

      • Carly’s got the Moxie, no doubt about that. I would sleep very comfortably at night if she was POTUS. She would for sure answer the 3 am call and would be all business about it.

  9. O Vigorously defended his Deal with Iran as one “the world unanimously supports, reaching back to blame America’s invasion of Iraq and the overthrow of Hussein for emboldening Iran, while labeling Republican oppositions as “knee-jerk partisanship,” and Netanyahu’s criticism as “wrong.”
    He called the agreement a “very good deal.” that — despite critics claims of the contrary — forbids Iran from building a nuclear weapon.
    “Many of the same people who argued for the war in Iraq are now making the case against the Iran nuclear deal.”
    The stark comparison dovetails with o’s central claim that the alternative to an Iran deal may be war –“maybe not tomorrow, maybe not three months from now, but soon,” he said Wednesday.

      • As far as I am concerned it is to late for today’s speech. Today’s speech was made only because he had advisors knocking on his door, insisting that he needs to explain himself/deal.
        This speech of his should have been made on TV weeks ago, during prime time hours in the evening.
        As far as I am concerned, at that
        time, he should have had a picture of a massive bomb going of on a billboard and also a picture of what the aftermath would be. Than a picture of his bunker. Than once again assure everyone that they do not need one. His final sentence could have been: Let me remind you, I have one!

    • I listened to the officials there and glad he did not kill anyone. Within the last hour, I also heard the comment made earlier by O Linking GOP with hardliners chanting Death to America.

  10. Ugh, WaPo has a long article about Chelsea. She’s just as awkward, scripted, protected, and entitled as Shrillary.

    Note how QaPo already had to do a correction because Chelsea’s “people” must have pounced on the fact that they stated she was late for an event in Denver due to having lunch with Bubba and Bono. They obviously demanded the correction/clarification that the lunch was earlier and Chelsea was late due to the traffic in Denver. “What difference does it make??” Late is late, duh.

    Today, the woman who could become America’s only two-time first daughter has decided: If the spotlight must always shine on her, she might as well use it in her favor.

    She isn’t quite a celebrity. Or a philanthropist. Or a politician, though let’s not rule that out. Now serving as vice chair of her family’s foundation, she has reinvented herself as a champion of uncontroversial causes, her life an endless string of grand entrances, polite speeches, photo-ops — after which she retreats to her eight-figure Manhattan condominium, expecting the media and the public to preserve the boundaries she has cherished since childhood. Polished, practiced and private, Chelsea Clinton is the closest thing America has to a princess.

    Chelsea was late. The official itinerary had her arriving 10 minutes after everyone else, but now an additional 25 had passed.

    This day’s appearance was in Denver, near the site of the Clinton Foundation’s June conference. Attendees were gathered to volunteer in a “Day of Action” at a local charity called Project C.U.R.E. At the front door, Girl Scouts held a “Welcome Chelsea!” sign. The foundation’s cameramen stood in position while media members were corralled in a corner.

    It would be her familiar routine: Arrive. Wave. Smile. Thank the volunteers. Here, commanding attention, not because of her personal accomplishments but because she is the solo offspring of America’s ultimate power couple.

    When her car pulled up, this “Day of Action” unfolded like many of her regular performances. She posed for grip-and-grins. She met preselected local volunteers as they packaged medical supplies for clinics in third-world countries. She listened and nodded with an attentive gaze. Reporters were held back, too far away to hear her, by a kneeling foundation official.

    It didn’t matter that this “Day of Action” was scheduled to last a mere two hours. Or that a busload of the conference’s volunteers never showed. No one asked why Chelsea was so late.

    The point was that Chelsea was there, and there were photos to prove it.

    Waving, smiling, thanking the volunteers.


    Much more at the link above.

    • I can understand trying to keep a lot of press running up, in your face with questions. However this in the corner, behind a rope issue is pathetic. I would love to see them all walk out . The same with o and Joshie when they show late. Respect I was taught goes both ways.

  11. Oh, sheeh, what was Barry’s excuse for being so late for his speech today? Did he drink too much at his birthday dinner last night?

    Mark Knoller @markknoller
    Pres Obama takes lectern for 1120am speech at 1158am. Apologizes for being late. Says “even presidents have problems with toner.”
    12:00 PM – 5 Aug 2015

  12. Since Lee, our WHD transcriber skipped it, here are Mark Knoller’s tweets during BHO’s Iran speech today. There’s so much to pick apart here from the Lying Liar Who Lies:

    Invoking 1963 JFK speech at AU on nuke test ban, Pres says @TheIranDeal “builds on a tradition of strong principled diplomacy.”

    Pres Obama says it was “hard, painstaking diplomacy” and “not saber rattling” that ratcheted up pressure on Iran to agree to nuke deal.

    .@POTUS says critics of interim deal with Iran were wrong, citing halt of its nuke program, reduction of stockpile, increased inspections.

    Pres says Iran has “powerful incentives to keep its commitments.” If Iran cheats, “all of the sanctions can snapback into place.”

    “I’ve had to make a lot of tough calls as pres,” says @POTUS, but whether the Iran deal is good for US national security is not one of them.

    .@POTUS says everything these days is viewed thru “partisan prism,” and before Congress read the deal, there was virulent GOP opposition.

    If Congress kills Iran deal, it would “accelerate” Iran pathway to a nuclear bomb, says @POTUS.

    Sanctions relief for Iran, says @POTUS, pales in comparison to the danger Iran would pose if it had a nuclear weapon.

    Pres Obama says “it’s hard to imagine a a worse approach (to Iran), than blocking this deal.”

    Pres Obama counters critics by saying “sanctions alone” will not force Iran to completely dismantle its nuclear program.

    Pres Obama says critics who advocate walking away from the Iran deal and maintaining sanctions “are selling a fantasy.”

    Pres Obama again says that if Congress rejects the Iran deal, the only option left is “another war in the Middle East.”

    Pres says military action against Iran would only setback its nuclear program “by a few years at best.”

    How can we justify war against Iran,” says pres., without first testing diplomatic agreement which preserves options if deal falls through.

    Pres says no one one can blame Israel for “deep skepticism on dealings with Iran.” And describes himself as “stalwart friend” of Israel.

    Pres assures Israel and its friends that a nuclear-armed Iran is far more dangerous than an Iran that benefits from sanctions relief.

    Pres Obama acknowledges that @netanyahu disagrees strongly with him. “But I believe he is wrong…and the facts support this deal.”

    The pres says @TheIranDeal doesn’t require trust. It verifies. And it requires Iran to forsake a nuclear weapon.

    If Congress kills the Iran deal, says @POTUS, US will have lost its credibility as a leader of diplomacy.

    Pres ends 56 minute speech urging audience to press its members of Congress to support @TheIranDeal.

  13. More about Obummer’s Iran speech here:

    Obama calls for support for Iran nuclear pact – but bashes Republicans, tells Israel’s PM he is ‘wrong’ and admits unfreezing cash WILL fund terrorism

    • The address took place at American University in Washington, D.C. on the 52nd anniversary of JFK’s nuclear nonproliferation speech

    • Obama quoted Kennedy while defending his decision to pursue diplomatic talks with Iran instead of war, which he says is the alternative

    • He accused critics of the accord of playing on peoples’ fears and ticked off all of the reasons they’re wrong on foreign policy

    • And while Israel is a ‘dear friend and ally,’ he said, Benjamin Netanyahu is also ‘wrong’ about the deal strengthening Iran’s hand and terrorist efforts

    • Great reporting, Snark!!!
      There are no words to describe how much I despise this charlatan! One thing for sure – Obama isn’t any JFK!!! What nerve!
      I have to wait til the Michael Medved transcript for today’s show is available before I comment. But I caught a few seconds of his show today where he said Obama got the JFK quotes all wrong today. Will post it as soon as it comes out.

      In the meantime, one of the Jewish leaders that Obama met with yesterday was on Cavuto today – Nathan Diament, Director of Orthodox Union Advocacy Center. His organization is opposed to the deal.

      He made a very important point:
      What Obama did not deny is that, if nothing else, this deal gives more strength, more power and more resources to the Regime. Obama admits that it is an offensive and odious and terrible Regime that conducts terrorism against innocent people across the region…and giving strength to that Regime is a bad act.

      Obama like to use the analogy that decades ago we negotiated an arms control agreement with the Soviets. But, at the same time, we basically had a policy of REGIME CHANGE with the Soviets (which was ultimately successful under Reagan).

      What Obama has NOT said here is that he is going to do the deal in order to delay the acquisition of nuclear weapons, BUT IN THE MEANTIME I AM GOING TO WORK VIGOROUSLY TO CHANGE THE REGIME SO THAT BY THE TIME THE DEAL IS OVER IN 15 YEARS, WE DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT IT ANYMORE.
      What Obama is saying here is the deal is a good deal even if Iran doesn’t change!!!

      All we have to do is look back at the Arab Spring when Obama ignored the young protesters and the bloodshed… eventually announcing that he stood with the Ayatollah!!!!

      Why can’t Congress and the media connect the dots? Obama is a traitor!

  14. More Chelsea “stuff”:

    The perks of being Chelsea: How the Clintons ‘helped buy daughter’s $9million apartment and let her husband network at foundation events’ as it’s revealed she ‘brought her own team of three with her to stint at NBC’

    • New profile in Vanity Fair has looked into the last five years of Chelsea Clinton’s life, as she appears to move in the direction of public office

    • The report claims the Clintons have continued to hound the press about giving their now 35-year-old daughter privacy

    • Sources told the magazine that the Clintons also helped pay for Chelsea’s $9.2million New York City apartment – a claim her reps deny

    • Meanwhile, Chelsea’s husband, hedge-fund manager Marc Mezvinsky, is said to cull his clients from Clinton events

    • Chelsea is currently on the board of the Clinton Foundation, but she may have to resign if her mother is elected president

    • In that case, experts speculate that she could receive a role in her mother’s administration

    • Sleazy is the only word that comes to mind when the Clinton name is evoked. So now we learn that Chelsea’s husband is getting his hedge fund clients from HRC’s secret Foundation donor list…at the same time HRC demonizes the hedge fund managers! The fund, btw, is losing $$$ due to a bad currency trade.

      Mezinsky’s father was also a crook – and convicted felon. He spent 5 yrs in prison for bilking friends, family and institutions out of $10M in a Ponzi fraud scheme. He used the Clinton name to open doors.

      As I have mentioned before, Chelsea wants the WH more than her parents! I have no doubt she will be moving back into the WH, along with the baby, hubby, Huma and Anthony.

      They all should be living in adjoining prison cells!

      • Yes, I know about Chelsea’s father-in-law (a former US Rep and convicted felon), but don’t forget about her mother-in-law. She was a US Rep from PA during the Clinton years in the early 90’s for one term. Last year, she ran to get her old seat back, but was trounced in the primary in May of 2014 despite the Clintons campaigning for her, fundraising, and having their friends donate to her:

        Bill Clinton hasn’t campaigned for any candidate as much as he has for Margolies, with a fundraiser, an ad, and a robo-call on her behalf. While serving Congress in 1993, Margolies famously cast a controversial vote in favor of the Clinton budget. The fallout from the vote cost her the seat, and hers’ became the textbook case of a career-ending vote. ABC News called her favor to Clinton “the most celebrated political debt of the year.”

        While Hillary Clinton has shied away from 2014 campaign events, she made an exception for a fundraiser on Margolies’ behalf, which the former congresswoman did not attend.

        Margolies, however, struggled to connect to voters and while her fundraising numbers were strong, the campaign had trouble maintaining cash-on-hand throughout the race. To make matters worse, a March report asserted that Margolies “doubled her own salary as head of a small, largely taxpayer-funded charity [Women’s Campaign International] into the six figures” as her now-ex-husband Ed Mezvinsky was facing charges of fraud.


        More on her “charity” issues, including a GRANT from Shrillary’s State Dept, in 2011:

        Chelsea Clinton’s mother-in-law under fire for ‘overpaying herself’ from women’s empowerment charity

        • Marjorie Margolies is the mother of Marc Mezvinsky, who is married to Chelsea Clinton

        • Ms Margolies is the founder of a charity called Women’s Campaign International which helps empower women in Malawi, Liberia and Sri Lanka

        • Over the past five years, she has given herself a six-figure salary which is higher than the average pay for heads of non-profits

        • In 2013, however, she has not taken any salary as she is now running for the Congressional seat she once held

        Chelsea Clinton’s mother-in-law has been earning a six-figure salary from her role heading a charity intended to help women in political campaigns abroad.

        Marjorie Margolies, the mother of Chelsea’s husband Marc Mezvinsky, is a Democrat currently running for Congress in Pennsylvania and the financial statements for her charity, Women’s Campaign International (WCI), have come under scrutiny as such.

        As the charity has grown over the past decade, so has her salary as The Huffington Post reports it has steadily increased from $54,962 in 2002 to the highest point in 2011 when she took home $164,159.


        One of those grants- for $127,076- came directly from the State Department in 2011.

        That hefty grant comes as little surprise to political watchers, as Ms Margolies had a significant connection to the State Department at the time, and one who is a very big proponent of female empowerment work abroad: Hillary Clinton, her son’s mother-in-law, was the Secretary of State at the time.

        Now that connection may be problematic for Clinton should she take her widely-predicted role as the Democratic presidential candidate in 2016, as more questions will be raised about what portion of WCI’s funding actually goes towards the programs they tout.

        MailOnline’s efforts to reach out to Ms Margolies’ campaign and WCI were not immediately returned.

        In addition to her work with the WCI, Ms Margolies teaches at the University of Pennsylvania.


        Also, I remember that during her primary run there was an issue with her living in some historical house free, courtesy of her “charity”. I can’t find any articles about it right now.

        • Margolies was also an NBC reporter at one time. Medvinsky left his wife to marry her…and Iowa became disenchanted with him.
          They, of course, are now divorced. She walked Chelsea down the aisle and is still a close friend of the Clintons.
          What a soap opera!

  15. Carly was on Greta just now. Carly said only 40% know who I am so I still have a lot of introduction to go.
    She was asked Do you want to tap into anger.
    She said people are angry about such things as the border not being secured for 25 years.
    The Govt has got bigger in the last 50 years.
    I have different experienced than Trump. Working my way up. Know more world leaders than anyone running expect for Hillary.
    She would tend to: Zero based budgeting. That means knowing where all money is being spent.
    I missed the entire interview. Typed as fast as I could.