As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

70 Responses to Saturday Open Thread || August 1, 2015

      • Great link Grace.

        Lt. Col. Allen West should be the next Sec. of Defense.
        Trump wants to re-build our military.
        Allen West wants to re-establish the pride of serving this Country.

        I can’t think of anyone else I would like to see in those positions.

        Two men that are willing to call it as they see it and with a devil may care attitude of the repercussions.

        Both of them would look you in the eye and say,….BRING IT !

        • On Trump– listening to Larry Kudlow on radio this morning. He (and others with him on his program) makes a strong case that Trump is an economic supply sider in the same vein as JFK, Clinton/Gingrich and Reagan (based on Trump’s books, statements and business decisions). Cut corporate taxes (we have the highest in the world), cut out stupid Fed regulations, push for a modified flat tax, etc. Hadn’t given that much thought about Trump’s economic philosophy before this, but it’s good news, if true.

      • Thanks Grace. After reading about the Lt.Commander Timothy White, I will have to listen to the song again.
        As stated o wants to pardon drug dealers.
        I still feel his goal is to tear this Country down, into a foul circus.

      • Thanks for the link. I can’t adequately state how mad this makes me, it’s like a parallel universe. It seems like our USA, butt, cockeyed, slanting hard to the left.

      • Thanks for that link, grace. Sadly, I’m not surprised at this outrageous development. As Allen West said, Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White should be given a medal! Thankfully, he’s gping to fight for Lt.

    • Thanks AFVet. That video/song helped me as well. I had just heard a clip on Fox where o stated:
      Don’t have a complete strategy yet. Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Eric Bolling is having a good interview with Donald Trump on FBN Cashin’ In.

    Interesting — Donald turns it up in the political milieu — but here with Eric you see him operate in a different environment — a business program — and it all sorta’ comes together.

    • Agree. Modern Presidents have forgotten that their primary job is to secure our safety and see that our laws are upheld.
      They don’t have a mandate to change our morals or beliefs, nor are they to change our living habits, what we eat, where we live or anything like that.
      They are supposed to keep us safe and uphold our laws -pretty much the same thing.

      • Just a comment. I was reading a thing about Hillary — greatest weakness — impatient with people who don’t understand …. Actually what she was saying was we are just too stupid to get what she is saying/doing/planning.

        We already have a person in the Oval Office who doesn’t like us and thinks Americans are stupid. We don’t need another imperial president. Donald Trump loves America and that in itself is refreshing and hopeful.

        • I heard we can’t say “Americans” anymore–it somehow hurts people from S America…forget the “logic”–some granola-fed school in the upper Northeast…

    • HA. Although, in a moment of sympathy for a man I hold in the lowest regard, apparently there have been a few miscarriages along the way. And hey, let’s face, it appears they are going to actually have this child. So, congratulations.

  2. The headline on Drudge re. possible Biden run. What would Beau Do?

    Let me say this unequivocally there is probably nothing worse for a parent than to lose a child. We probably all know this either personally or through friends and family. My heart bleeds for them — and their courage in going forward in life without their child.

    That said, I really cringe at a campaign where the MSM changes their usual meme from ” but … for the children” to “but…Beau” and the tragedy of the loss of first wife and daughter.

    A long life of suffering and service. Uncle Joe. Who charges his SS detail rent. That Uncle Joe and who endorsed every single corrupt minute with Barack Obama.

    • Speaking oif Planned Parenthood, here’s an interesting tidbit to be filed under “it’s a small world”:

      Boehner health policy director is sister of StemExpress’ founder

      House Speaker John Boehner’s health policy director is closely connected to the founder and CEO of StemExpress, the private company that buys aborted fetal organs and tissue from Planned Parenthood.

      Boehner’s health policy director, Charlotte Ivancic, is the older sister of Cate Dyer, the founder of California-based Stem Express.

      Stem Express, the buyer of Planned Parenthood’s fetal organs, is at the heart of the undercover video scandals — in the first video, its website and fetal organ order form are shown, and in the third undercover video released, a former technician for StemExpress says the company does “a huge trafficking in fetal tissues” and is “a pretty sick company.” The former employee says Cate Dyer, the president and founder of Stem Express makes “a lot of money.”

      In a fourth undercover video by the Center for Medical Progress, currently blocked from release by a California court, StemExpress executives admit that “they sometimes get fully intact fetuses shipped to their laboratory” from the Planned Parenthood abortion clinics that supply them, according to the video maker, which could be prima facie evidence of a crime.

      StemExpress is a “a multi-million dollar company that supplies human blood, tissue products, primary cells and other clinical specimens to biomedical researchers,” according to its website. In a now-removed portion of the site, the company provided an order form for fetal body parts, specifying the organs or tissues desired and the gestational age.


      ^^^ Click the link to see a screenshot of the sick “order form” that they have now removed from their site.

  3. OK Gang,
    Let’s say Trump wins the presidency.

    Pick his cabinet.
    I will start.

    Secretary of Defense, Lt. Col. Allen West.
    HHS, Dr. Benjamin Carson.
    DHS, Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
    Dept. of the Interior, Sarah Palin.
    Dept. of Education, Bobby Jindal.
    Attorney General, Trey Gowdy/Mark Levin.
    U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton.
    Sec. of State, Carly Fiorina.

    There is a very deep field of people that are qualified to serve this Country in many exemplary ways given their talents and experience.
    We must embrace them, vet them, encourage them, and if the needs arise, discard them.

    Our Country is wounded, but She still has US.

      • Very good lineup.
        As far as Carly, I have to study more exactly what her plans/ideas are for the illegals.
        I may make a graph, to note what everyone’s idea/plan may be.

    • You might be interested. Over at Ace of Spades they do a candidate overview. Today it is Carly Fiorina. There are a lot of quality links as well as access to previous run downs of candidates. It’s a rich overview. I have it bookmarked for later but you might want to check it out.

        • I once made $150,000 per year selling popcorn.

          I made a choice, and I make only $10 per hour, taking care of terminal patients.

          And people who fry chicken want 50% more than that?

          I guess I get the reward of knowing I am making a difference. But seriously, these people get paid more?

          • I was going to say–making others earn less won’t make you earn more…I am not in favor of that $15 thing–my daughter who works at Wendy’s says it’s actually bad. Also–the unions who pressed for $15 and got it (LA)–they want $14 for union members so they won’t lose their jobs or something. Honestly, if you look at this stuff, you will get splodey head.

          • I read this from a different perspective. Sounds to me like this person is OK with their personal choice of occupation and that occupation’s compensation.
            Sounds to me like a question regarding why burger flippers make $15 per hour when other occupations of greater responsibility make less than that amount.
            And now, I read that burger flippers are asking for fewer hours so that their government benefits will not be reduced or eliminated.

          • Aileen, I read the comment the same way you did and was surprised to see the other replies.

            Also, I was going to bring up the point you made about some hourly workers requesting reduced hours because a pay raise will result in a cut or elimination of their government freebies.

    • Arpaio–you do know he does not investigate rapes, is crooked as a mountain road starting with his former deputy Henderschott who is still in the picture, and really does go to Hispanic areas and chase people around make them prove they are legal, right? I know that Jeh person is a weak sister–but no on Joe–at least for me. Plus–he is 80.

        • He’s not a standup guy despite how people seem to like his “getting tough” on Mexicans–if someone stopped me, I could not prove I was a citizen. The AZ Republic (have my diffs with them, don’t get it anymore though I once was a columnist)–has been after him for years. Giant “p-ing” contest, if you get my drift.

    • AFVet, good lineup, but I’d prefer to eliminate the unnecessary Dept of Education.

      Also, I agree with others that SoS might not be a good match for Carly. As grace suggested. maybe she’d be good as Commerce Secretary.

    • Labor – Scott Walker :D

      I’d get rid of Education and DHS to bring FEMA back to a Cabinet position.

      Palin would be great anywhere, combine Interior with Energy and get that Keystone Pipeline rolling. Also maybe a water pipeline to the arid regions, like Calif …. from the Rockies meltoffs.

      Trump promises to build the strongest military in the world, so strong, we’ll never need to use it.

      He’d probably choose experienced diplomats to replace every ambassador in the world, instead of bundlers like Obama did.

      Shut down the IRS which the Fair Tax is designed to do.

      This IS fun. Trumps VP should be Cruz :)

  4. The double standard regarding General Petraeus and Hillary is past pathetic. The crew: Joshi and others did not have an explanation for this.
    How can anyone even think of running for President, when they are not following the law?
    I know we discussed the release of the emails this week. However I do not understand how they can scratch out everything.
    That would be like someone getting in trouble with *** and that agency requesting all of your financial information. What you have paid in, etc, etc.
    Than you give them all the documents with most of it scratched out.
    Than you fly around the Country and smile and wave…
    She may as well be smiling, waving and flipping the bird at everyone.

  5. From The Hill, via Drudge, Trump is getting his teams ready:

    Trump builds his political machine

    Donald Trump is assembling a team of political strategists and campaign staffers charged with sustaining his lead in the Republican presidential polls.


    … Trump team that is expanding on the ground in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina — key caucus and primary states that are often decisive in the march to the nomination.