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Obama: “I Could Win” if I Ran Again

Don’t worry, he was joking, he’s not plotting to run again. But I’m sure he thinks he could win.

And I’m sure it would help the Democrats as Hillary continues her long, agonizing flameout.

Speaking to a meeting of the African Union in Ethiopia today, President Obama suggested he could take on all comers in 2016.

“I actually think I’m a pretty good president,” he said. “I think if I ran, I could win. I can’t.”

Obama was actually criticizing African presidents who seek third terms, suggesting, I gather, that they were undermining democracy.

And in a sign that he’s read for the fairways, he added that he doesn’t understand why people want to stay in office “especially when they have got a lot of money.”

I think, actually he would not win.

But I’ve thought that before.

28 thoughts on “Obama: “I Could Win” if I Ran Again”

  1. Are you SURE he won’t run again? I always have thought he has it in his head to be president for life. And he has the Supreme Court and Congress in his pocket.

    1. Yep, sounded like he’s testing the waters with a “dog whistle” to his supporters.

      I don’t trust him, but he knows he probably won’t have as lucrative a post-presidency as the Clintons, who were better liked during their terms in the WH, believe it or not ;)

  2. I am struck dumb. “Why run for president when you already have a lot of money ” ? Some, especially Third World “leaders” actually see the job as a way to make money, lots of money. And Obama , the Kenyan-Indonesian, obviously has the same mindset. Well, well, I never regarded him as a real Westerner anyhow. And he imagines that he would win again, well, in that case the US election system is really broken. By corruption and cheating.

    1. Obama has a “third world leader” type of mentality that’s for sure. All his lawless criminality and bragodocio…all he needs is a Dashiki and one of those little beanies they where over there in his home country. Oh and a Scepter, of course.

  3. Re-posting my comment from Lee’s post downstairs on this topic:

    The little punk always loves to shoot his mouth off when he’s on foreign soil. It never fails!

    It’s a test to see if his words can pick up steam in the USA. So far, crickets!

    1. We all know what he should be doing or saying. However if I may type it: He should speak with Pride of our nation, here and abroad.
      For him to even joke about something that is against our laws, constitution is embarrassing.

  4. He was posturing, again.

    re: MrsClinton “flameout”
    Her campaign is like the firecracker that set off into the sky, only to fail to ignite. That is a “dud”, maybe a “fizzle”.

  5. Well, if not here, then maybe he could run for President of Kenya. As the first Kenyan American President there must be some presidential reciprocity thing that Holder could arrange for him. But then again Barack would have to evolve backwards to where he once again believes marriage is between a man and woman. I mean, I’m just saying ….

  6. If the Republicans keep acting as stupidly as they have been, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch for Obama to think he could and would win.

    Michelle will move into a deeeluxe apartment in the sky in Manhattan, with a weekend retreat in Malibu and a third in Hawaii. SHE’S not going hang out the WH prison anymore, especially as a struggling single mother.

  7. He’s made plenty of money. After it’s all over he’ll do the cash cow of giving vapid speeches, while receiving a fat pension. This is a man who has had a very easy life, lazy as hell. Retirement for him is Nirvana.

  8. God save us from this arrogant and stupid man. He has an easy out, because he cannot legally run for a third term. Unless of course, he declared himself King by Executive Order. Or if there was a crisis just too good to let go to waste, he could eclare Marshal Law and suspend elections.

  9. Ugh–luckily this is not the first thing I am reading or I would go back to bed. Ugh ugh… But I was over at WaPo commenting on the loss of decency in politics and also on Zeke Emanuel…

    1. Obama displays two characteristics all dictators have shown throughout history. 1. A dangerous level of sheer paranoia toward all those who oppose them and who offer different solutions to issues. 2. A delusional view of self, unconnected with reality, with an inflated self opinion that would be comical if it weren’t so dangerous.

      1. Elsewhere people have commented that Obama’s admonitions (criticisms) to Kenya et al about coming into the 21st century and gay marriage etc.,if spoken by any other horse, would be “cultural imperialism”.

  10. That’s funny. I remember seeing an article six months after the 2012 where the people expressed buyer’s remorse. But Fairy Barry can think as he likes.

  11. This is OT and I couldn’t put it in the Israeli flag thread. For all you Fiorina supporters here is a speech at the Reagan Library. I have only heard half of it, but it’s pretty darned good and honest.

    If Obama thinks he could win a third term I suspect Fiorina might challenge that. And for sure she would wipe the floor with Hillary.

  12. If Obama ran again, he would win just as he did in 2012, by controlling who counts the votes.

    And don’t just blithely assume the 25th Amendment means any more to Obama than do the 1st, 2nd, 9th or 10th. If he sees advantage in continuing to be president past 2016, he’ll find a way.

  13. Martial law? Suspend elections?
    Soapbox, jury box, ballot box, cartridge box.
    Soapbox? No more free speech.Y’all racist. Jury box? Ask O.J. how that worked out to him. Ballot box? Last election worked for Obama and of course he talks about 3rd term.
    Running out of box’s.
    ” They will have my broken bleeding body, but not my obedience ” Gandhi
    So says Cisco.
    I believe quote is accurate.

  14. You watch.

    Michelle 2016.

    The Great Black Hope. Black AND a woman. Heavy duty double whammy.

    Stranger things have happened. Hell, Obama should never have been elected once never mind twice.

    And that wail of despair you hear? That’s the sound Hillary will make when she hears Michelle entered the race.

  15. “Why run for president when you already have a lot of money ”

    Already? So a part of the reason for becoming President is to make a lot of money for yourself?

    I think he could win in light of the Dems’ hold on the low-information high-emotion voters.

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