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Open Thread || Friday, July 31, 2015

My apologies, but White House Dossier will not publish today. So it’s up to you guys to carry the load. Thanks for doing the writing here for me, in the comment section. I caution you, though, your pay will be very, very low. Certainly not $15 per hour.



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144 Responses to Open Thread || Friday, July 31, 2015

  1. Any thoughts on who will do well in the first debate and who won’t?

    I say Trump will hold his own and gains some respect. Jeb will fade into the woodwork. Walker might have trouble too. If ONLY Carly would make the top ten. I so want her in.

      • Saw that, too.
        *MrBush won’t be able to keep his cool when MrTrump starts on illegal aliens.
        *MrTrump mentions that someone referred to him as a “pig” and wraps that around MrBush’s neck like a pretty bow.
        *The FOX people won’t be able to keep from smiling as millions of viewers pump up their numbers.
        *MrTrump will take over the debate.

      • Trump will not bite the other candidates unless they try to bite him first. By now, the other candidates know that, or should. So rather then use the usual insults to get him out of the way, they’ve learned they better bring their A game to the debate. Trump is going to stand out in the debate at any rate. The other candidates know he’s got 25 percent+ of the current polling, and if they try to make him look stupid, that will tick off lots of people.

        It will be interesting to watch the Carly/Trump interaction during the debate.

          • I still think they should have drawn lots for two evening debates, if you want to call these debates–instead of this poll stuff. Maybe Trump would have be in with the “weaker” ones–who could gain or get completely out, or it would be a mix. This is system is dumb. I may not even watch. It is just to benefit Fox–ratings.

          • I agree with Star, this system of deciding who is in the debate stinks. How can we trust their poll for the top 10? Jeb will get to debate even if he comes in dead last I bet. I want to see Carly debate. She does very well in interviews and I like what she has to say.

          • I know I am beating a dead horse with a broken record, but lots for two evening debates would have had more suspense, more interest. Maybe even more ratings for Foxy. Trump could have ended up with all lower percentage guys–but maybe one or more would have broken out and taken him on. Or maybe Cruz or Rubio or even Christie would have been taken on by someone…Why Trump, Trump, Trump! It would have been much more interesting.

    • Re the Debate:

      Wish it was anyone but Megyn Kelly moderating. Her show has become trashy and sensational.
      Would love to see Brit Hume – not Chris Wallace.

  2. CNN featured MrsClinton as she speechified to a group of someones(?). Her cadence is Just. Like. This. As. She. Spoke.
    I’m saying, from life’s experience, that the lady had a stroke in the near past. The words don’t come easy for her.
    No wonder she doesn’t want to speak or answer questions she can’t control.

    • Wonder if her medical records are classified! There was that incident when Chelsea was crying and very somber when she rushed to the hospital after her Mother’s ‘fall’. Could very well have been a mini-stroke.

      That said, HRC is trying desperately to ditch her ‘Shrillary’ personality of the last 40 years. Unfortunately, her inner ‘Shrillary’ is lurking just under the surface at all times.

      • An article with owner of made the comment that she expected Hillary to withdraw prior to the debates due to health reasons.

        The way her favorbility ratings continue to drop I am sure she getting sicker each pill.

        If anyone deserves being shunned by their own party twice it is her. I hope the DOJ treats her like Petraeous was treated.

        • When she reaches her goal of $1.5B, she’ll drop out due to ‘health’ concerns.
          And if it happens, I hope every donor demands a refund.
          The Clintons are crooks through and through!

    • If you compare her speech making a few years ago, and her speech making now, there is a huge difference in cadence, style, and confidence with whatever topic she’s talking about. She just looks sort of out of it now, her eyes darting around, her timing off, etc.She’s been off her game since she began falling down, getting medical treatment and out of the public eye for long periods of time. Her handlers are surely well aware of her situation and may well explain why her campaign is so out of tune and awkward.

          • Bill does the same thing (clapping for himself). She tries to emulate him, lol.
            The eyes have always been ‘buggy’, and she has always had that cackly laugh, ugh!
            It’s all cringeworthy.

          • Jst read on Drudge that HRC has hypothyroidism and takes meds. That explains the bulging eyes.
            Do we really need all of this in the WH?

          • If she is on synthroid her doc sure left that out! Who has BP of 100 over 65? Marathon runners or half-dead people. Just being on coumadin is not a great sign… And that blood clot–in addition they say to the concussion. As Sr Dem said–it could have been a stroke that led to the fall. I am not a doctor, but I am sure stroke conscious what with being on a thinner myself all those yrs and my dad, lifelong jogger, died of one.

  3. Joke:

    What’s the difference between Cecil and Barack Obama? One is an African lion, and the other is a lyin’ African.

    Not a joke:

    The US Fish and Wildlife Service has announced that it will be investigating Cecil’s death.


        • Marco Rubio does the right thing. When asked what does he think about the lion being killed he appropriately turns it around to killing animals/babies…If people are outraged about killing a lion, they should be outraged against killing humans and what is going on with PP or words to that effect.

          It was an on the fly question by TMZ at the airport, and nicely handled by Rubio.

    • By what authority? Instead what they will do on behalf of the overreaching Obama Administration is hound this hunter to death — audit him, shame him, bankrupt him. All the things the social media bleeding hearts want. Vigilantes.

    • This has gotten out of control–there are preserves all over this country where beautiful animals are trotted out to be shot by insecure, dopey guys… This guy is a total “richard,” but put him in jail? Some people have lost their minds.

      • I heard that some people in this country are advocating for him to be extradited to Zimba per that corrupt country’s request. It’s insane.

      • The “Let’s get this guy” response of the MSM is yet another demonstration of the lemming-like nature of the national press. They take the same stance on issues, use the same words and phrases, and run at the same gait toward a target. It’s as though they were all under conscious sedation and just following the same directions, though they really don’t understand why they are doing it.

  4. Apparently Jeh Johnson, Man Who Should Be Run Out of Office, says to call Chattanooga “Islamic Terrorism” out of respect for Muslims.

    Apparently respect for Muslims is more important to this Administration than respect for the victims and their families — all military. Good thing Obama is Celebrity in Chief and not Commander in Chief or John Stewart would have to call him out on this.

    All that aside. I don’t know, but I am pretty sure, refusing to characterize it as terrorism, besides the disrespect, denies them and their families recognition and n certain benefits.

    The unaccountability of these people and their arrogance is so insulting.

  5. “$15.00 an hour”. Good one Keith!! In 1966 I was working bagging groceries. Minimum wage was $1.67 an hour. Worked an 8 hour shift on a holiday. Earned $40.08!!!! Wondered what I would DO with all that money!?!?!?

  6. Back to MrsClinton’s health: her medical report says that she had “a blood clot on the brain”.
    I’m no medico, but isn’t that the definition of a mini-stroke?
    anyone know?

    • That wasn’t a medical report as I understand it–a letter from her doc saying she’d make a nifty president (like the one Obama had). A stroke can be a clot or bleeding into the brain–thin or thick blood, basically. She could have had a clot from her fall–but this is the first I heard of it…so it’s interesting.

      • When my blood thinner made my retina tear clot–they called it an eye stroke. I said, Ew, that sounds terrible. Well, it did in the end blind the eye, but here I am still.

        • Sorry to hear about your eye Star. I just heard a thing on the radio about a medical report that clears her — and she is taking a blood thinner. That fall or whatever was how long ago? I am a medical idiot, but during a recent surgery I had an Pulmonary Embollism. I was on a blood thinner for about 6 months. Many people are on blood thinners, but if it’s a long term thing, doesn’t it indicate a long term potential problem?

          Anyway, no one no how can convince me that that woman is not impaired somehow from whatever happened to her.

          • Yup–it is pretty dangerous stuff–I was on it for yrs for atrial fib (they just clap you on it–here, hope you live). Had an intestinal bleed–hosp, the whole niner, but stayed on. Then the eye–four surgeries, blinded. THEN I said I am not taking this crap. I have been on an aspirin for yrs now. If she is still on it, something is up. And those new spendy forms of thinner–not proved out to be that big an improvement and docs wish people would still have to get monthly tests, which is also a pain.

          • If she’s on Coumadin as the report states, she has to take it approximately the same time every day AND she needs frequent (monthly, I think) checks on how fast her blood clots. It’s a serious drug.

          • Yes, she will have to get the monthly INR checks–and they call you back sometimes and say eat a spinach salad today–Vit K…It’s all pretty casual and strange. But when you spring a leak, it is not good. I was eating lunch in a restaurant and suddenly these things like maroon tree branches started coursing across my vision. I closed one eye, then the other–right eye! We went to the ER–they said go to an eye doc Monday…this was Sat. When I went, he sent me to a retina guy and this horrible mess started–by then it was like a lava lamp in my eyeball–burble up, down, up down…Four surgs later–ruined! Now I listen to my books and ask people, “Is this the bread aisle?” Lee–If your relative is OK on it–no bleeds–people do what docs say–not this person…but most. I can’t say what he should do.

        • Star, PE — big surprise — but common given what I was in for. Just glad they caught it in treatable stage. But thanks.

          Lee, Blood thinners probably prevent more bad things happening than not. And if you step father is under a good doctor’s care all should be well. The internet and tv commericals and ambulance chasers scare us more than necessary. I mean my God — have you ever looked at “possible side effects”? More courtesy of the legal department than the med. 2 cents.

  7. Today is the first time I’ve actually been to the shopping mall since last Christmas (surely I must have gone over Christmas at some point). So I was walking through the mall, and saw that there was a “Muslim Book Store.” I was wondering what exactly was in a “Muslim Book store” so I went on in.
    I’d no sooner gotten in the door when a middle eastern woman with a very stern look immediately came up to me (I didn’t exactly look like anyone else in the store) and asked if she could help me, she could tell I wasn’t the normal clientele.
    I asked if she had a copy of the U.S. Immigration Policy regarding Muslims.
    She yelled rather loudly, “Go to Hell, get out, and stay out!”
    I said, “Yes, that’s the one. Do you have it in paperback?

  8. I hope every Republican candidate heard, remembers, and uses Chris Matthews interview DWS where she could not answer the question of the difference between a Socialist and a Democrat (given that Sanders a Socialist is running on the Democrat ticket — because as DWS says “he caucuses with the Dems”). The Republicans need to ask this of ole’ Hillary as often as possible.

    My guess is only Fiorina and Trump will take the opportunity. Maybe Cruz. It is a serious weakness and split in the Dem. Party.

  9. from the top headline on Drudge Re: Shrillary’s health:

    Questions about Mrs. Clinton’s health have percolated for the last two years. In her final weeks at the State Department in 2012, officials said Mrs. Clinton contracted a virus, fainted and struck her head, suffering a concussion and, shortly after, a blood clot in her head.

    In the letter, dated Tuesday, Dr. Bardack describes Mrs. Clinton as a healthy 67-year-old woman who has only relatively minor maladies. But the letter notes that Mrs. Clinton was treated for “a deep vein thrombosis in 1998 and in 2009, an elbow fracture in 2009 and a concussion in 2012.”

    “During follow up evaluations” after the 2012 concussion, Dr. Bardack wrote, “Mrs. Clinton was found to have a transverse sinus venous thrombosis and began anticoagulation therapy to dissolve the clot.” She noted that Mrs. Clinton also wore glasses with specialized Fresnel Prism lenses to address double vision she suffered after the concussion. (Mrs. Clinton was photographed with the glasses, including during testimony before Congress about the Benghazi terrorist attacks.)

    The doctor said that follow-up testing in 2013 showed a “complete resolution” of the effects of the concussion and that the clot had dissolved. But Mrs. Clinton – who had also suffered a blood clot in the 1990s – was kept on daily anticoagulation medicine.

    Dr. Bardack said Mrs. Clinton takes Armour Thyroid for her thyroid disorder, as well as antihistimines for “seasonal pollen allergies,” vitamin B12 and Coumadin. Her blood pressure during an exam in March was a low 100/65, and she had a normal cardiological examination.

    “She eats a diet rich in lean protein, vegetables and fruits,” the doctor wrote. “She exercises regularly, including yoga, swimming, walking and weight training.”

    The letter does not state Mrs. Clinton’s height or weight.

    “Mrs. Clinton is a healthy female with hypothyroidism and seasonal allergies, on long-term anticoagulation,” Ms. Bardack wrote. “She participates in a healthy lifestyle and has had a full medical evaluation, which reveals no evidence or additional medical issues or cardiovascular disease.”

    Hmm, her doctor says, “Her blood pressure during an exam in March was a low 100/65..”, yet there’s no mention of Shrillary being on blood pressure meds? Isn’t that a rather low blood pressure for a woman her age taking no blood pressure meds? I’m just speaking from personal experience with my mother, in-laws, and other relatives. I’m no doctor, but I find it rather unlikely.

  10. I just saw a segment on OReilly that enraged me. Clips from MSM promoting America as a deeply racist nation — Anti American Race Baiters.

    It was disgusting. And the “White Allies” overcome with white guilt were particularly pathetic. I had to literally laugh at this one white woman who said there should be reparations for the Jim Crow laws, and the new Jim…..I was waiting for her to continue with and the new new Jim Crow and the new new new Jim Crow.

    Insane that they should defame this country like that.

    • I turned it off. The msm, the people who helped feed, stir up what has been happening in the last several months are to blame.
      We should be pulling together as a nation.

    • I turned it off, mostly becasue I’m fed up with the Fox hosts taking Fridays off. At least have a guest host, like Shannon Bream filled in for Megyn Kelly tonight. I can’t stand when they splice together clips from old shows, as they did on O’Reilly’s show tonight. Or, they air those pre-taped, canned specials. Fox is really resting on its laurels and I hope their ratings start to slide.

      I saw mention of Megyn Kelly’s show in the comments above and I have to agree that her show has gotten sleazy in the last couple of months. I think it all started with her Dugger specials. She milked that crap for a week and I refused to watch any of it. Even worse, she pimped it for a week prior to that, then all that week on other Fox shows, and still talked about it the following week.

      I’ve been over her show ever since then, but last night was the final straw. She had Brian Kilmeade on and they spent more time discussing Giselle’s (Tom Brady’s wife) plastic surgery than I bet even the entertainment shows did. I turned it off in disgust.

      I’m so over Fox. The Five stinks now and I’m not interested in Geraldo so I don’t watch it anymore. Even before that, I was sick of Juan, that Julie B person, and Dana annoys me to no end. Don’t even get me started on Fox & Friends, which began to deteriorate a couple of years ago with the hiring of dopey Elisabeth H. from The View. The only show worth watching these days is Brett Baier’s show, which I DVR and usually watch later in the evening instead of their other shows. Greta’s show is still okay, but that’s about it.

      • Greta tonight had a thing about terrorists going after the military — started back with that guy and his son who were terrorizing WDC area by shutting randomly out of the trunk. Anyway, she drew some nice lines on terrorists attacks on the military as per the “order , call” whatever that went out from ISIS to go after military and their families.

        But get this: Apparently Hillary Babe Huma is going to charged with criminal violations. It’s small and will be pooh poohed by the left, but it’s a start. Should we thank Valerie? Long knives coming out for old Hil’? Maybe not given both Arab background. Trump also called Huma out earlier for something. Anyway.

      • Welcome to the club! I stopped watching FOX almost entirely last year (except for Brett Bair), along with everyone else I know.
        I mentioned a review I read recently calling the FOX babes ‘ a small, angry tribe’. I would have added ‘trashy’ to the mix. (Megyn is beginning to look like a hooker, lol).

        It’s like someone turned on a switch and almost everyone changed overnight. Must be a Jerry Springer producer who’s calling the shots now.

        Obama can stop knocking FOX now. The crazies have taken it over.

      • Give MoJoe a throw–yes, it’s lefty but not like the rest of MSNBC and many guests speak correct Eng and have information…And Mika’s sulky frowns and Oh Gods never get old. DVR it–it sort of repeats within the 3 hrs–you need Fast Forward.

        • PS–Agree on The Five getting predictable. At least Bob was funny with his “Fatwa This!” etc–Wan not so much. And Greg–his smug little rants and word play and Chucks on his little feet–kind of over those.

  11. More on Shrillary’s health. Her cholesterol levels seem decent for someone not on meds:

    She received her most recent physical exam on March 21, 2015, according to the the statement. Her blood pressure was 100/65. Her heart rate was 72 and her EKG was normal. Her total cholesterol was 195, with an LDL (“bad cholesterol”) of 118, and an HDL (“good cholesterol”) of 64 and triglycerides of 69.

  12. I admit that I haven’t been following the TPP issue as much lately, but it looks like it’s in trouble:

    LAHAINA, Hawaii — Trade negotiators from the United States and 11 other Pacific nations failed to reach final agreement on Friday, with difficult talks on the largest regional trade agreement ever deadlocking over protections for drug companies and access to agriculture markets on both sides of the Pacific.

    Trade ministers, in a joint statement, said late Friday they had made “significant progress” and will return to their home countries to obtain high-level signoffs for a small number of final sticking points on the agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, with bilateral talks reconvening soon.

    “There are an enormous number of issues that one works through at these talks, narrowing differences, finding landing zones,” said Michael B. Froman, the United States trade representative. “I am very impressed with the work that has been done. I am gratified by the progress that has been made.”

    Still, the breakdown is a setback for the Obama administration, which had promoted the talks here as the final round ahead of an accord that would bind 40 percent of the world’s economy under a new set of rules for commerce.

    President Obama’s trade push had been buoyed by Congress’s narrow passage in June of so-called fast track trade negotiating powers, and American negotiators had hoped other countries could come together once Congress had given up the right to amend any final agreement.

    In the end, a deal filled with 21st-century policies on Internet access, advanced pharmaceuticals and trade in clean energy foundered on issues that have bedeviled international trade for decades: access to dairy markets in Canada, sugar markets in the United States and rice markets in Japan.

    “No, we will not be pushed out of this agreement,” said a defiant New Zealand trade minister, Tim Groser, who held out for better access for his country, the largest exporter of dairy in the world.

    Australia, Chile and New Zealand also continue to resist the push by the United States to protect the intellectual property of major pharmaceutical companies for as long as 12 years, shielding them from generic competition as they recoup the cost of developing next-generation biologic medicines.


    But the failure to complete the deal — eight years in the making — means the next round of negotiations will push the United States ratification fight into 2016, a presidential election year. Most Republican candidates are very likely to back it, but a final agreement would force the Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton to declare her position, which she has avoided.

    This week, she told reporters, “I did not work on T.P.P.” as secretary of state, although she gave a 2012 speech in Australia declaring the accord “the gold standard in trade agreements.”

    The push for the Pacific deal has already split most Democrats from their president. Further delay raises the prospect that a deal sealed by President Obama might have to be ratified by his successor, just as George H. W. Bush’s North American Free Trade Agreement was secured by Bill Clinton.

    The failure of the Maui talks pointed to the extreme difficulty of reaching agreement with so many countries, each with its own political dynamics. Vietnam, Malaysia and New Zealand were willing to make significant concessions to gain access to United States markets.

    But with Canada’s prime minister, Stephen Harper, fighting for his political life ahead of national elections in October, Canada would not budge on opening its poultry and dairy markets.

    Chile, with a new, left-of-center government and existing free trade agreements with each of the countries in the Pacific deal, including the United States, saw no reason to compromise, especially on its demand for a short window of protection for United States pharmaceutical giants.

    Australia’s delegation insisted that pharmaceutical market protections beyond five years would never get through Parliament, and the United States team was demanding 12.

    Ildefonso Guajardo, Mexico’s secretary of economy, was defiant on the hard line he took against the export of Japanese cars with any less than 65 percent of their parts from T.P.P. countries. “I am fighting for the interests of my country,” he said.


  13. Man playing National Athem on his guitar on Fox. He was arrested Forth of July for playing the Star Spangled Banner.
    I was unaware of that arrest back on the Fourth.
    Just saw it on Fox.

  14. Just some observations:
    SarahPalin wrote an opinion piece for Breibart–
    She points out just why MrTrump is connecting with the conservatives.
    The last poll made public showed MrTrump leading all of the candidates with 30% of the votes, GovWalker was next.

    The political ‘experts’ who try to control the conversation missed, or just ignored, GovWalker’s astounding victories in a blue, northern state. They assume that only yokels in fly-over country are against the progressive (commie) programs, while the rest of the country are 100% on board with everything from showing “love” to illegal aliens, to forcing us into health insurance governed by flunkies in DC

    MrsClinton ‘earned’ @$140 million in the last 8 years. Dead Broke, sure.

    *A White policeman in Ohio kills an unarmed Black motorist – constant news on MSM.
    *Black people killed @150 of their Black neighbors, wounded hundreds more in Baltimore – silence.
    Planned Parenthood kills hundreds of thousands of children – outrage on MSM by Dems that anyone would object to their deaths.

  15. “The political ‘experts’ who try to control the conversation missed, or just ignored, ……..” And that demonstrates how journalism elites try to control the national dialogue on every political issue we face. It’s one thing for “commentators” to present a particular political view point. We expect that. But for national reporters to disguise their own political biases as objective reporting is a disgrace.