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White House Dossier Will Not Publish This Week

White House Dossier for the most part will not be publishing articles this week, though I may put up occasional bulletins. White House Dossier will return Monday, August 10. I will leave this post at the top and put open threads below it daily. Thanks for your patience.

14 Responses to White House Dossier Will Not Publish This Week

  1. Enjoy some time off, August is a good month when everybody’s left D.C. anyhow !

    Thanks for the open threads :) They’re like yummy bones, we’ll chew on anything !

  2. Why would anyone watch the debates? Why? They will say what you want to hear and then do something else if elected!
    Examples: GOP said if elected and take the house and senate it will:

    End Obamacare -nothing happened.
    End Obama’s illegal alien EO nothing happened.
    Do Keystone Nothing
    And on and on.

    So you can tune in and hear the Propaganda if you want. If you do you will be conned!

    • I want to watch. And I will watch, thank you. I will vote. Because that is my right, privilege and RESPONSIBILITY as an American citizen.

      • Where did I say I was not going to vote?
        I said watching the debate is a waste of time.

        I will decide who gets my worthless vote when the time comes.

        Only the big money decides who will be the candidates in the end.

        Sorros, Kotch bros. Anderson,Buffet etc.

        So at this point what does it matter to quote Hitlery.

        Some how some way they will get to Trump. If not he runs as a 3rd party and the Dems win.

    • Thanks Truth, you probably just broke the code why Trump is so popular. Some of us are sick of the pandering too. Enjoy the ride :)

  3. WHD readers, Question of the day.
    What would you ask at the debate?
    If you agree with a question already typed, mention that question, and than type your second question as well.