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Live Stream || White House Briefing – July 29, 2015

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    • I missed that very important question.sarc. I did not reconize this reporter. I wish her the best. However she gets the chance to be in that room, and ask important questions.
      She wants to know about the lion issue.
      Than of all things: She want to know about doing something on the Executive level. Ugh.
      Yes I love lions and animals. Last night I watched a rerun of the documentary that was filmed in Russia.
      My Country is making a deal with the devil, and she wants to know about a lion.

      • Assume there was a lion question? So much more important than killing fetuses and selling baby parts.

        Apparently The Hill had some comment about the hunter making a small donation to Romney. Because …..

        Somewhere else I saw people joking about The Hill comment and sarcastically said Romney then must have tied a lion to the roof of his car, or that Donald Trump’s hair was from the lion mane. Etc Etc Amazing.

    • Aw c’mon – we all know by now these pressers are nothing but smoke and mirrors. Let’s ask about the lion rather than the Iran deal or Planned Parenthood. The questions are meant as an opener for Earnest to criticize anyone unrelated to the O admin. Their entire philosophy is to mock and debase. It’s downright repulsive.

      • this “WH press corps” are such cowards when it comes to asking & pressing REAL questions they have no shame… they are just thankful to think they are important “journalists” (re: sycophants)

        • If I ever got in that room, I would ask three questions: 1. Why is the IRS still harassing conservative groups? (as we have learned in the past day or two). 2. Why is the VA doing an even worse job with veterans than it was doing when the initial VA scandal broke earlier in the Obama Administration? (as also recently reported). 3. Why has the Obama Administration refused to correct these issues?

    • Denise, the only way that they can elevate themselves above the intelligent people is by restricting questions, screening questions, or dismissing a reporter that just gets a little too close to the bone.

      These people are all hacks for Obama.
      These pressers are nothing more than showtime in the WH.

      I’m preaching to the choir by addressing this to Denise.

      She has been there done that.

      There is going to have to be an administration change before I pay any close attention to this clap trap.

      See you at the swamp. :)

  1. The more I observe this government, the more the Wizard of OZ becomes relevant.

    Watch the movie again and see if you don’t feel the same way knowing what you know now.