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Sunday Open Thread || August 2, 2015

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    1. All I can say is my first or second choice will never be Christie. Here is a transcript of his interview with Tapper on STate of the Union this morning:

      He was for gun control, before he was against it. He put public safety ahead of everything (including the
      Second Amendment).
      He doesn’t have a plan for the 11M illegals who are already here..but he will have one later. E-verify is his only solution at this point.
      And yes, he keeps changing his positions because it’s ‘healthy’ to keep an open mind.

      1. I think Christie lost a lot of conservative support after his man hugging photo ops with Obama after Sandy. Some even say that might have lost Romney the election.

        I always liked Christie, but if I want a blowhard for Pres, I’d go with Trump :)

        1. I live in NJ. Christie has been a rotten governor. He’s all about pandering and doing quick fixes that come back and bite him in his still sizable posterior. I’d vote for Bernie before I voted for him.

    2. Let’s extend that a bit Demise.

      Who would you like to see as POTUS and VPOTUS ?

      I’ll take Trump.

      Remember, Reagan changed parties because he saw the light.
      He would be called a flip-flopper by today’s standards.

      Parties no longer make any difference IMO.
      The ideology however does.

      Liberal or conservative, which is it ?

        1. And McConnell.
          They speak with a forked tongue to get re-elected and once in office try to eliminate anyone that opposes their opinion.

    3. I’ll say Trump and Fiorina.
      A double dose of conservative fiscal common sense, and people that know how to surround themselves with people that love our Country and want to see it blossom again.

      1. I think you are right. Any other candidates are DC pro’s at lying and deceiving.
        If they are already in Washington they are poison.

      2. How do you feel about this?
        Attorney General….Trey Gowdy
        Sec. of Health….Ben Carson
        Defense Sec…..Allen West
        Sec. of State….HIllary Clinton (ROFLOL) just kidding! Can’t think of anyone so far! HELP!!!
        Homeland Security…Sarah Palin
        Just throwing this out there!
        And I just can’t make up my mind about President and VP! :(

      1. Carly would be an awesome SoS or VP, diplomacy comes natural to her (re: her interviews with liberals).

        I think Cruz is awesome too. definitely smarter than Obama, so it doesn’t bother me he’s “only” a Senator :)

          1. Star — It is backwater I know. But perhaps she could revolutionize it — or maybe I am just looking for someone to take out COCUSA. We differ on COCUSA I think.

            But I agree she could be better placed.

        1. Cruz has been consistent in showing that he doesn’t put up with the BS in Washington and is not afraid to say so.

          Carly and the Donald take on the media using their experience in dealing with people that would sell their mother if it profited them.

          Walker has survived the onslaughts of his dem legislature, the unions and the bussed in demonstrators that attempted to dethrone him.

          All survivors, battle tested, savvy, intelligent, willing to go against the grain for the good of the Country.

          Next Thursday is the first debate.
          It will be either a time to rejoice or it will make our heads explode.

      1. This is not a scientific poll Star, suppose your primary were today, who are your top two you’d pull the lever for. It’s a fun poll :D

          1. Good choices ! I really like them all at this point and probably why going for the more entertaining ones. Kasich/Rubio would be a strong ticket too.

          2. Kasich supports common core.
            So does Jeb Bush.
            Kasich is in bed with Obamacare.
            He is my governor.
            He is a RINO.
            He is known for getting his way because of his temper.

          3. I read his explanation of his common core stand–I keep saying that…I knew of his work in the Congress–he balanced three FEDERAL budgets! These guys all use bad language and get uptight–maybe not Romney and Santorum, but most.

          4. As for Kasich in bed with Obamacare–that would be a hosp bed, right? He decided to take the initial subsidy money on the table–and will find a way when it runs out. That seemed like a respectable decision–not one that all others made, but based on calculation. See–this is why I did not want to name a name–be for whoever you want, I am not even bringing up negs on Trump anymore–just watching the passing parade, I mean dog and pony.

          5. Too Lee.
            Kasich’s acceptance of common core was due to Fed funds rolling into the state to support the school systems.
            Kasich ran on a platform that he would fund the schools with other funds.
            The Ohio Constitution prohibits property taxes being used to fund the schools, yet, every year our prop taxes go up and 3/4 of them go to the schools.

            We live next door to a teacher, and she told me that common core sucks, gov regs on what they are told to teach.

            Kasich is a RINO.
            He’s a good speaker, but so is Obama.

          6. Regarding Common Core. I mentioned many times, I had pulled up CC math problems quite some time ago.
            I agree with you I know many teachers who cannot stand it, as well as children.

        1. Lee, I don’t feel like looking it up–something he posted on FB–I think the gist was he only implements part. I think enough of his judgment to believe he implements the parts right for his state. Ask AfVet–he is on the CC thing.

          1. If Kasich is a RINO, then what is Trump–shovels money at Dems, pro-choice, etc. Oh, that’s right–I said I would not get into the debate over him anymore.

          2. Kasich took money from the feds to bolster Ohio’s bottom line.
            Trump donated HIS MONEY to whomever he pleased.
            Big difference.

      1. You mean me? I have not changed my mind on too much–except being a Dem. I am against the Norquist pledge, Planned Parenthood funding, hating on Mexicans (sorry–nmaybe there are SOME “good” ones), the all black all the time thing, the police run wild thing, tons of regulations, forcing people to buy something they don’t want (ins), the snideness, the meanness…not changed…

  1. Put me down for Walker with Carly for VP. I like what Trump is bringing to the table, but his temperament does not seem Presidential to me. We have some excellent choices, but no Clinton’s or Bush’s for me, period.

    1. Agree exactly! I have been a Walker supporter since the start of all this. I think the conservatives need to think about who is electable too. Lots of good people out there but who will the general public vote for! I agree with a lot of what Trump is saying and that is why he is up in the polls, but could he get elected??

      1. Against the current Dem field? Yes.

        Biden may jump in as Hillary flails, and he could rally the Dems again, who are deeply divided over Hillary and Bernie.

          1. His recently deceased son told him to run, that could be a powerful heart tugging campaign to the nomination.

            I’ve always liked Joe, just not for Pres.

          2. Denise — I think Biden would still follow Barack Obama lockstep. He has been more than loyal and the only way Obama is going to grant him the Presidency is promise to continue the fundamental transformation. imo

        1. Just thinking of Hillary as pres–what a tedious horrible slog that would be…the manic eyes, the clots, the falls, the constant lying, the witch laugh, Bill…aw, can’t even keep typing.

          1. Even Hillary’s 2008 supporters say this isn’t the same Hillary and she should have stayed in the Senate. No one is pleased she carried Obama’s water as SoS …. foreign policy is a mess.

      2. “… but could he (Walker) get elected??”

        No. Walker is waayyy over his head, imo. Totally unelectable. He actually said something about running for POTUS being no different than running for Gov. He totally dodges all questions on foreign policy.
        Can’t even imagine what a disaster he would be at a G-8 mtg. or dealing with Iran, Putin, China and N.K.
        He needs to keep his day job.

        1. Walker’s still an improvement over Obama.

          Yikes, Obama has really set the bar low for future candidates of either party. If you’ve run a lemonade stand you’re more qualified than Obama ;)

        2. I know he fought the unions and all, but sometimes with his cowlicky hair he looks like a kid, other times he looks older and more solid, people still sniff at his not having a college degree, although we know he was few credits short and had a reason (the lofos never heard this). Dunno–he is just not my choice at the mo…since you asked choices. Maybe my reasons are weak, but it is my impression of him.

          1. Bill Gates never finished college.
            Neither did Steve Jobs.

            They both were intelligent enough to drop out and start their own enterprises.

            I don’t think either one of them did too badly without a degree from a college.

          2. He doesn’t make a strong impression I agree. And I have only skimmed his book Not Intimidated but I think he and his family have taken a lot from the Dems, Unions etc. and soldiered on. All else aside, that speaks volumes to me. Strength and Focus. Unlike the magpie currently in office.

          3. I blog almost weekly on how college is not for everyone–I am saying what I see out on the boards–it is a big sticking pt for people and as I said, the lofos don’t know the facts.

        3. He’s not foreign policy fluent, but FP is over rated as complex. A good world view in line with Presidential oath and then excellent FP staff would do it. Walker has the spine to take on the G8 — but they would gang up on him also because he is not a socialist.

  2. Today’s political talk shows:
    Trump, trump, tRump, trUmp.
    What he said, what will he say in the future, what others said about him, what he did, what others did when talking about him, etc etc.
    Our “clown-y candidate” has turned the political world upside down, confused them, and I’m lovin’ it.

    1. Me too. It’s the most fun I’ve had watching politics since my crush on JFK :)

      The “Trump” is what’s driving the ratings, as a local radio talk guy explained, that’s what his callers want to talk about (love’im or hate’im) and his ratings spike when he does and the ad revenue goes up.

      So early in the primary season yet, the other candidates are hoping for Trump’s “Howard Dean” moment :)

      1. On the other hand, speaking of ratings, every time Hillary gets on the stump for a speech or two, her ratings go down. Maybe that’s why the are hiding her. ;+]. No “maybe” about it. That IS why her handlers are hiding her.

        1. HRC’s still mega points ahead of the second place guy. She just doesn’t seem to be enjoying the campaigning as much as she did in 2008.

          1. Hillary sometimes get an expression that suggests she is thinking, “Why am I doing this?” My projection, of course, but she seems off her game. A lot. I’d much rather see her jump right into the fray feet first, arms akimbo, and do the ‘I’m a serious candidate” gig.

      2. If Trump keeps his promise of acting ‘nice’ on Thursday night, his sensational run could come to an abrupt halt. Nice guys finish last (see Romney).

        Cruz has aligned himself with the Trumpster in hopes of getting support from Trump voters in the event he Trump) loses his star power.

        In some perverse way, I would like to see a Trump/Rubio ticket to liven up the immigration debate.

        1. If anyone of them attack him, they are fair game, he will defend himself.
          Same with Cruz, and for that matter Fiorina (if she’s there).

  3. I like the Donald — not going to happen.

    Want somebody strong on immigration. And who will restore rule of law.

    Immigration — Ann Coulter :) Charges of racism etc aside, uncontrolled immigration is killing us in so many ways. Restoration of rule of law and constitution Mark Levin.

    Don’t know really. But with Trump in the field highlighting the very real danger of the deterioration of our country I am looking at the candidates differently.

  4. responding to the presidential question but I can’t do it inline with the others: on my phone it displays about two words/line!

    anyway: to whoever said Cruz/Fiorina I would second that…and I also think Fiorina/Cruz sounds good.

    1. I’m with Star here in the poll, unwilling to declare yet. It’s way too soon to see who will climb and who will self-implode and who will get no money and will drop out. I figure it will be a four-five man race in the end – Walker, Kasich, Bush, Rubio, and maybe yes, still Trump. I don’t see how this first debate will be anything except a circus because all the media cares about is who will be the first to have foot in mouth disease. They don’t want substance, they want disaster.

  5. Diff subj…I have a jones for veterinarian shows–and learned that Scott Sims of ALOHA VET on Nat Geo Wild died–59–bladder cancer–apparently all through the one season he did running and flying his homemade airplane, barefoot, around the islands. I can hardly get the mailbox and look what he undertook!

    1. By the way, the new vet Dr Jeff–Rocky Mountain Vet–is a little bit not ugly. I think I am stuck in the 60s–oh, well… It’s my love of animals–yeah, that’s it.

    2. Hey Star..that’s my neighbor!He was/is very loved here,most popular articles on the local newspaper(Garden Island news).
      Remember the show Daktari??? good stuff:)

  6. Why does everyone want to peg Carly Fiorina as VP. She would make a excellent president. For one thing she is not a member of the professional career politician class. Let her pick her choice for VP. Trump is carrying too high negative numbers. He does a great job of bringing up the issues yet the news gets twisted around and it becomes about him and not the issues. I think he is light on finding solutions.

  7. Has anybody seen whether Carly is included in the debate.
    I guess it’s up to FOX who they out on the stage.
    Just wondering.
    I would really like to see her there.

    1. There is an article now on front page of Drudge:
      Perry may not make cut.
      Christie, Kasich and Perry are fighting for the last two sponts. That was from a NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll Sunday morning.
      It states Perry is still most in danger of failing to qualify.

      1. He ought to ditch the toupee and fake glasses if he wants to be taken seriously. The glasses probably have a chip implant with his talking points…
        On second thought…keep the toupee and glasses…some things can’t be fixed!

        1. When Perry comes on, I listen–but he needs not to script insults and read them. What is wrong with glasses in this country? Is everyone supposed to get their corneas slit or wear contacts or they are idiots?

          1. Plus Perry has run a state with a larger econ than Canada for many yrs, created more jobs than any other state, etc.–I give him quite a few props.

          2. Star re. your red glasses you might appreciate this. As you might know I spent a number of years working in Russia, Central Asia and EE.

            On my first assignment I had it in my head that it would be grey and dreary (true but there is more than that) and so I purposely chose some colorful things (to cheer me up) to add to my basic black (hide the dirt wardrobe). Included were two pairs of glasses — one red and one green.

            They got so many comments — not my intent either.

  8. Here is why we are in deep do do

    Economist Hans-Hermann Hoppe – the following quote illustrates: “[The State is] an institution run by gangs of murderers, plunderers, and thieves, surrounded by willing executioners, propagandists, sycophants, crooks, liars, clowns, charlatans, dupes and useful idiots – an institution that dirties and taints everything it touches”.

    That s our gov. and why we are screwed.

  9. @AmVet I’m putting my reply to you here because, well, there’s no option to do so within the thread:-)

    I am a born-n-raised Ohioan, and I still follow Ohio politics closely. I understand how you can disagree with Kasich re: Medicaid and Common Core. BUT, a RINO Kasich is not!

    Truth be told, I’m sick of the RINO label. This tendency for conservatives to slap that label onto any Republican who does not tow the line 100% is destructive for the party, IMHO. A lot of this RINO talk is what kept a lot of voters unnecessarily home in 2012. And look what we got out of that.

    Kasich has all of the right qualifications and would make a fine conservative president. Watch out, he has a talent for speaking straight to the heart of voters. I would not be surprised if he continues to rise in popularity. So don’t count him out, AmVet. You may end up eating that RINO protest sign.

    1. Truth be told, I’m sick of the RINO label

      SNAP! Me, too. We have the tendency to let the perfect be the enemy of the good–think like us on everything or take a long one off a short one.

    2. MerryCarol I am still trying to learn more about Kasich.
      As far as what we all think of certain people in office is taken with a grain of salt.
      That is what we still have here in America. Freedom of expression.
      My great-uncle Lionel use to sit at the table stating all politicians are crooks.
      We still loved uncle Lionel, even though other relatives had difference of opinion.

    3. Kasich has all of the right qualifications and would make a fine conservative president. Watch out, he has a talent for speaking straight to the heart of voters. I would not be surprised if he continues to rise in popularity. So don’t count him out, AmVet. You may end up eating that RINO protest sign.

      OK that’s your opinion.
      Boehner is a RINO, do you disagree ?
      McConnell is a RINO,….do you disagree ?

      Yeah, Kasich speaks right to the heart of the voters.
      THEY ALL DO !!!!!!!!!

      It’s what they do once they are in there that matters.

      Obama touched your heart didn’t he ?
      Then he has torn the soul out of this Country.

      BTW, AFVet, not AmVet.

      And I ain’t gonna eat nuthin’.

      1. My apologies, AFVet, getting your moniker wrong. I spaced out.

        Are Boehner and McConnell, RINOs? No. Have they betrayed the Republican voters with their leadership decisions? Yes, often. Always? No.

        I’m not saying that I gravitate toward the candidate that speaks to my heart. But most (emotionally-driven) voters do.

        Now my question for you: If you ain’t gonna eat nuthin’,then does that mean you will stay home on Election Day if Kasich ends up on the ballot? Put another way, do you feel that voting for an impure candidate somehow makes you an impure conservative?

        1. Agree on Boehner and McConnell–they are doing their job, counting heads, doling out perks, working the parliamentary system–it can be a ruthless system and sometimes yes, they are working with around and through the more straight-line conservatives…And then they get the RINO tag, dripping with contempt.

    1. Is there some fete planned at the White House where access to the event is blocked and people can party hearty . Or will it simply be a disciplined receiving line where party goers can leave their “gifts” at the back door from which they will depart.

  10. Not Presidential Candidate topic. Rather, the relocation of people to satisfy Obama’s vision of America.

    There are two efforts House — Rep. Gosnar and Senate — to block the Obama administration’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) regulation — Obama’s hook for controlling local governments and dictating how Americans shall live.

    This, plus our big immigration problem and the depositing of illegals into communities without consent, is serious imo.

    The idea of government moving select peoples is disturbing. It is just short of the Zhivago scene where the family is left with one room. 2cents

    1. Thanks for the reminder. I do not think anyone is going to pay attention to this, untill FH is in their neighborhood.
      I was not speaking of people here. Fellow readers here pay outstanding attention to all.
      By the way. Everyone who will be voting on this jolly (sarc) task of o, should be asked, Will your locked neighborhood be inviting any/all to move on in?
      Let’s ask o, How many will be moving into your future residence?

      1. The answer to your last question is zero. Zero so-called “disadvantaged” people will move in anywhere near Obama’s future residence to improve the neighborhood mix. Ever. He’ll make sure of that.

        1. Everyone has some one better off than you. My friend as a child had a speaker in each room. So her mom did not have to scream upstairs at dinner. Point: I didn’t expect the Govt to make it possible to get a two story house for my family as well. Her dad made more than mine. That was ok! My dad was the finest dad ever!!!! You work hard. Pull your straps up and move forward in life.

  11. Although homosexuality is generally considered a taboo because of the Vietnamese tradition, awareness surrounding LGBT rights has risen during the 21st century.

    And to hurry that along Barack Obama appointed (and Congress approved) a well qualified gay diplomat as Ambassador. No problem. But to me, from a diplomatic point of view, it smacks as cultural force and an insult to the culture.

    How this is any different from the Imperialism rained on other cultures that Obama rants about is beyond me.

    1. This is just like all the info that I posted about a month ago regarding the US Ambassador to the Dominican Republic and his gay activist “husband”. They’ve been deliberately ticking off the local people since before they even arrived there. Several bishops and politicians have spoken out about them, but the Ambassador and his “husband” love rubbing it their faces by posting on the website, as well as on both their Facebook pages. Last I looked, they and all their pals were having wonderful time enjoying our mansion there, complete with pool, a lovely beach, and a staff waiting on them and their friends.

    2. Agree. Very arrogant indeed. But this is what Barry will be remembered for, homosexuality and the promotion of it. Seems to be the only thing he really cares about.

    1. Is he supposed to be a role model for the black community? He’s just another absentee black husband and father. At least HIS family has the benefit of unlimited taxpayer funds.
      It’s appalling that we are forced to support these grifters and their alternative life styles!

    2. Interesting. He just spent a long golf weekend with the Choom Gang out in Palm Springs on Father’s Day weekend. As I’ve said before, these guys must have a ton of vacation time always being able to fly to CA, FL, or Dc to hang with Barry.

      You know there’s something wrong when he spends more free time with his high school pals from Hawaii than he does with his wife and kids. Very odd.

      Also, next weekend he’s off to Martha’s Vineyard, where he will spend three full weekends with his buddies from Chicago, as usual. The O’s never take any vacation time alone as a family, which I find rather strange.

      1. Now I am awake.:) I do some business overseas — China was awake so I was awake. I’ll remember you next time. Have a nice evening and sleep well. Good to “see” you.

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