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  1. Obummer’s Schedule today:


    MONDAY, AUGUST 3, 2015

    In the morning, the President will receive the Presidential Daily Briefing in the Oval Office. This meeting is closed press.

    Later in the morning, the President will participate in a Town Hall at the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Mandela Washington Fellowship Presidential Summit. The three-day Summit will bring together 500 of sub-Saharan Africa’s most promising young leaders to meet with the President and leading U.S. entrepreneurs, government officials, and civil society representatives. This event at the Omni Shoreham Hotel is open to pre-credentialed media.

    In the afternoon, the President will deliver remarks on the Clean Power Plan at an event in the East Room. This event is open press.

    In the evening, the President will participate in an Ambassador Credentialing Ceremony in the Oval Office. At this event, the President will receive the credentials from foreign Ambassadors recently posted in Washington. The presentation of credentials is a traditional ceremony that marks the formal beginning of an Ambassador’s service in Washington. This event is closed press. The following Ambassadors will attend:

    His Excellency Chum Bun Rong, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Cambodia

    His Excellency David John Newman, Ambassador of the Republic of Botswana

    His Excellency Mai Sayavongs, Ambassador of Lao People’s Democratic Republic

    His Excellency Sheikh Omar Faye, Ambassador of the Republic of The Gambia

    Her Excellency Elizabeth Darius Clarke, Ambassador of Saint Lucia

    His Excellency Sooroojdev Phokeer, Ambassador of the Republic of Mauritius

    His Excellency Carlos Alberto Gianelli Derois, Ambassador of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay

    His Excellency Valerii Chalyi, Ambassador of Ukraine

    His Excellency Ahmed Awad Ahmed bin Mubarak, Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen

    His Excellency Juan Carlos Pinzon Bueno, Ambassador of the Republic of Colombia

  2. Schedule with times:

    10:00AM THE PRESIDENT receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

    Oval Office
    Closed Press

    11:10AM THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks at the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Mandela Washington Fellowship Presidential Summit

    Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington, DC

    Open to Pre-Credentialed Media (Final Gather 10:25PM – North Doors of the Palm Room)

    2:15PM THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks at a Clean Power Plan event

    East Room
    Open Press (Pre-set 12:30PM; Final Gather 1:40PM – North Doors of the Palm Room)

    5:20PM THE PRESIDENT participates in an Ambassador Credentialing Ceremony

    Oval Office
    Closed Press

    Briefing Schedule
    12:30PM Press Briefing by Press Secretary Josh Earnest

  3. Here’s the schedule for the week:

    Monday: Africa, bah, blah, blah, Africa, bah, blah, blah, Africa, bah, blah, blah…

    Tuesday: What the heck is “White House Demo Day”??

    Wednesday: More hard sell on the Iran deal

    Thursday & Friday: Resting and packing before the long Martha’s Vineyard vacation that begins on Saturday. Probably hanging with his Chicago pals who will be at the WH for a few days prior to leaving for the Vineyard with Barry.



    On Monday, the President will address the second class of 500 Mandela Washington Fellows at the Young African Leaders Initiative Presidential Summit. The Young African Leaders Initiative, launched by the President in 2010, connects the United States to the next generation of leaders across sub-Saharan Africa and provides them with the leadership skills, networks, and professional opportunities that will allow them to make a meaningful impact in their countries and communities. The three-day Summit will bring together 500 of sub-Saharan Africa’s most promising young leaders to meet with the President and leading U.S. entrepreneurs, government officials, and civil society representatives. The event will be a capstone to the President’s trip to Africa, where he affirmed his commitment to young people across the continent and entrepreneurial approaches to common challenges.

    On Tuesday, the President will host United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon in the Oval Office for a bilateral meeting. In the afternoon, the President will deliver remarks at the White House Demo Day.

    On Wednesday, the President will deliver a speech on the nuclear deal reached with Iran at American University.

    On Thursday and Friday, the President will attend meetings at the White House.

  4. Joshi is on Fox now. The Reporter said: A lot of people feel this will raise electricty and cause loss of jobs.
    Joshi feels/said: We are giving States, Utilities an incentive for clean energy and will save consumers bills, and create jobs.
    Will work hand in hand with each State. They can make their own plan. They will have till 2022, and will have till 2030 to show reduction in Carbon by 32%.
    I did not hear him say a word about o starting to help now, by not flying every other day.
    He was not asked: Why doesn’t o hold off on this for now, and keep his attention on making sure any/all maniacs are out of our Country? As well keeping the maniacs abroad from harming us from afar?

    • This morning on our local talk radio show, a local business owner called in (he owns 4 businesses in Tucson). He said over the last year his energy costs have gone up $24,000.00! He didn’t say what type of business, but customer traffic has decreased from 3-4 visits to one visit per week. Recovery is a blatant lie.

  5. 1:00 E.T. Senate sessions following leader remarks.
    The Senate resumes debates on a bill to prohibit Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood.
    A procedural vote is expected at 5:30 E.T.

  6. 14+ black people shot in NYC over the weekend, 2 died, all at a memorial “party” for a 12 yr old that died in Brooklyn.

    Not a peep from any national leader.

    Black Lives Matter……or do they?


    • No doubt the families of those shot or killed are grieving. We all feel their pain at the stupid loss of life and probably physcial disfigurement or handicap for those injured.
      The Black lives that matter to the shouting mob are those who are killed or wounded by another race. It’s as if only Blacks are permitted to kill their own in some convoluted reasoning that racism is a White race institution.

      They never acknowlege their own racist actions, or words – assuming again that only Whites or Asians are anti-Black.
      IMO, Blacks are their own worst enemy, they seem to revel in killing their neighbors or even their family members.

          • One of our local entertainment reporters was blathering on about the new “Straight Outta Compton” movie and how it applies today to the whole “Black Lives Matter” thing, and how things have gotten worse since then, etc. etc. Mindless, sheeple-type rambling passed off as serious social commentary.

          • NPR had a story I think Sat on how the African Am Museum was collecting up Ferguson cellphone videos and graffiti (DON’T SHOOT) pix for some future show. A lot of people (remember this is NPR) responded that the “show” should note that Don’t Shoot was never said, and that many businesses were ruined, etc. These things get started and have a life cycle, usually in the 24 hr news cycle, ending in saturation and finally irritation. WaPo had a piece yesterday by I think a black reporter stopped by the cops (you could not tell from her pix). Her 17-yr old was driving, forgot her learner’s permit, the woman had a headlight out, some black smoke. She got all attitudinous–threatened to write the guy up in a story (played her reporter card), and he finally gave her a warning. My reaction was if she REALLY felt all cops were ready to rumble, she would have been more cautious. These little encounters last what–10 mins. Get it over with.

  7. Every time I see BruceJenner’s photo in the news, I cringe.
    This isn’t a gay thing, he claims he’s not gay.
    It’s just seeing a man, with the genetic makeup and the equipment of men, pretending that his bosom is real, and wearing female makeup and clothes is enough to make him a “woman”.
    IMO, he is mentally ill and needs professional help. Those who encourage him are either deluded, or just dumb.

    • Why can’t he do whatever he wants or feels? I sure don’t care one way or the other–he still walks kind of clumpy like a guy, but I gather he does not feel guy-like. No skin off my nose–or silicone in my chest.

    • Re Bruce Jenner… and a tangent off that story… I turned on the TV one night and the ESPY awards show was on, in progress. Knowing that Jenner was going to get a “courage” award (talk about an insult to really courageous athletes), I prepared to change the channel. However, there was a large picture of Pat Tillman on the screen, and a woman was coming to the stage. Do yourself a favor and read about Danielle Green, winner of the Pat Tillman award, not Brucelynn Jenner…
      Far more inspiring as an American Hero than others who get the limelight.

    • Because he wants the maniacs here — he’s America’s worst enemy. And the Republicans are still dumb and dumber making any kind of deals with him. If they don’t defund Planned Parenthood, thats it! Obama loves Planned Parenthood, too bad he wasn’t an abortion, why not? his father or mother weren’t around for him and Obama feels that if a child isn’t wanted it should be murdered, thats how horrible he is.Too bad it didn’t happen to him, we would all have been spared his stupidity and coldbloodedness.

    • I think he looks good Bruce Jenner. As long as he isn’t hurting anyone and if he’s mental, well, we all are a little crazy aren’t we? I think he still likes women, I think I heard he was seeing another transexual but I’m not sure. I could be just a rumor but the article said in a magazine that he met someone like that> To each his own. Who am I to condemn him and I didn’t get sick when I saw him, I think he looked rather good. Thats his thing.

    • The sad story for transgender people is the extraordinary rate of suicide attempts. About 41 percent of trans or gender non-conforming gender people surveyed have attempted suicide compared to 4.1 percent for the rest of the population. It’s an almost completely unreported statistic. But there it is. There something amiss in these folks that goes far beyond being “born in the wrong body”. It’s a sad story.

    • When I hear the Biden stories–and how authentic he is, so nice, everyone likes him–I remember how nutty he is with the balcony shooting idea, clean well spoken black man, bigt blanking deal, charging the govt to stay in property to protect him, on and on.

    • Oh, please. I HOPE that’s the Democrats’ ticket.

      Let’s not forget that Biden ran for president in 1988, but lost the nomination to MICHAEL FREAKING DUKAKIS after it was discovered he’d committed plagiarism during his Syracuse years. IN LAW SCHOOL. You can get expelled for that, and Biden did end up facing a review board, where he swore up and down he’d never do it again. He didn’t at Syracuse, but then he lifted a speech from a British politician, and we all know the rest.

      As an aside, Syracuse actually expelled a student a couple of years ago over un-PC comments on Facebook–offending the groupthink apparently having become, ad interim, a more serious offense in the modern university than outright academic dishonesty.

      As for the bottom of the ticket…do NOT get me started on
      Chief Spouting Bull
      Elizabeth Warren. She lied her way to an affirmative action preference.

      So if the Democrats really DID run Biden/Warren, they’d be running Jayson Blair’s writing acumen on the top of the ticket, and Rachel Dolezal’s genealogy acumen on the bottom of the ticket.

      “Honest Democrat” has become an oxymoron.

  8. I sliced two chicken breast earlier. I plan to deep fry them. I have be frying chicken forever, however I have never brined meat before.
    If I brine the tenders in water and sugar, How much regular salt should I put in there as well? PS I have them in a gallon freezer bag.
    I cannot recall Mom or Grandma ever brining their chicken. :)

    • Women. I am woman, hear me roar.
      War on Women. Women rule. etc,etc.
      all to remind the lo-infos that it’s Her Turn.
      MrsClinton is one of a few elected or appointed officals who can’t run on their record – she either has nothing or the something she daren’t talk about.

    • Of the four generations, Mom probably least controversial. And she can no longer be interviewed. So Hillary is “free” to say what she will and mold the picture as she needs to.

    • Simple answer, perhaps. Some 23 year old campaign consultant looked at her declining polls and said, Oh Oh! It was then decided to convince Hillary or one of her high level advisers, that the way to voters’ hearts–perhaps female voters, the 30-50 year old cohort who were polling negatively toward Hillary– was to create a soap opera rendition of “her story”. Tear at the heat strings, “See, I’m just like you” sort of narrative. “Please vote for me”. Just a guess.

  9. Gulf allies ‘back US over Iran deal’
    US allies in the Gulf back the nuclear deal with Iran, as the US promises them better intelligence sharing and faster arms transfers.
    Qatari Foreign Minister al-Attiya said the Iran deal represented the best options for regional stability.
    Kerry said the US agreed to speed up the transfer of weapons – including missiles to its allies in the Gulf, as well as to co-operate more closely with them against ISIS.
    It may be just me, but I don’t buy it. After watching o deal with his JV way of dealing with the enemy. They have been paying attention to the news.
    I would like to know what else has been promised to these people that we are unaware of.

  10. I pulled up CSpan to listen to the debate on PP. Sen. Patty Murray speaking now, stating, this is taking away birth control, etc..
    What about ocare?

    • Not only their Obamacare plans–but Planned Parenthood–the richies donate plenty to them! As for cancer screening–they refer to real mammography centers–they don’t do those, as I understand it. But they do do 350 thousand abortions, no doubt about that.

  11. As the de-funding effort for Planned Parenthood moves along (the de-funding effort will fail, we can agree), it’s interesting to note than PP spent $31,000,000 in 2013-14 to buy, er, lobby favor from politicians at the Federal and State levels. That’s a HUGE lobbying budget. They’ve purchased Democrat (and no more than two R politicians, as far as I can tell) politicians from state to state as well as at the Federal levels. Here’s a few websites listing who’s been bought, or at least influenced, by PP’s generosity, as well as the legislation they expected for their generous donations to the best politicians money can buy..{2|

    And….”How Planned Parenthood turns tax dollars into donations to Democrats”

    And how PP spent $1.4 million to get Obama re-elected, and another $1.4 million to destroy Romney’s campaign…..

    • In moderation again. This moderation thing is really ticking me off. What puts us in moderation? Is it certain words, phrases? It would help a lot if we knew.

    • Amazing — this PP debate — shows the moral decline of the government and the country. The GOP can rally for EXIM but not for this????

      And I just saw a really funny headline re. Dear Leader’s Power Plant Diktat —

  12. It only takes one.

    John Roberts — Obamacare.

    Lois Lerner — IRS investigations essentially ends TeaParty and Conservatives from contributing and speaking out through government intimidation, thereby influencing a national election.

    And now Judge William H. Orrick III — an Obama appointee and fundraiser to the tune of $200,000 plus another $30,000 or so to committees issues temporary restraining order against PP tapes. Rep. fail to get PP defund. The issue of funding PP dies — the momentum was cut off at the knees.

    And this administration does it alot, with a single consigliere, and the control of the msm propaganda.