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The Hill Releases its Top 50 Sexiest on Capitol Hill Issue

I would never, never, ever use sex to spice up White House Dossier.

Of course not.

But every year, The Hill releases its 50 Most Beautiful on Capitol Hill issue. And every year, I find myself accidentally clicking on it. I thought you might too, so I provide you the link here.

Okay, now that was a terrible thing to do. Here is the real link. Promise.

And note that topping the list is a heart-melting, sultry, red-headed Republican gal from Texas, Taylor Weeks, who is listed as “dating.” Not sure if that means she has someone special or she is in the process of searching for him, sorry. But you can call Sen. John Cornyn’s office, where she works, and find out.

Actually don’t.

At the risk of being sued by The Hill, here’s her photo. It’s worth lawyering up for.

Taylor WeeksAnd again, I would never use a photo of a pretty girl to attract readers.

I just wouldn’t do it. And neither would The Hill.

15 Responses to The Hill Releases its Top 50 Sexiest on Capitol Hill Issue

  1. A list of 50 reasons why our country is in the shape it is in, IMO.
    A lion is killed – a heinous act – and the media goes nuts and yet, approximately 14,000 babies are aborted each week and sold for parts. Where is the outrage over those innocent lives?
    We have made a deal with the devil; our President hints at a third term; Hill and Bill are shown to be liars – again; our nation is overrun with illegal aliens; etc., etc., etc., – and the evening news is that some dentist shot a lion – and 50 “beautiful people” in the Beltway?
    Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. I wonder how many of those “in a relationships” are adulterous affairs with congressional members,
    We deserve everything we will receive from God.
    Keith, this stupid article really stepped all over my last nerve.
    What a bunch of morons.