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Poll: Trump Scores Twice as Much Support as Bush

Well, so much for the predictions by the Washington cognoscenti that Donald Trump’s comments about John McCain not being a hero – a flip aside which he basically corrected a few sentences later, BTW – would destroy his campaign.

What the prognosticators didn’t understand is that McCain is deeply unpopular among conservatives, even if his war service is obviously respected. And so Trump rolls on.

The latest national poll of Republicans, this one by Quinnipiac, has Trump with TWICE as much support as Jeb Bush, taking 20 percent of the vote compared to 10 percent for Bush. Between them, but closer to Bush, is Scott Walker, who garners 13 percent. No other Republican tops six percent.

On the other hand, Trump also tops the “Hell no” list, with 30 percent of Republicans saying they would never support him.

On the Democratic side, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to weather the ceaseless cascade of damaging information about her, getting 55 percent of the Democratic vote compared with 17 percent for Bernie Sanders. But creeping up there is Joe Biden, who would get 13 percent of the vote without even campaigning.

At this point, you could make the case that Trump needs to start saying more terrible things about McCain.

14 Responses to Poll: Trump Scores Twice as Much Support as Bush

  1. Americans love a winner, and they absolutely love a public person who has backbone, opinion, and is unwavering.

    That being said, The Donald plays well in prime time, lets see how he does next week when details are introduced.

  2. As tired as I am of the media selecting the candidates and professional politicians who care more about their personal gains than their constituents, I really like Trump. I think he’s serious about being in it to win it, and at a great pay and lifestyle demotion. If it’s all an “ACT” like some want us to believe, then what was Obama ? He never even ran a lemonade stand yet was able to lie his way into office TWICE. He didn’t do that alone.

    It’s still early and most of the political tactic now is to drive Trump into a Howard Dean meltdown. But that’s what they’ve been accusing him of being since his announcement speech.

    • Trump was interviewed yesterday by Dana Bash on Jake Tapper’s The Lead. He was asked about the debates and he said, quite well I thought, that he had to be himself. If he were anything else, he’d be called to the mat. That seems to resonate with America, that he’s who is is, 100%, no phony baloney. Unlike, oh um, Hillary!

  3. Dem’s choice:
    The old White lady, or the old White guy. eh
    Repub’s choice:
    The successful White businessman, the successful Black brain surgeon, the successful White lady businesswoman, the winning White governor, the winning Asian governor, and then there’s the “B” team of assorted old pols, including the White son and brother of former Presidents who thinks it’s his “turn”.
    The big, massive news is not that MrTrump leads the Repub field, but that he even makes the cut.
    MrsClinton is like the only woman in the bikini contest – the judges have no choice.

  4. Good points made by Harv Sibley and DeniseVB. It is still earlier. I may order a pizza for next week to see how everyone does in the first debate.

  5. I just hope that we do not have a repeat of what happened in the later debate between Romney and o.
    I had been sitting down to watch the debate. Than all of a sudden, I was standing over the counter watching the debate.
    As if it were a ballgame and it was the last play, your team was ahead. Than all of a sudden your team throws the ball directly to the other team, and they make a touch down, and win the game.

  6. I am in the Hell No camp. I am actually wondering if I could vote for him–I would want to vote for the Republican, but might get so sick I could not in his case. I am pretty sure he would never give up all his holdings to a trust, would alienate everyone around the world with his blatting, could and would not fulfill his offhand promises, etc. I saw a focus group that said he would be a classy president. About as classy as the one we have now. I want to live in Wonderland, too.

    • RIGHT ON!

      I am so sick of Trump

      He is banking on us being a nation of fools (see : Celebrity Apprentice, Sarah Palin praise) please let’s not prove him right

    • I think a lot of people are in the same position. Trump has high positive poll numbers but also high negatives, as reported recently. I’m not sure how these two seemingly contradictory conditions exist side by side but, apparently, they do. I just haven’t made up my mind on any of the candidates just yet. Just watching Trump make the other candidates twitch and watching Brit Hume and some others on Fox harumphing about Trump. But it’s very early, and this is just the circus parade making its way to the big main tent on the edge of town. That’s when the real fun begins. I still maintain the other candidates could take a lesson from Trump, i.e. put up a fight, get out there and make your case, kick the liberal MSM in the butt, stop whining and apologizing and make your case loudly and clearly.

  7. Hillary is dropping like a lead balloon…but she is still unchallenged. If Biden were to declare, he could wipe Her Royal Highness off the map, IMO.
    While I believe Trump could actually beat HRC, I doubt he could beat Biden.
    The race will become serious if and when HRC drops out.
    Right now, it’s all about The Donald and Hill’s sinking polls.

  8. I thought Trumps response to the ‘other’ Republican Candidate who called Trump an ‘idiot’ was clever and sweet. Trump responded with ‘If you disagree give him a call and tell him’, then disclosed his denouncer’s personal phone number. The guy had to get a new number.

    That’s a classy way to get back at a name caller and reveal who is really the idiot.