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WSJ: Swiss Bank Stepped Up Clinton Giving After Hillary Help

Updated 4:36 pm ET

Hillary Clinton. Job creator.

That’s right, she’ll be creating jobs for investigative journalists for years to come.

Here’s the latest in suspicious activity related to Mrs. Clinton, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal:

A few weeks after Hillary Clinton was sworn in as secretary of state in early 2009, she was summoned to Geneva by her Swiss counterpart to discuss an urgent matter. The Internal Revenue Service was suing UBS AG to get the identities of Americans with secret accounts.

If the case proceeded, Switzerland’s largest bank would face an impossible choice: Violate Swiss secrecy laws by handing over the names, or refuse and face criminal charges in U.S. federal court.

Within months, Mrs. Clinton announced a tentative legal settlement—an unusual intervention by the top U.S. diplomat. UBS ultimately turned over information on 4,450 accounts, a fraction of the 52,000 sought by the IRS, an outcome that drew criticism from some lawmakers who wanted a more extensive crackdown.

From that point on, UBS’s engagement with the Clinton family’s charitable organization increased. Total donations by UBS to the Clinton Foundation grew from less than $60,000 through 2008 to a cumulative total of about $600,000 by the end of 2014, according the foundation and the bank.

The bank also joined the Clinton Foundation to launch entrepreneurship and inner-city loan programs, through which it lent $32 million. And it paid former president Bill Clinton $1.5 million to participate in a series of question-and-answer sessions with UBS Wealth Management Chief Executive Bob McCann, making UBS his biggest single corporate source of speech income disclosed since he left the White House.

There is no evidence of any link between Mrs. Clinton’s involvement in the case and the bank’s donations to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, or its hiring of Mr. Clinton. But her involvement with UBS is a prime example of how the Clintons’ private and political activities overlap.

Well, coincidences do happen. And with the Clinton’s lots of coincidences happen at the same time.

What coincidence!

UPDATE: Clinton denies any wrongdoing.

14 Responses to WSJ: Swiss Bank Stepped Up Clinton Giving After Hillary Help

  1. To me , its another reminder of how shallow, self serving and money lusting these clintons truly are. Whats equally upsetting are the hordes of people who will support and idolize them all the way to the gates of hell.
    …which sounds like an appropriate destination.

  2. Off shore banking isn’t a crime, but it’s deceitful for politicians running as Presidents to keep that hidden from the voters. Especially if you’re running as a po’folk. ;)

    I wonder if Hillary realized the risk she’s taking? Afterall, her and Bill had quite the little scam going with their “foundation”. They could lose everything, especially their credibility.

    This is not the Hillary of 2008. This is an older and more sinister woman with a lot more baggage other than Bill.

  3. t appears that Donald Trump taking her spotlight and now a criminal email investigation has made Hillary Clinton a bit defensive. According to a report this afternoon, Hillary lost her cool with reporters outside an Iowa diner this morning shouting “This was supposed to be the summer of Hillary!”