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Video || Cruz Plays Silly Games at Iran Deal Hearing

I thought you might want to see this video of Sen. Ted Cruz during Wednesday’s Iran deal hearing messing around with top Obama Cabinet officials, including the annoying Secretary of State John Kerry and the somehow even more annoying Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz.

It’s too bad Cruz chose to use up his time sanctimoniously grandstanding with gotcha games designed to generate media attention instead of asking serious questions. Typical Cruz. But it is kind of funny to see how he got everyone all flummoxed, to the point one of them knocks over their name card.

25 Responses to Video || Cruz Plays Silly Games at Iran Deal Hearing

  1. It beats calling it a “diplomatic masterpiece” like Nancy Pelosi,who insists you have to pass a bill to read it. I suspect Nancy feels similarly about the Iran deal as she kisses Obama’s collective butt.

    Did Cruz waste valuable time? Yes. But they need to be shamed.

  2. How could anyone call questioning the truthful testimony of these two ignorant and arrogant appointed officials as ‘grandstanding’.
    SenCruz did what we expect of ALL of our elected officals – to look out for our interests when others are looking for, well, we don’t know what their motive was for these events.

    We’re fed up with mealy-mouthed elected officials who dare not speak the truth, who fear the MSM or the WhiteHouse or both, and forces them to cower in the corners.

  3. OT: sorta
    In related news, MrTrump promises to “be nice” during the FOX debates – lol.
    Are we lovin’ this, do we love seeing SenCruz stick hat pins into those two blowhards, do we love that the establishment Rinos are afraid that MrTrump might be mean to them?
    No matter how this ends, or if it doesn’t, what a ride MrTrump has provided for us.

    • Totally agree.
      Trump says he’ll be nice.
      Just let one of them try to take him to the floor and it will be game on.
      Same way with Carly.
      I don’t think you want to cross her.

      This is going to be great if they let them speak and respond.

      I don’t see too many personal attacks going on during the debate.

      I will be curious as to how many people watch it.

      • The R candidates and the MSM have learned (if they are capable of learning anything that improves their perspective) that if you take a shot with a BB gun at Trump, he will slice you up like a strawberry. He’s just not going to let them play that game and that’s drives them nuts.

  4. What “serious questions” would you have asked ?
    He’s trying to pin their testimony down as for what was said.
    McCain relished the fact that he could shut him off.
    You know,…those “wacko birds”.

  5. Cruz should have brought a picture of a bomb going off. Than ask: Are you familiar with this?
    Of course I am. They would have replied…
    Than maybe a before picture, and an after picture.
    One last thing. I thought of this earlier today.
    I would have asked them, Do you have an underground bunker at your home?
    Maybe one more question.
    Is the government going to provide an underground bunker for each and every house hold in America?

  6. OT and me being lazy. McConnell says he is not sure he can get the required votes (60) to defund PP. And they seem to have a similar problem with saying no to helping Iran get nuclear capability and fund terrorism worldwide.

    So, my question is this. It seems to me he went back and quickly marshalled sufficient force for his EXIM reauthorization — was that a 60 vote requirement or not? Also, remember the Trade Bill? Managed to get that.

    But abortions, fetal body parts and nuclear war — no can do.

  7. That debate already has me bored to sobs. I suppose we have to watch? Not just catch the spin after? I think it’s completely stupid that it isn’t in two segments–and includes everyone, mixed up, high and low pollers, maybe by lots. Why does Fox get to control who gets air time?

    • Fox gets to control it because Fox is the channel showing it. that’s how TV works.

      that’s not to say I agree with them. I personally think they should do whatever they need to do to make sure Carly Fiorina is on that stage.

      if you haven’t heard her speech at the Reagan Library you should really watch it. she is truly the anti-Hillary: smart, well-spoken, funny, real, patriotic…everything Hillary would like to be.

  8. “sanctimoniously grandstanding with gotcha games”? pardon me for disagreeing with you, Keith, but I thought Cruz was brilliant. (but you’re right about Kerry and Moniz being excruciatingly annoying.)

    wikipedia says Cruz taught “Supreme Court litigation” at the U-Texas law school. I bet he’s a killer in the courtroom. and we know he was a debate champion in college. wouldn’t it be fun to watch him take Hillary Clinton apart in a presidential debate?

  9. Liars lie. All the time. They lie always because not one of them is intelligent enough to remember all the lies they tell. So they lie about their lies until – they believe – everyone is hopelessly confused about what they said.
    Keith, this time you are wrong. Cruz interrogated these men as they should be. He had sworn testimony to read to refute their lies.
    Watching this was definitely not a waste of my time.
    Thank you, Senator Cruz.

  10. “Silly games”, Keith? Kerry, Moniz, and Obama have a “deal” that will ensure Iran gets nukes. Cruz is trying to stop them. This is profoundly serious and I applaud Sen. Cruz.

  11. Cruz refused to dance and he didn’t let the pansies dance, either. How is this grandstanding? Do you realize how sick a tired of these bozos we are???Asking for plain, honest speech is grandstanding? He gets seconds to demand what we want to hear. they bluster, too important to answer honestly and concisely. Keith. Prioritize. Do not drink the koolaide. Not one sip.